Monday, September 30, 2013

Cocktails, beers, wines and no hangover!

Howdy everybody!?

Hope you had a great September time and hope you'll have an even greater October month! October is by far one of my favourite month because of Halloween. It's my favourite celebration of the year! I'm an Halloween girl, I always loved to role-play and disguise myself! Don't think I'm weird ;)

Anyway, as it's one of my favourite time of the year, it means I also go out a lot! Halloween's parties, bars, after hours, happy hours, every way I can, I will! But this doesn't come free. When you plan on getting 'wasted as fuck' excuse my french, you have to pay the price!

I used to be a big merrymaker, no boundaries, no regrets, just too many drinks and too much kissing. Well, don't think bad of me, now that I am 20, I'm more focused and of course more wise. But, I can't wait for October-November-December drink time!

Point made, through the years I learned to be careful with myself and being too drunk isn't something cool. So, moderation it is. But a little excess never killed anyone, right? Not right of course... Here's some tips you can use if you plan on going rough because, let's be honest, sometimes, it just gets that heavy and you secretly hope you won't be that heavy tomorrow morning!

Drink water every two drinks.
Alcohol dehydrates your body. This is the main reason why you wake up hangover and have a big urge for a glass of water! Drink water every two drinks, it will help! Drink a glass of water before you go to bed if you can.

Late night drugs and one night stand. 
hu-ho, wait what? What the heck is wrong with you? Drugs & sex? Ok, I was just talking about Advil's. Before you go out, put two glasses of water beside your bed and add four Advil's. Normally, if you take two before you go to bed, you'll wake up top notch -or almost! I always take two Advil's, just to prevent you know. But sometimes, you just went too harsh on yourself and you wake up still in need of water plus an awful head ache or stomach-aches! Don't worry, there's another glass of water and two extra Advil's, just take it while it's here! Clever huh?

The last beer isn't going to pass....
you know when the bar closes and you're still in a total party girl mood but you know it will end somewhat, don't order another drink. It will not only waste 7$ of your slim wallet but also it's always that one that put us in the worst mood! Don't you hate it when your friends are too drunk and you have to take care of them, well don't be that kind of girl. Unless your last drink is a big glass of water, then fine, drink up! But just remember; is one drink for 20 minutes going to make a difference? Yes at this stage you'll be so wasted, that kind of wasted you want to throw out of the car! The bar is closing dear, don't try! If you're that out of mind then order something soft, don't call the Tequila shot, you don't want to puke inside the car of your best friend, trust me.

Anti post-puke!
If you didn't puke last night, it doesn't mean it won't happened tomorrow! To avoid this bad inside feeling you need to eat the right food! Fruits! The best of the best is fruits. A Smoothie is also a great drink to make the urge of vomit go away. It really helps your immune system, since being drunk is the same as intoxication, if you did not know. Avoid any dairy foods; no yogurt, milk or cheese!

So, I hope you will be safe during these upcoming time of festivities, Christmas will be there soon enough, which is also a big hang out time for me as well! So, don't be stupid, don't drink & drive and don't kiss too much guys, unless it's Ryan Gosling then please, help yourself! ;)

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Monday, September 23, 2013

August & September makeup / Paris & London

Howdy everybody!

Hope you're doing fine! I didn't buy a lot of clothes recently and I've been big on makeup. So here's my recent purchases from august to today. There's not a lot but I've been enjoying a lot these products.

I wanted to try this mascara for so long. I love the ad, I love Cara, I love YSL, so why not try this mascara? I got it when I was in Paris, at Sephora. It was so cool to purchase something from it own country. I feel so close to YSL now because I got it in Paris. How odd? Anyway, it does work well with myself. It defines the lashes a lot, so if you're going for a more faux look lashes, it is not the good one. It doesn't put a massive layer on your lashes but it do extend them up and aside. How weird? It's the Baby Doll from Yves Saint Laurent. 30$

My friend bought a primer. Because it was so hot outside in Paris! Our makeup was melting on our face. She tough it would be great to use a primer. So she did buy one, I tried it to see if I liked it. I did liked it, it really sinks in the skin fast so it doesn't make your foundation weird. I believe it works well but don't expect to be top notch for 20 hours straight. It does the job fine. The bottle is quite small. I ran out if it in a less than a month, which I think it's fast. You sure need more than the pump quantity for your whole face. It's good for the hot warm day, but I won't repurchase it for the cold weather. It's the Sephora Smoothing Primer. 15$

I wanted a Nars blush when I was in Paris, but I though it would've been more wise to get a cheaper one you know euros and dollars. I apply blush every day and I was tired of my very pinky one. I wanted something more coral. I end up getting something coral with a touch of pink. It's the perfect combination and since I put that one everyday, everyone are noticing my blush and they say it's cute and beautiful. I really love it and the price is a bargain! Although, I think the photo doesn't make justice to the real colour. It's the Sephora Pop Orange. 14$. 

When I was in London, I wanted to go to Boots so bad! Everyone was raving about Boots and I just though it would be great to see brands we don't have here in Canada! Since I was running out of foundation and stealing some everyday from my friend, I got myself a foundation from a brand we don't have in Canada. It's not my favourite one. It says full coverage but I doubt it. It leaves my face pretty much the same. I love the pump though. It's always preferable to have a pump. It also says 'clearer skin in 4 weeks'. I don't know if it's true but I've been using it almost every day since I got it in late july or august. I'm having a break out right now and I think it sure helps my spots to not go crazy, but well it's not a magic foundation. It's the On The Spot foundation by Seventeen. 6.99£. 

Last thing I got in Paris was a gift to my mother and even though I don't use a bronzer powder, I think it's very beautiful under the cheekbones to define them. I think it's classy and very women-like. My mom really likes darkerskin tone, I prefer fair skin. Anyway, when the guy from Chanel did a quick makeup on my face to convince me to buy that product because it is very long lasting and the colour is amazing, well it worked. I did buy it. It really leaves a healthy glow. I might want one, maybe some shade lighter. But anyway, this is a very good powder if you have some extra cash and looking for something, well try this one out, you won't be disappointed. I even saw Cara  Delevingne raving that powder! Plus, the package is white and I heard they only sell it in stores in Paris otherwise you have to get them on the internet. It's the Les Beiges by Chanel. 57,50$. 

That is everything I got from Europe. I wasn't there to shop the hell out of my wallet, but it's kind of unavoidable when you're a girl. I mean, I got the chance to shop in Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. It's quite awesome. These other products I got are from my very old boring town. But I got them last week and I don't think it's bad to add them to this post!

For my birthday I got a gift card at Sephora. I went to check out their stuff last week. I got myself a navy palette. I think it's suitable for an everyday smokey eye. I don't want to have too much makeup during the day but I wanted something darker because it's the fall season, I ended up getting that one. I love it and I especially love the navy in the left corner for the crease, it's not too dark and not too soft. Very pretty for the fall. I also like the eyeliner, I didn't noticed that the dark navy in the right corner was a liner. In the package, there's 4 brushes and there's one for the liner. It's very fun to play with these colours! It's the 5-Colour Design in Navy by Dior. 60$. 

Because it was my birthday, I got a gift from Benefit. I got a mascara. I think their mascara is great for a faux lashes look. The texture is kind of weird though, I find it very running, I don't know if it's meant to be that way. It makes your lashes very dark and thicker. I find it hard to take it off, I lost 3 lashes the last time I removed my makeup and I was wearing that mascara. I don't know if it's because it's waterproof, but it's still a very good mascara. It's the They're Real mascara by Benefit. 10$. 

I also got a highlighter. I honestly don't think a highlighter is that important in my daily makeup routine, especially when I'm on the run, I don't think it changes a lot my whole makeup. But for what I know about highlighters, that one is very good, not too glowing, no too transparent. I put it on the very top of my cheekbones, but you have to make sure it's well applied otherwise it noticeable! There's also a powder to set everything. It's great when I apply my makeup and I take all my time, but otherwise I usually skip that step. It's the Watt's up highlighter by Benefit. 30$.

The last thing I got is a concealer. I ran out of it so I went to the drugstore to get one. I wanted to try something new, I used to buy the Fit Me. That one I'm using right now is a bit thicker. You really have to tap it to make sure it doesn't show or cakes up, I usually put concealer under my eyes, around my nose and where I have spots. It works very well, since I got a break out, it hides my spots perfectly, it last longer than the Fit Me, which I think it's great! I recommend that one if you wanna try something. I'm just not a fan of the thick formula though. It's the Invisible concealer by Cover Girl. 5,94$. 

If you have tried any of these products, please write a comment below and tell me your point of view! I hope you enjoyed this little August September haul! I know there's a lot of words to read for every products! I got a lot to say! Anyway, come say hello if you wanna talk!


Leena Liddell XX

Friday, September 20, 2013

Target & drugstore haul! !

Hello everybody!

Today I went shopping, unfortunately it wasn't for clothes, because I'm in need of clothes, but I was a there to get myself some essentials! And I though I'd share them with you and how I feel about the stuff I got, so keep on reading, it's gonna be interesting! ;)

The first place I headed to was the drugstore because I ran out of my all time favourite pressed powder! The Stay Matte Long Lasting pressed powder in shade transparent by Rimmel is the most amazing drugstore product I ever used. I discovered that product after watching a Tanya Burr video, she raves a lot about that powder, when I started using it, trust me, I never got tired of it! 

I recentely read on  BeautiesUnlocked blog the article 'How to take care of your skin in the Winter'. I was shocked to read that Shea Butter isn't great during the winter time,which my favourite cream is made of, and to check the oil used in the cream. I'm no pro about these kind of things, to be honest, I go with what I think works the best for myself, but after reading that post I thought, 'Oh, this is a nice time to purchase a new cream, then!'. I stick with my holy ground Nivea brand and I chose the Firming Lotion Q10 for normal skin. The bottle indicated mineral oil and sea salt, so I don't know if I'm wrong but I think it's a great winter cream! I'm really looking forward to it! I explained everything in a clumsy way, you need to read the article linked above, it's so well explain!

I ran out o eye makeup remover, so I re-purchased my Nivea waterproof eye makeup remover. Love it! The formula is absolutely great, it's a cream which I prefer the texture of my skin afterwards, and I've been using it for ages, that's one of the many reasons why I stick to Nivea! I also got 3 packs of cleasing wipes!
And then, I went to the great Target! They strated opening on the East Coast of Canada, finally, and I didn't have the chance to go there yet, but I went there today to explored. It pretty much looks like a Walmart store, I must say they have nice clothes and I'll probably go back there to get myself more stuff, but beside that, I went to get a new bra. Wearing a push-up bra is so not my thing. I prefer natural and without the metal thing, what's the name of that anyway? I found that cute polka dot bra and I love so much the way they made it and the shape, it's a very lovely bra! Great support even without the metal and the padding, I prefer my real size B boobs! When I try stuff at any other bra stores, I'm like a big C or even a D, the padding isn't my thing anyway so yay for natural boobs!

I used to buy a four blade razor, I can't remember the name.... It's the one with a side to shave and a side for the bikini, which need batteries and it's electric... Anyway, I used that for several months, than I switch with the 5 blades Embrace by Venus, which I think works very well, better than the electric one. So today I went to get blades and I never noticed how expensive it is until now! a set of 4 blades is 18$! When the razor is 11$ with 3 extra blades. I hate to pay for these kind of things, I was so angry, I purchased a new one with the 3 extra blades and I said screw you Venus, you're stealing my very small wallet! Anyway, it works very well, but it's so frustrating to spend that amount for baldes, at least 12$ Gilette, come on! 

I don't have a shampoo or conditioner I pray by. I mostly use Dove because it's not expensive at the Dollar store and I love the smell, but, the other day I ran out of it and I just grab something at the grocery store. It was the Tresemmé condiotionner. It's the worst conditionner I've never used. I usually wash my hair two or trhee times a week, but with this product my hair doesn't look fresh at the end of the first day and obviously the second day as well. My roots get verry greasy. I have fine hair so it's something that bothers me alot, so I got that one from L'Oréal, the Total Repair 5 for damaged hair, which is my situation at this moment. I didn't try that one yet but I'm really looking forward to it! 

All in all, Target was very fun to explore. I didn't spend much time but I noticed the clothes was more expensive than Walmart but prettier! The makeup was cheaper. I didn't looked for the food or other stuff. So, yay for Target! 

Don't forget to read my ADVERTISING page here, if you're a blogger, you might like this new page! ;)

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Hello everybody I just created a page, ADVERTISING. I HIGHLY suggest you to go read it, it's win-win combination I came up with yesterday! If you're a blogger you'll like it! Click HERE to read the page! email me for any further questions!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The ModCloth fever !

Hello everybody!

If you're following me since day one, you might know a bit about my personal style, what I like to wear, what kind of style I look to and everything! So you might also know that Asos in one of my favourite only store, but there is another one I also wish I could have everything for free, the great ModCloth online store! You sure know that online store, if not, welcome to heaven here. For years I wanted to buy perfect outfits from Modcloth, which my wallet did not approve. Here's some style you can rock from ModCloth. Just so you know, a lot of celebs shop there, it's a wonderful store! Noticed how cool every items names are!

Black & White Series

Record time dress, black thighs, vintage Editor in chief hat, Lady in rad boot in Ink, It's a pleasure bag in black, Extra whip coat in cloud. I love the fact that there's only the colours black and white. It made the collar of the dress stand out more. I also love the texture of the coat, it adds up a little something in the cold days, also, the hat is absolutely gorgeous, it step up the vintage looks of this outfit. The bag makes the whole outfit very grown up despite the child-like dress. Can I get the outfit now?

The Sweater Weather

Outfox the Eye sweater, Chance Encounter pants in rust, Path and present boot in blackGreen with ivy bag. I think the sweater is very cute and the colours suits the pants very well. The colours to show off here are the one of the bag and the pants. They're perfect for each other. It's a cozy outfit for these cold days where you don't want to force yourself to look fab but in these easy to go clothes, you'll be fab, of course, it's from ModCloth!

Like a leaf

Outdoor class dress, Tights for every occasion in mustard, Ferry and square coat, X marks the spotlight bag, Brighten up circle scarf in mustard. For the fall season I also love the muster colour. It adds so much colours to a dark outfit. I love these mustard tights, it was very on trend last year and I hope it will stay that way this year! It's very easy to pull of a navy/mustard style. Basic navy block colour and a pair of high boots! Here you are, rocking the fallen leaves colours!

The new girl in town
Salut your shirt! top, Breathtaking tiger lilies skirt in merlot, Flair tutorial belt, Shoe of hearts heel in black, Charter school cardigan in black, Cambridge satchel upwardly mobile satchel in red, Black tights. This is more of a funky girly outfit, which is my favourite one. I love the crazy cute shoes, they look a lot like the one from Vivienne Westwood, cheaper! I also love the little Eiffel tower shirt and the peter pan collar is just adorable with the whole look. I also love the red against the black, little french outfit and the satchel brings up the child-like. Instead of the black cardigan you can pick a black blazer and now you're the office girl! How lovely is it huh!?

Which outfits is your favourite? Would you like to win one of these? When I'll hit the 500 subscribers, I might be doing a whole ModCloth outfit giveaway! ;) Stay tuned for more infos!

Leena Liddell XX

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick fall wish list !

Hello everybody!

Today I had to go out and I was looking at my wardrobe, I tried some outfits and I couldn't find something I was pleased to wear today. I came to the conclusion that I was in need of a new wardrobe or essential elements at least to conclude the little rest of last year clothes I own. I'm trying to save up a bit so I'll go on gently about the price tag. I shouldn't even be doing this article because at the end of the month I know I will not have these items I wish for but hey, there's nothing wrong about a fall wish list right? It doesn't cost me a thing to right down what I love!

1. Maybe you recognize that dress from my Fall Season Outfits/ School Girl post. Since I saw that dress on Asos, I can't get it out of my head, I might be crazy but I'm obsessed with that dress, I need it in my wardrobe. It's not even expensive! How cute is that check dress from River Island available on Asos for 44, 58$ 

2. I first saw that parka in London, it's from Zara and I literally fell in love with that coat. I already have a dark brown duffle coat from H&M but it doesn't always match my wardrobe, so I though that is perfect! Lots of pockets, I love the cord at the waist, it defines the shape so you're not shapeless when you wear it, well I love everything about that coat. I've been eyeing this coat for like 2 months! And today, I just noticed Zara ran out of it. O to the m to the g. I can't believe it. Anyway, I found one on Lsyt and I subscribe and everything so when they'll be back in stock, I'll be the first to get one! 89$ on Lyst

3. Brown boots are the best because they mostly suit everything I have in my wardrobe so it will be easy to wear! Also, riding boots are coming back in force for the fall and I can't deny, last year, I wasn't enchanted about this whole horse thing, but they did conqueer my heart now. I know I said low budget and all but boots are very important because, I mean, I got to keep my feet warm! They're 200$ from Aldo

4. I need glasses. Like, this time for real. I pushed every appointments because I either had better stuff to do at this time or I was too lazy and I didn't though it was important but I don't see well from afar and I knew I was going to need glasses sooner or later! Well, later it is, when I can't no longer work well not seeing well screen or even recognize people I know on the street! These are faux eyewear from Forever21, very on trend right now, I want something similar, I'll see when I'll get there! 6,80$

I am very responsible, these are stuff I need. Ok only the glasses are quite urgent, but the rest are things that gonna make me so happy to own! Let me know what your fall wish list looks like, also let me know what you think of mine in the comment box below! 
Leena Liddell XX

Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogger day with Liddell !

Hello everybody!

I was in my bath some minutes ago and I was thinking of my blog and what I should do as a new post. I had a great idea! I though, why not doing my whole monday routine?! It's fun to get to know everybody on here and I'd like for you to talk about it too, maybe a quit post or in a comment below? I'd like to know what you're doing beside blogging! If I had a nicer camera I'd do a video but I don't so here's it's gonna be one you me and some pictures! 

1. Wake up, eat and updates!
I usually wake up at 9:30 am on monday because I have plenty of stuff to do. But I won't leave my bed until I swap on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and last but not least Instagram! I then go downstairs, still wearing my polka dot pjs. I then decided what to eat which end up being either some grilled cheese or peanut butter toast with some strawberry jam! It's delicious! I use mozzarella cheese for my grilled cheese, I don't like the orange one. I don't forget my cup of coffee or tea, of course!

2. Skin care!

I use my Exfoliating Scrub by Nivea and then I simply moisturize my face with my Shea Butter lotion again by Nivea. 

3. Make up routine!

I mostly use the same makeup everyday when I don't have any big plans. I go first with my Sephora Foundation Primer, Invisible Concealer by CoverGirl, On The Spot foundation by Seveteen, Baby Doll mascara by Yves Saint Laurent, Écriture eye liner by Chanel, Stay Matte transparent powder by Rimmel and finally my Pop Orange blush by Sephora. Sometimes I add up some colours in the crease. When I feel excited and weird. 

4. Getting dressed up! 
If I'm not planning on doing anything special I will go for something very cozy. A skater dress, some thighs, a pair of boots and a purse. I tend to wear a lot of navy or black colours. Since it's the fall season, I carry my duffle coat. 

5. School Home Works, blogging and vlogging!
I tend to have at least 3 appointments per week, but on monday it's pretty rare so I just have my day to carry on with my study. I do a lot of blogging as well, and if I have time I always try to do some videos or I'm always preparing my next video on my Chanel!

6. Dinner time!
I'm a vegetarian, I'm going to celebrate my fourth year on december. FIY it was a New Year resolution I took back then for many reasons, let me know if you want to know more about my vegetarian diet! I usually eat soups because I really love them, such as vegetable soups or a fancy salad. I also drink my second cup of coffee or I just take some almond milk! If I'm not home, I'll grab something at any near restaurant! I also eat pretty much the same thing on the evening.

7. Washing my clothes!
This can sounds stupid to add here, but I usually wash my clothes once a week, sometime twice when I need a certain piece of clothe. But on that day, I have plenty of time to do it and not be bothered.

8. Relaxing in the evening 
After that, I continue my blogging, I read a lot during the morning, I write a lot on the afternoon, or I edit some videos. But when the clock tilts 5 o'clock, my family has came home, my mom is baking some food, I usually go back in my room and I watch some Tv Series. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now. It's absolutely amazing and errr, I love Dr.Sheppard! If I don't feel like watching somethime, I usually read in my bed.

9. Removing my make up!
To remove my makeup I use the Nivea cream eye makeup remover, Bioré. 4-in-1 to wash my face, Nivea toner and to moisturize my face, I use my same old Nivea Shea butter lotion. As you can see, I really love Nivea.

10. Bath time!
I always take the time to relax in my bath. I love to pamper myself a lot and in this time I use some Bath & Body works candles, a Bath bomb from Lush,  Baby Wash to shave, Dove soap, Nutricap hair shampoo and for now I use a regular Dove conditioner. These whole products aways change because I always try new things! Let me know if you want me to write about my all time favourites Bath Products! I mostly play with my phone or read a book in my bath!

11. Yoga & Bedtime!

I started to do Yoga bed because it really helps me to relax plus, It's very good for the muscles after a a day. You should try I really love it! Then, I either go on my computer in my bed or go right to sleep. I mostly tumble a bit on my computer, then I do some yoga, and then I sleep. That makes more sense right?! I want to start doing yoga in the morning too! Tell me what you think about it!

Hope you enjoyed to get to know me a bit better. This isn't a super great day, it's more of a basic. I do have to go out a lot for appointments and stuff, but when it doesn't happened my day mostly look like this one! Let me know what you do, maybe you can make an article of it and tell me! I would be enchanted to know you a bit better! So, anyway, enjoy your Monday!

Leena Liddell XX

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lonely, rainy day or how to embrace it.

Hello everybody!

Today, I was wandering in my town a bit. It was raining, and the smell of every earthworms grossed me out a lot. The steamy weather made my hair weird, the fog around the buildings was a bit scary as you can't see the summit of the towers and above all, my wet feet. It wasn't a bad day, it wasn't a good either. I was tired, I though I broke my phone so I couldn't put an alarm, I ended up asking my mom to call at 9 o'clock, she was my alarm. My puppy smells the wet dirty dog and  I hugged her forgetting about it and now I am smelling weird. I went back home to eat, my mom took what I wanted to eat and the fridge is empty. 

It can seems like a shitty day to you, but it isn't that bad, it's only that bad if you make it sounds awful. It's the way you see things that makes it more of a big deal that it usually is. Just think about it one sec when you think you're having a shitty day.  

Today, I was wandering in my town a bit. It was raining, so I could carry my umbrella I got from London, I love it. It smells the fallen leaves, awesome. The steamy weather makes me drop out on my duffel coat, yay for the cute dress! The fog, it's absolutely amazing, I can't see the summit of towers, can't they see me from up there? It would make a beautiful photo. I have wet feet, I should buy some cute rain boots to match my umbrella. It's not that bad after all. I'm tired, reading a book in a cafe will not be so bad today! My coffee is good and I'm well dressed in a café with cute baristas. Just my luck! I'm happy to discover I didn't broke my phone, actually, the plug is broken. I had the chance to chit-chat with my dear mom because of that. My puppy didn't poop in the house, that's great, I'd rather smell weird and put a bit of Febreze than cleaning a mess. I'm back home with another cup of coffee I wanted to eat something but I'm too into this article. 

I enjoyed my day, despite every little things, I could find the silver linings because I think you have to be positive to make positive choices or perspectives. Being always upset for little things won't make a change. Because I'm mad my feet are wet is not gonna change the fact that it's raining today, you just have to carry your umbrella! So here's what I love about these upcoming shitty, lonely, rainy days! 

Something blue, Emily Giffin 
Read a book.
Thinking things through.
Time alone.

Carrying my umbrella.
Taking care of Daisy.

Dress/Forever21, Cardigan/Tommy Hilfiger
Taking care of myself.
Wandering in my town.

London fog tea.
Drinking tea or coffee

See you very soon ;)
Leena Liddell XX

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Outfit Of The Day 0.2 | Very Burgundy

        Hello dear readers!

I was watching some fall outfits videos today and it gives me inspiration to do mine and create this OOTD article! I love OOTD, I love to look at them it gives me so much inspiration, one thing can make me think of hundreds and hundreds of outfits! Here I am today with my Very Burgundy outfit of the day!

Here, I wear my soft wool hat I bought at H&M last year, I believe it was around the same time of the year. I can't remember. Anyway, I love the cord around it, it gives more texture to this plain burgundy hat, also you can't see it, but it has two gold leaves hanging on the cord. I love that hat! Here find something similar from Asos!  

It may be too warm yet to wear a thick scarf but I can't wait to rock that outfit with my infinite red wine scarf. I also got that scarf last year, I think it's from Zara. Found a circle scarf from Asos here! -I know, I know, I'm over using Asos online store!

I got these shoes for so long, this is the reason it looks so worn out. I got them from Value Village, I never thought I would find some nice woven oxford shoes! I love the fact that they are not black, they're a dark green. It adds some colour to the red wine marathon! Find some green woven shoes here, from ShoeBuy!

I have here a vintage envelope bag. My mom gave it two me some months ago when I was looking for some vintage treasures. I think she got it around the late 80's maybe 90's. It's not a huge bag but it has enough room for a cosmetic bag, a wallet and maybe two or three little things. The bag is a dark brown with some burgundy reflect, and it has a gold line upon the opening, which I think it suits the little gold leaves on my hat. Like my envelope bag? Found one here on Asos! 

Always wanted to own a pair of disco pants, I got them this month, they are very comfortable and I chose the colour black because I didn't wanted to get a tons of them that day, but I wanted to have a pair I could mix and match with a lot of outfit! I got mine from Urban Planet, can't find it anymore, but here's some disco pants from Asos
I wear a high low over sized sheer blouse in burgundy. I like to tuck it in my disco pants, but you know to be careful to not create a mass in your pants. My blouse is sheer so I wear a black tee underneath. I got that blouse from Simons, you can find one similar here on Tyllis! 

Thanks so much for reading me, I love chatting with all of you guys, don't be shy, come say hello, I won't bite! I love making cyber friends and I love to follow new blogs! Thanks again for reading and tell me if you like my fall season OOTD Very Burgundy
See you very soon!

Watch my OOTD fall season video! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

For the Fall Season; Get the look of... TAYLOR SWIFT!

Hello everybody!

I've been ask in the Leibster Award my fashion icon, despite the fact that I admire a lot of people either by their fashion sense or by their accomplishments, I think one of the biggest influence I have is Taylor Swift. I love her preppy good girl style and I think you too, right? I wasn't into her until very recently to be honest, but I now have a crush on her musics and her wardrobe. So, let's see where she shops! I made some research and I've found some pretty cool things!

Taylor Swift wears a burgundy pleat skater skirt with a grey peter pan collar shirt. She seems to wear some classic Ray-Ban. She carries a leather messenger bag and she wears some light brown cut holes oxford shoes with a flowers pattern.

Here I found a pleat skater skirt from Boohoo for 12$.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Some classy Ray-Ban, 200$.
If you know me, you know how much I like my collars, and Taylor and I seem to share this adoration! I found that J. Crew grey peter pan shirt here, it's out of stuck, but I believe they restock it when they have too many asks!

I believe her bag is a real leather one, but I found a faux leather messenger bag from TopShop at 28£!

To fit it all, I found some oxford shoes from Aldo, 50$, I know they are not the same although I'm sure Primark sell some almost exactly the same, but they don't have any online store! -Which I think it's sad! 

Taylor Swift wears some woven oxford shoes, camel colored ankle jeans, a stripped three quarter sleeves and a bowler bag. I believe she also wears her Ray-Ban from the same picture above! So, I won't put the sunglasses here.

It's easy to find striped shirts, it's kind of a trend right now. I don't know when that picture was taken, but I did manage to find something! I know the lines are a bit bigger than what she wears but hey! It's a Mango three quarter sleeves striped shirt from Asos, 28,53$

I really had a crush for her camel colored jeans. I didn't find the same pair of jeans, but I did found some corduroy camel colored skinny. I think that color is very fall season, I love it. Found these at Scoop Nyc for 109$

I love oxford shoes and I love woven oxfords, they're so cute and vintage. I manage to found some very cute at ModCloth, Peach Picking flat, 34,99$ !

I'm not a fan of bowler bags, but I do think that the one I found on Asos is very cute and maybe it has made me change my mind about these kind of bags. Or maybe it's just because Taylor Swift has one? Anyway, found that bowler bag from Asos at 53,50$.

Finally, the last looks I want to work on is that one. Here Swift is wearing a red wine beanie with a black and white polka dot shirt and we don't forget the lovely peter pan collar! She seems to wear brown corduroy pants with some black leather oxford. She wears a blue kind of over sized fall coat and to finish the looks, a leather messenger bag!

I don't know if it's the exact beanie, but I found on Asos that burgundy cable boyfriend beanie and I think it's a match! I'm not a big fan of beanies but again, Taylor rocks it and I feel like I need one myself now. 17,83$ on Asos!

Modcloth is my holy ground when it comes to deal with some polka dot! I love polka dot like crazy, so let's see, polka dot shirt with a peter pan collar, wow, I'm in heaven, even more now that I found, I believe, something very similar to the one Taylor is wearing here. The Stop and say high seas top from Modcloth, 29,99$ !

For the pants, I'm pretty sure it's some soft jeans or jegging. They look a bit bright because of the sun I guess, so I found what I though looks the most alike. It wasn't an easy task to do! I finally found some brown-taupe jegging on Debenhams for 25,60£!

I went on Zara for the coat because I knew they had lots of nice coats and I could use one for that outfit! I found that cross coat in navy blue at Zara for 99,90$ *Notice the cute collar! ;)

It's hard to tell if Taylor wears some plain black oxford shoes or some little lace up bootie. Either way, I think I found something very similar, it took me some time but I found! Since I'm not sure if they're some bootie, I chose some ankle boots, lace up, black, a bit of texture because we can see hers has some, and the laces holes are standing out a bit, so, here's some Denholm ankle boots from Aldo, 120,00$

At last, Taylor carries a messenger bag, hers seems vintage. I found one on Aldo, a messenger bag very versatile and I think the color looks a lot alike, and I love the fact that it has a lots of room with a lots of pockets! Found the Wisecarver bag on Aldo, 50$.

I think I'll start doing a 'Get the look of...' series articles, I think it's fun to do and I also think it's fun to buy stuff that looks like my favorite fashion icons. So, let me know if you think it's a great idea! Let me know which of your fashion icons you'd like me to write about!

What's your favorite Taylor Swift looks? What is your favorite piece of clothe on that article?
Leena Liddell xx

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