Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Season Outfits / Preppy or Trashy school girl?

Hello everybody! Aren't you overwhelming by the beauty of the fall season? Designers have showed so many many beautiful pieces of clothes and as always, I feel the urge to shop like crazy. Fault on the fall season.

It is by far, one of my favorite season, as well as spring. The main reason is that I can wear what I want. It's cold enough to wear absolutely amazing coats, amazing boots and hats but still warm enough to wear thighs and little ballerina kind of shoes! Your wardrobe drops to 20 choices to 50! I like to have choices and I like being versatile in them. This is my personal faves for the fall season so it may not be your cup of tea, still, it's pretty and you can't deny it!

I am a massive fan of the campus school look alike style. I love neat and nerdy things. When I saw the most beautiful dress at the Saint Laurent fall collection, I literally search the web to find one but I did not find one, well I'm sure they do sell some but it's kind of expensive and I wasn't thinking clearly, too much emotion, I guess. So I did my best to find one cute check dress that would look like the one from that collection.

If I'm looking for a piece of clothe in particularly, I will first go on Asos. It has so many clothes, it's crazy. As always, I did find my piece of happiness on there. I found the cutest check dress by River Island. Skater dress, with a cute peter pan collar and short sleeves. You don't want to put a lot on a dress that has already a lot of texture. The pattern is the thing you want to show off and the collar pairs well with the 'school girl' style. You can easily wear black thighs and a pair of oxford shoes if you want to keep the 'school girl' style but you can still add some wedge booties, you'll gain in maturity and height! Find the Chelsy Girl Dress for 44,58$ on Asos!

Nothing complete more the fall season than the perfect coat in your outfit. I like to think that coats are the way to look serious and grown up. Is this weird? You walk on the street with a loose coat, you gain in ages, in a good way. I mean you look dashing like you walk on some cat walk. I'm all about the mid-thigh length for my perfect fall coat.

My go to, if you wear an outfit with a lot of pattern like the dress above, you must not put texture on the coat. You should go on the basic colors according your outfit. If I were wearing that dress above, I'd probably go for a coat that has nice buttons and a nice shape to suit the look. Again, I found on Asos something adorable. It's easier to wear a coat if you pick a basic color. For the fall I like to think that navy is one them. 

The shape of this coat suits everyone's type of body, so that's kind of great. The buttons add texture if you close up the coat on the worst frosty days, and it suits navy and black thighs well with any kind of oxford, wedges booties or even some rocky black ankle boots. It's something you can wear on different style. So, if you don't want to spend a lot on different coats, find  one that's easily wearable with any kind of outfits! Find the Asos hooded duffle coat here for 124,83$!

What I also love for the 'school girl' fall season look is the bow neck tie. A very cute blouse with a big bow is so cute. It looks neat, professional and simplistic. Black and white are an endless trend, I think, and it's the time of the year to show that off. Anyway, a white blouse is very cute if you pair it with a bow neck tie to add on a basic collar. I found myself surfing on Asos and sorry if everything's from Asos, it's such a nice store with every things you need at any prices! But look at this, how adorable is it huh? 

I think it's brilliant and the best is, if you want to not wear a white blouse but still the bow neck tie, you can mix and match since it's not integrated with that white blouse. It's easy to pull off a lot of looks with little accessories. It's easy to mix and match a lot of accessories if you give yourself some trouble to find the nicest things that is out of the ordinary style! Forget about the necklaces, rings and earrings, it's all about innovations! Find the Chiffon bow neck tie on Asos, 14, 27$

Here's some ideas to suit the coolest tie. 


 Epaulette Woven Shirt in green and navy at Forever21, 23, 80$

Classic plaid shirt in red and green at Forever21, 21, 80$ | Polka dot Georgette shirt in cream and black at Forever21, 16, 99$

If you want to go with an office look, I suggest to add a blazer. A blazer makes you look grown up. If you stick with a professional look, a black blazer would be prefect. you'll be able to rock your blouse and your accessories well. It's versatile and it's always super easy to wear with tons and tons of outfits. I found that blazer on Topshop. The shape is well made, the low cut on the back is very cute. Plus, it doesn't have a collar so if you're all about collars like me and you're wearing a blouse or a shirt with the coolest and craziest collar and you want to put that upfront, it's cool to have that kind of collarless blazer. Find that Collarless panel jacket at Topshop, 48£.

If you want to stick with a 'school girl' look, I'd pick a navy or a red blazer. If you wear a lot of pattern under your vest it's better to stick with a plain blazer. They're easy to match and again, mix and match can make twice your wardrobe. The shape of the blazer is important as you want to make it look like a uniform. You want your blazer to have big buttons and double pincrossed. It makes a more scholar look alike.  I found that blazer at Zara. Very easy to pull off a 'school girl' look or to manage something else. Find the Double breasted blazer at Zara, 99, 99$. 

If you wear a simple shirt under your vest and you want to pop up a bit, there's a lot of blazers with texture. In this kind of outfit I'm doing, I'd totally go for a check blazer. Don't forget to keep a low profile shirt under these kind of blazer, you don't want to look like you were blind by mixing too many pattern and texture. I was looking for a red check blazer but I couldn't find one I like, so I turn myself to a more casual still preppy brown check blazer. Even if it's not in my palette of colors that I wanted to explore much in this article, I think it's very cute. 

The elbow patches remind us of the 'school girl' look I want to stick to. It would be pretty with a white blouse and a bow neck tie like the one above. You can chose the brown blazer with brown elbow patches or the one with a touch a navy with the navy elbow patches, so if you can chose between a white, navy, creamy blouse to pull off this style! Find the Blazer in heritage check with elbow patches on Asos, 81, 14$.

I am dress girl so I like to wear a lot of tights with my dresses or my skirts. But I want to go out of my comfort zone and try new things. I love these little louse short you can pull a preppy look with. You can add up tights underneath which I think it's awesome and practical. If you stick with a brown blazer like the one above, you don't want to add the same pattern so you want something plain. Unless the shorts matches exactly the blazer. But if not, you want to keep it straight. I found these shorts on Asos -yes, Asos, again-, easy to pull the perfect preppy style! I'd add up some nude tights and some oxford shoes and here we go! Get the Tailored shorts on Asos here for 32, 10$.

If you stick with a black and white outfit, it's preferable to pick a black pair. These cute shorts are from Topshop, they're simple and the wavy edges is just lovely, it doesn't steal the show from the whatever you're showing off as top and you can add black tights. Find these Black scallop hem shorts at Topshop, 32£

You can chose to wear a skirt as well, but I think for this fall season, tailored shorts are more trending than skirts. I'd go for a mid-thigh lenght and a skirt with some texture, either pleated or with a pattern. But if you rather bring out your top, chose something plain such as this skirt. That one has a fake leather kind of texture, but it's still look nothing like those leather skirts. You can add some black tights and some wedge booties or oxford shoes, again, as you wish. Found the A wear leather look box pleated skirt on Asos,  62, 42$

Or you can go all the way 'school girl' look and pick up a check skirt. Which then, you have to bring out the skirt more than the top so don't chose a check shirt with that kind of skirt. You can pull of a 'school girl' outfit by chosing a blouse that fits the skirt and adding a collar. Find that gorgeous See U soon check skirt with kilt detail at Asos,  71, 33$

If you don't feel like wearing a blazer, the best you can do is adding a typical school cardigan. You're lucky if you find one with a fake school badge. I'd go with a short cardigan, not those you can wear with leggings. So you can show off your skirts or shorts. I wouldn't go with a pattern cardigan, I'd stick to the basic colors, navy, red or brown.

 I wouldn't chose a cardigan if I want to rock a black and white outfit. I'd stick to the blazer or a coat. If you can find a cardigan with elbow patches and a fake school badge you gain points! If you want to stick with a long lenght cardigan go with a super think wool boyfriend cardigan. I love the these Glamorous aran knit boyfriend cardigan from Asos, 44, 58$ (Navy or burgundy available).

 For my personal chose, I wouldn't go with these thick cardigan because it looks more casual than what I'm looking for in that kind of style. Don't get me wrong I think it's pretty and very beautiful, but I'm looking for something more dressed up. So I found that crew cardigan from Gap. Again I still think it makes the outfit too casual for myself but, you know cardigans are so comfortable huh?! Found that Crew cardigan at Gap, 44, 95$ (Beige color available).

I think that would be it for the tops and bottoms. Now let's get into shoes, bags and accessories. I think there's three style of shoes to suit these looks. If you want to keep the real scholar look I'd totally go for a pair of oxford. Black to fit everything else. Like these one with some cute details but not too much. Suits almost every outfits. Get these Wurl shoes at Aldo, 34, 98$. (Beige color availaible).

I also like these ones.
Pointed flat shoes, Asos, 35, 67$   

  Slipper shoes, Asos, 39, 23$ 

If you're looking for something more rock 'n roll still office like I'd got for some ankle booties. I found these on Topshop, they're kind of straight, not to high, still very versatile as a pair of shoes. It's easy to make them look trashy or preppy. The zip on the sides give some color and texture, still without robing the show! Found these Mighty black leather zip boots on Topshop, 45£

If you want to pull off a trashy scholar look, then, it's all about the shoes! You have to pick the one pair that will trash the outfit, -oh in a good way! So, I'd say, go for some nasty ankles boots with a lot of texture, military shaped. I like these one from Zara, they're perfect to get that style. Get these Track sole ankle boots with laces at Zara, 99, 90$  

I like the fact that a pair a shoes can make a preppy outfit totally the opposite. It is important to pick the right pairs. I also love these boots, the fact that they have this punk rock attitude and I think the shiny finition leaves them looking a bit more decent and wise than the one pair above. Found these Dr Martens modern classic 1460 patent 8-eye boots on Asos, 160, 50$ 

Since, it's a fall season outfit, we shouldn't forget to get ourselves some boots. I mean those warm boots. I'd go for an equestrian look. I know it might be last year but it's still something you got to have in your wardrobe, it suits so many outfits in a blink you can make your outfit look dashing! These are tall boots, it takes a lot of space, so it is preferable to go with some black one if you already have a lot of colors above, if it's not the case, I'd totally go for a more crazy one. I like these riding boots, preppy and cute. I like the texture of these one. Find that pair of Riding boots on Urban planet, 40$ (Black color available).


Or you can stick to your craziness and go with a pair of shiny trashy tall boots. Find these Hunter original tall gloss boots at Topshop, 85£

What else you need to complete an outfit? Bags! Of course, it is very important for a women to carry all of her stuff, samething if you're a student! So, sticking to my school look, I think a small messenger bag would be perfect. Like that one with some buckles and a long strap. You can wear that bag across your body, very preppy! The neutral color make it easy to wear. Find that cute Solignano messenger bag at Aldo, 29, 98$. 

If you're on the nasty side, a backpack would be very cute. You can never go wrong with black. I find that one very cool, not too trashy but still has a touch of it. Pockets, zippers, studs, everything you want to make it look bad ass. Find that Picinisco backpack on Aldo, 50$ 

If you wear a blouse with a basic collar and you decide to close up your blazer, cardigan or if you wear a sweater over, I think adding a collar chain to your blouse is freaking adorable. Something that small can make the whole outfit! Here's some I found over the Internet!
 Pearl and chain collar tips, Asos, 10, 70$. | 
  Horse Collar Tips, Topshop, 14£ (Silver color availaible).


The nasty team says ; it's all about the studs! 


Mix collar tips pack, Topshop, 3, 50£ (left) 

Topshop, 3, 50£ (right) 

What else would complete an outfit, what about hair accessories. The preppy one would chose something like a ribbon, or a bow. You can find ribbons everywhere, if you receive a gift and the gift pack has a ribbon, keep it, you never know. Otherwise, you can find every kind of ribbons in a fabric store. A ponytail can get cuter with a ribbon around it! American Apparel sells a tons of bows, different colors. I found that Velvet bow hair clip at Topshop, 8, 50£. 

The trashies would say 'screw the ribbons'! I found that cute headband with cat ears. You have to be brave to wear these. I don't know if I'd be brave enough, although I think it is the cutest headband I ever seen. Find that Right back cat ya headband at Modcloth, 12, 99$

I will stop here because I could go on and on forever. I love the preppy look and I love to find things to trash it up a bit. It's very fun to do. I still have a millions ideas of outfit but that article would be a novel if I don't stop myself!

So I'll make it short, other things you can pull off to make these outfits even, you can chose a round neck sweater to put over your blouse. Navy, burgundy, beige, would be my choice. It makes the collar stand out more if you add something on this area. Round neck sweaters are easy to find. (Asos, American Apparel, Topshop, Zara...) 

You can add a belt on your shorts or your skirts. I'd pick a leather one, either black or beige. If I'm dealing with red or navy colors, I'd chose a shiny leather one, subtle but very effective on that look. If I'm rocking the equestrian look, I'd pick something neutral, beigy with a bigger buckle. Silver or gold, depending on what I wear.

I'm all about tighs, but I'm also a socks lover. Black knees lenght socks are great with preppy dresses or skirts. Don't chose something too crazy if you go with a check dress or shirt. Would be too much. Make it match the color of your top, if it's black and white, I'd chose the black socks, if it's a check dress or shirt, I might want some navy or burgundy!

I think that's pretty much it for that look! Tell me what you liked the most, what you'd add to make this look even! Are you a preppy or a trashy school girl? Write a comment!

See you very soon!

Leena Liddell xx

Stores : Asos, Topshop, Aldo, Gap, Zara, ModCloth, Urban Planet.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Skin care routine!

Hello everybody!

Hope you're having a great summer so far! I'm ready to welcome the fall season soon! But I'm not here to speak up my fashion desire for the fall season, let's talk about some more important skin care stuff! It is truly important to take care of your face because you are going to die with that face whenever you like or not. 

Thuth been said, it's important to take care of your skin. This is why I'm posting a Skin Care Routine so you guys know what proucts have been on my go to list!

First thing first, it is super super important to remove all your makeup before you go to bed. If you never remove your makeup during the night, science has proven that you might have early wrinkles. It's ok to not remove your makeup once in a while, it is not ok to never remove it. You have to take care of your skin and being home late and drunk is not a reason to skip a step. To make it more easy, someone somewhere invented Cleansing Wipes. They're great and easy to use when you're running out of time and when I say time I mean energy. It happens, don't be shy!
They don't do the job like a real skin care routine but in certain case, it's better than nothing and trust me, when you'll wake up, you'll feel much better to have removed your makeup than having old mascara glued to each of your lashes and a stain of lipstick on your pillow.
Neutrogena has a whole collection of cleansing wipes. It's not very expensive and take the time to clean your face before the bedtime. It's highly recommended. Read about these Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes here!

But on my no lazy day, I usually remove my makeup with my forever favorite waterproof eye makeup remover by Nivea. I use the cream form. I apply it on my eyes mostly but also all over my face. It's so refreshing, once you're done you'll feel so much better and clean. After a long hard day nothing's better than taking off your bra and your makeup! Seriously. So do yourself a favor and try this awesome eye makeup remover while taking off your bra and do a bun on the top of your head, start removing your makeup! It's almost orgasmic. Find this product here!

When I'm done removing my makeup, I like to deeply wash my face! And I've been using the 4 in 1 Revitalizing Cleaser by Bioré. It works so well. I love this product and this brand. It's a pump so you have the perfect amount everytime and it's enough to clean all your face to the neck. If you though you were feeling clean and fresh after removing your makeup, you'll be amazed with this product. It's a foam that will clean your skin in deep taking all the impurities and leaving a great fresh baby skin. It's a great product, read more about it here!

Sometime, when I feel the need to wash my face even more, I will use a facial scrub. It is not recommanded to use a facial scrub every day, once in a week is enough. It's important to do it because it removes the dead skin, toxins and impurities. You'll feel great after this. I've been using the Jojoba Charcoal Scrub by Micheal Todd. Read about that product here.

The next product I recently been using a lot is a toner. I didn't really know what it was all about until I asked. I find it really important to add in my skin care routine. It regularizes the pH of your skin. It moisturizes and balance your skin and it does much more than we think. It leaves your skin healthy and pretty! Read more about my Nivea Toner here!

The last product I use is also by Nivea and I just love that brand! It's not very expensive and it works well. I don't have to complain about my skin, I don't have acne or any major worries but I do have some break outs at time to time, like anybody and feeling fresh, clean, heatlthy is something important whenever you have a bad skin or not. I finish my routine by applying a moistrizing lotion for dry skin. It refresh my skin and it's a moistrizer. I love it, it's one of my favorite products in this routine. It's the last step before my bed. Sometime, in the middle of the day, I dream I wash my face and put this cream and go to bed because it feels so good to be face naked and healthy! Read about this lotion here.

Every products I have mentioned in this article are very cheap, little exception, the Micheal Todd facial scrub. You can find everything elese in any drugstore. And please, do your face a favor and create your own skin care routine. If you do have a skin care routine, feel free to share it in a comment below! I'd like to know your routine, if you have any tips, share! ;)

Good night everybody!

Leena xx

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