Monday, September 16, 2013

Blogger day with Liddell !

Hello everybody!

I was in my bath some minutes ago and I was thinking of my blog and what I should do as a new post. I had a great idea! I though, why not doing my whole monday routine?! It's fun to get to know everybody on here and I'd like for you to talk about it too, maybe a quit post or in a comment below? I'd like to know what you're doing beside blogging! If I had a nicer camera I'd do a video but I don't so here's it's gonna be one you me and some pictures! 

1. Wake up, eat and updates!
I usually wake up at 9:30 am on monday because I have plenty of stuff to do. But I won't leave my bed until I swap on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and last but not least Instagram! I then go downstairs, still wearing my polka dot pjs. I then decided what to eat which end up being either some grilled cheese or peanut butter toast with some strawberry jam! It's delicious! I use mozzarella cheese for my grilled cheese, I don't like the orange one. I don't forget my cup of coffee or tea, of course!

2. Skin care!

I use my Exfoliating Scrub by Nivea and then I simply moisturize my face with my Shea Butter lotion again by Nivea. 

3. Make up routine!

I mostly use the same makeup everyday when I don't have any big plans. I go first with my Sephora Foundation Primer, Invisible Concealer by CoverGirl, On The Spot foundation by Seveteen, Baby Doll mascara by Yves Saint Laurent, Écriture eye liner by Chanel, Stay Matte transparent powder by Rimmel and finally my Pop Orange blush by Sephora. Sometimes I add up some colours in the crease. When I feel excited and weird. 

4. Getting dressed up! 
If I'm not planning on doing anything special I will go for something very cozy. A skater dress, some thighs, a pair of boots and a purse. I tend to wear a lot of navy or black colours. Since it's the fall season, I carry my duffle coat. 

5. School Home Works, blogging and vlogging!
I tend to have at least 3 appointments per week, but on monday it's pretty rare so I just have my day to carry on with my study. I do a lot of blogging as well, and if I have time I always try to do some videos or I'm always preparing my next video on my Chanel!

6. Dinner time!
I'm a vegetarian, I'm going to celebrate my fourth year on december. FIY it was a New Year resolution I took back then for many reasons, let me know if you want to know more about my vegetarian diet! I usually eat soups because I really love them, such as vegetable soups or a fancy salad. I also drink my second cup of coffee or I just take some almond milk! If I'm not home, I'll grab something at any near restaurant! I also eat pretty much the same thing on the evening.

7. Washing my clothes!
This can sounds stupid to add here, but I usually wash my clothes once a week, sometime twice when I need a certain piece of clothe. But on that day, I have plenty of time to do it and not be bothered.

8. Relaxing in the evening 
After that, I continue my blogging, I read a lot during the morning, I write a lot on the afternoon, or I edit some videos. But when the clock tilts 5 o'clock, my family has came home, my mom is baking some food, I usually go back in my room and I watch some Tv Series. I'm watching Grey's Anatomy right now. It's absolutely amazing and errr, I love Dr.Sheppard! If I don't feel like watching somethime, I usually read in my bed.

9. Removing my make up!
To remove my makeup I use the Nivea cream eye makeup remover, Bioré. 4-in-1 to wash my face, Nivea toner and to moisturize my face, I use my same old Nivea Shea butter lotion. As you can see, I really love Nivea.

10. Bath time!
I always take the time to relax in my bath. I love to pamper myself a lot and in this time I use some Bath & Body works candles, a Bath bomb from Lush,  Baby Wash to shave, Dove soap, Nutricap hair shampoo and for now I use a regular Dove conditioner. These whole products aways change because I always try new things! Let me know if you want me to write about my all time favourites Bath Products! I mostly play with my phone or read a book in my bath!

11. Yoga & Bedtime!

I started to do Yoga bed because it really helps me to relax plus, It's very good for the muscles after a a day. You should try I really love it! Then, I either go on my computer in my bed or go right to sleep. I mostly tumble a bit on my computer, then I do some yoga, and then I sleep. That makes more sense right?! I want to start doing yoga in the morning too! Tell me what you think about it!

Hope you enjoyed to get to know me a bit better. This isn't a super great day, it's more of a basic. I do have to go out a lot for appointments and stuff, but when it doesn't happened my day mostly look like this one! Let me know what you do, maybe you can make an article of it and tell me! I would be enchanted to know you a bit better! So, anyway, enjoy your Monday!

Leena Liddell XX
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