Thursday, October 3, 2013

September's post

Hello everybody!

This is a new series of posts I want to start as a monthly one! There's gonna be what happened during September, my favourites, Instagram's and maybe I'll add on more stuff later, or else, you can add anything you want :) To start I'll first dive in my Favourites of the Month! 

1. I've been drinking London Fog since the beginning of the fall season, I must say, it's delicious and so 'Autumnysh'! It's very basic actually, but for every lover's of tea, it's amazing! Here the recipe :  8oz of strong Earl Grey, hot. 4oz of milk and 3 tbsp of vanilla syrup. Pour everything together and bam! You have your sweat, creamy delicious London Fog! I've been loving the one from a little café near my place and the one from Second Cup! *You can change the quantity of the vanilla syrup as you want ;) 

2. This is the Exfoliating Scrub from Nivea! I purchased that product 3 weeks ago and I can't forget it in my skincare! It's basically the most important step to me! I use that one in the morning because it refreshes my face a lot and it leaves my complexion very smooth, fresh and ready for the day! You can feel that it takes all the impurities away and you just feel so clean! Five stars! 

3. Last month I received the They're Real mascara from Benefits. I never really been big on Benefit as I prefer fancy highend brand but I have to say this is an awesome mascara! I've been using this one more than my YSL. I love the faux lashes effect and since I'm very lucky to have long and curvy lashes, it just makes them even more incredible! Thick and long, very dark and voluminous. It's easy to pull off a whole make up face without anything but the mascara and a bit of blush!

4. Eiffel For You nail polish by L'Oréal. Just the name! I love Paris, this is such a cute name for a nail polish! Anyway, the colour is very on trend right now. I know Essie has one very similar if it's not the exact same one. A cute, polite and perfect mauvy-taupy colour. I know I can't really give polite as an adjective for a nail polish, but this is the word that came out of my head when I saw that one! 

I also loved my Dior Navy palette but somehow, it doesn't show that navy on my eyelids, more of a mauvy colour even with a primer! Which I'm sad about, navy is my favourite color. I read Something Blue by Emily Giffin, LOVED IT! So I purchased Love The One You're With, another book by her. Adore it so far! It's very realistic, the story line and the character's feelings. I always thought writers would be a hint too much on melodramatic books nowadays but her writing is very down to heart and fun to read as well! Highly recommend her books! Click the links to know more about these. Dior Palette, Emily Giffin's books.

I don't have a lot of things on my September's Favourites. To be honest, I haven't been spending much, other stuff I purchased was either because I ran out of it or it just doesn't worth to be here among these fabulous products! The same thing for my Instagram! I've been quite busy with home works and work, I didn't had the chance to do much on my spare time! So I don't have awesome thing to show you but this is my September boring month!

I was trying clothes in a store. Not much to say I don't even know why I fel like a photo would be great!

I made pancakes with a Martha Stewart recipe! It was delicious! Did not been able to eat it all!

Dark brown hair& hairband! That's me when I was 16! With my BFF. I was just looking through my Facebook photos and I just thought it would be fun to remember all how we looked like! ;)

Personal Updates: I made my application for my Fashion School, so if everything's right I might start Fashion deisgn courses on January! I'm very excited about that. I'm VERY looking forward to it, I'll be able to do my own clothes, wichs is incredible for me since this school is expensive so being able to do my clothes would be kind of a plus! haha, this is such a poor-broke girl post. Anyway...

What have you been up to!? make a list and write down your favourites! Maybe I'll try them out I usually don't forget what I read and I might get some of your ideas! Don't forget to link your blog as well :)
Have a nice October Month!
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