Monday, May 27, 2013

Mini Drugstore Haul

Hello everybody!

Today's post will be a mini drugstore haul! I've been buying some essentials and I wanted to kind of go out of my comfort zone. I've been buying new products I've never used before. I either heard of these products via some YouTubers or I just fell like this product would work well!

So here we go!

I bought the Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel. I first bought this because I saw everyone, literally everyone on YouTube raving this product. I finally got myself one in  100 ivory tone. 

I really love this product because it blends really nicely and doesn't leave weird spots of different tones. I know it might sounds weird but I once got myself a foundation that wasn't ''blendable''. This product is magic. Works really well. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that my skin tone doesn't fit the one I got. Ivory is a little bit more darker than mine. I took the paler they had at my drugstore so I don't know if there's a paler tone. But, since it's Spring/Summer I don't mind because I'll get tan. My face doesn't get that tan but the rest of my body does.  It was 11.59$ which I think it's a little pricey for a drugstore foundation.

Item number two is a concealer. It's the Fit Me Concealer in shade fair 15 by Maybelline. I am a massive Fit Me eater. I love this line of Mabelline and I own the foundation and the pressed powder so I wanted to give a try to the concealer as well.

I apply the concealer on my dark circles. But I'm lucky enough that my foundation does the main job if I don't have my concealer because I don't have a dark circles issue. However  I do have weird blemishes around my nose. I have some redness on the nose the area and on my upper lip. I put a bit of concealer there as well and the job is well done. The application gets easier because of the applicator. You spot and hide! I can hide my flaws with this little stick in a minute. I will re purchase this item as long as I need to. You really don't need a lot on but I am septic about  how long it can last on. I don't think it lasts that long on the skin, unfortunately but it's still a marvelous concealer for 6.95$

Third product I got is the Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder by Rimmel. I also used to use the Fit Me pressed powder but I saw Tanya Burr using a lot this powder so I went for this one in shade transparent.

The second reason why I wanted to try this product is for the long lasting guaranty. I find it hard to do a 9 hours shift and still look flawless -or almost-. My makeup always fade out, which I think it's quite normal, but I still want something that would last longer than other products. I didn't test this product that far yet but I am really looking for it. It's been two hours and I still look the same. The back of the product precise ''Up to 5 hours natural shine control''. 5 hours on 9 it's quite good. The product smell good and I apply it with my EcoTools brush. I love it so far. I think the package is fine but not really safe. It doesn't click so you might have issues when you put it freely in your bag or something. Also the plastic is kinda frail and easily breakable. I would be cautious with this. I pay that pressed powder 7,69$ and I think it's good.

To complete my purchase, I wanted to get some colours. I bought The One Sweep by L'Oreal in shade Poppy 820.

Basically, it's a two in one compact. You have the blusher and aside the contour powder. I don't really feel the need to contour and sculpt my face with a bronzer but since it's summer and I wanted some colors beside my usual pink blush I thought this product could be an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. So I bought it and I am so sad. First thing I was kind of disappointed about was the product itself. It doesn't work at all. You have to put so many layers and coats! Even though you would put the whole blush and bronzer on your face, it just doesn't show. I should have try this product on my fingers first. I even tried to take a picture of the colors on my fingers, I had to press and pass my fingers at least 5 times up and down, which I think it's a lot. You'll run out of this in a minute, at this price I suggest you invest in something pricey but better. Second thing is that you absolutely need to use the brush they give with the product. I tried to apply it with my own brushes but it doesn't work as well as with their brush. But their brush -I wouldn't call it a brush- well I don't know if it's their brush the whole issue of this, but since you have to apply the colors a LOT, I get some redness on my temples. It's just worst. Bad purchase. I will not but this again and will sure try every thing on me before buying! It wasn't expensive but It's still money I threw trough the window. Also, the blush appears a little bit more than the bronzer, but both colors won't tough the day, if you manage to have it some on you in the first place. I paid 12,95$ I think it doesn't worth the price at all, but I guess if what you want is something minimalist and nude well, you'll be well served with this duo. Beside, one sweep is impossible even with a minimalist look.

Hope you enjoyed my little review. Feel free to comment your own review of these products if you already try them, let me know what you think!



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring/Summer wish list MUST HAVE.

Howdy everyone!

So, I've been inspiring a lot while watching some YouTube April's favorites and spring/summer lookbook or must-have spring/summer products. If had a million, I swear to God it would burns my fingers like crazy! That's how I want to buy everything. Literally. 

Let's get started!

I've been watching a what's in my spring/summer bag video and I've seen a lot of people showing a Polaroid and I felt so so uncultivated because I didn't thought Polaroid was still making super cool instant camera! I thought, o-m-g I need one and I also thought it would be expensive like hell, so I went on their site and well I was amazed to see a lot of different prices! I looked a bit and I think the Polaroid Instant Compact Analog Camera PIC300P (ouff, that's a long name!) is quite nice.I like this one in purple! Not expensive really, and cute!  69,95$ 

About clothes, I've been buzzing a lot on maxi dresses and I spotted one on eBay (Bohemian Maxi Chiffon Dress) that I don't know really what I'm waiting for to purchase it since it's 10$ and I will tell a saver secret ; Asians online stores on eBay are so cheap and affordable, like, I've been buying a tons of clothes from Asia, at cheap prices and the fabrics isn't really cheap at times! Well, when I feel like I want to shop but I'm broke I go on eBay and look for these kind of online eBay stores. Bargain! 10.15$

To suit my maxi dress, I want a flower crown BUT I can't find one I like. Those I liked are super expensive and I don't feel like paying 30$ for a flower crown is...economic! I prefer these without a headband. I prefer those you put on your head and looks like real flowers and are thinner than what they sell at Urban Outfitters. So, if any of you guys know a good and cheap store/online store selling this kind of flower crown, I beg you, share the info in the comment box! I know I could just do a DIY... I might end up doing a DIY but for now this is the one I find cheap and cute! (Flower Crown) They have many colors and shapes, this is the one I like better! I've been looking it a lot. 7.75$

Maybe I am a little bit late and it's hasbeen but I never wear gladiator sandals because I haven't any outfits that could suit these kind of shoes perfectly, but I kinda want to give it a try and with the bohemian style I want to experiment more this summer, I think it would suit pretty well! I don't have any specific pair of shoes in mind, I like brown and feathers and gems or beads... So I've been on google to put a picture here. I will probably end up by buying some on eBay because you know how much I love my eBay. Quick search ; I found these on google, Carrini Women's Feather Gladiator Sandals. I'd pick the taupe one! 34.98$

I saw everyone on YouTube raving about the Clinique Gel Moisturizer. They say you have to put the product on your face in the morning before your foundation. I have really really dry skin and it even gets dryer with the summer, actually my skin prefer  spring or autumn season because winter and summer dry my skin like crazy. I want to give it a try! 50ml 16$, 125ml 30$

I prefer rocking a more natural look on summer, so I've been at the Naked to look for some fun eye shadows palette and I love the Naked Basics Palette. It has 6 colours and I love the fact that they all neutral and fit with everything. Since I'll be away and I can't carry my whole cosmetics/makeup stuff, this palette would be great!  27$

That's pretty much it for my summer essentials! I'll probably add up things that I can't think for the moment! Tell me what's your Summer must have!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Sad, lost and jealous. How to solve issues. Set goals.

Howdy everyone?

Hope you're doing greater than me! I'm having one of those days when I look at my neighbor and think ''Wow, his grass his actually much more greener than mine''. And then I got sad because I don't know what to do which put me through a lost phase and then I get envious and jealous. Which all of those feelings make you feel bad and negative. I have big plans and I am not whiling to give up yet. The road to the gold is long but if you enjoy the ride the time will fly. I sure need to do the baby-steps before even trying one real step forward. It's obvious that you need pillars to sustain the castle, right? Anyways, my point made, this is how I will, slowly but surely, get to my goals. Maybe it will take more times than what I first thought, but isn't there a poem or something about things that take more times are the best and blablabla?

First thing first; I am sad about my bedroom. I live in a wardrobe like Harry Potter. My room is that small, I need to give my furniture because I can't deal with it anymore.

Well, I thought I should do a little make over to my room. I ended up with too many furniture -don't ask me why, long story- and now I have to get rid of some... which means that I have to live in the crappiest room for 2 weeks because the goodwill staff won't come take the furniture until Thursday only. And now just to prove me how shitty this is, I look at some cool-awesome-pretty-perfect room on Tumblr. Because I am a little SM and I can't afford these kind of bedoom for now, I just like to feel the knife in my wounds. I am thrill, really. *sarcasm involved*.

And then, I work like crazy and spend most of my time either sleeping or working SO at the end, I didn't ''enjoy'' the messy room because I was too busy. Lesson learned. If you're currently living in a crap zone, don't cry! Work harder so you'll just sleep and with your eyes closed, well there's no more eye's pain! The extra money will be good for the room make over as well; 2in1!

What else am I struggling with? Oh yeah, how can I forget? My shitty Mac Book's camera and my shitty videos! If I want to do videos on YouTube I need to get myself a decent one. I will not pay 1000$ for a camera, like I have some places to go if I can afford a 1 000$ camera. But I sure can think of a little 300$ well invests. Again, when I do my videos I am quite proud and then I watch other YouTubers and what a buzz kill, I'm down and all I think about is having the perfect camera and the perfect language. I talk so slow and I'm super boring, I am now aware of that fact, things will change.

So, I decided that I will put a little amount every payday so in a month or so I could buy myself a decent camera. But you know, the camera doesn't do the job. I will not make people watch my videos and subscribe because I'm in HD. That's bullshit so I watch and re watch my videos.

Damn, it's so bad. How come have I put them online? Was I high? Anyways, I took notes while watching myself being super awkward. I said I took notes! I noticed how unprepared I was, because I was so out of words and breathless, stressing the shit out. 

I told my inner self to calm the hell down. So what? I did some shitty videos, who cares? There's like 90 views, I will survive. What I will not survive is putting effort into something that will never come. Here's come the notebook. I wrote everything down. It will be like a script so I will be more prepared and don't forget that practice makes you perfect! Lesson learned; be kind to yourself and analyze the situation before any move!

What's next on my depress list? Oh yeah, most important thing of all time, well for now it is - SCHOOL. I am trying to get in a fashion school which is super cool but it will not be cool if I'm not in, right? I need to focus on school, I need to pass my exams and to do the best I can so I could get in! AND of course this awesome school is 2 hours away from my home.

Let's the real life begin. I always thought I'd be the first kid of the house to move out but I never thought I'd be 19. But if I'm in, I'll need to move out which means ; living in the subway station... or not. I need to find the perfect place and by perfect I mean closest, cheapest and safest. Big city dream. I don't wanna get rape by a roommate or something you know. I need to prepare myself for the big day and I need to be wise in every single steps I take! So, this is quite a big step for myself!

This is not a problem but it could be. If I don't put my money/time in my priorities, if I don't concentrate on exams and stuff, well it might all get away fast! You never know, don't take things for granted, you might be disappointed since life isn't fair and well, you know... Do your best, and if you're doing it you can achieve ANYTHING.

Another thing I have on my mind these past few days is my Blog. I see ghost people reading my blog and maybe I don't have followers and I am after all pretty boring, I don't really mind, someday some people will like my style and be the same kind of person as I am! And I don't blame people for being ''normal for you'' because I know I can be weird and dork from time to time, BUT this is me and this is something I ain't gonna change for the simplest reason ; this is my personality!

I may be a shopaholic but I am also a workaholic. I do things and I don't give up until it's 110% perfect. I don't know a single thing about... blog things. I mean how to edit your blog and make it look professional and stuff. I found my back ground on google and I did my banner and stuff but this isn't like a pro blog. I want something more professional. I'm reading many many blogs and when I was done with editing my blog, at first I was really proud of myself but again, I saw the grass greener at my neighbors. Oh hi neighbor! How are you today? Great? Oh, sweet, I love your green sparkling grass!

Oh yeah I know my yard is a piece of yellowish bad weeds. Whatever, I'm aware I will need help to built my blog. So, all of you, with awesome, perfect, pretty blogs, ohhh you bug me, I just want one too!  I just want a cool desk and I know, I'm quite demanding. I need to work hard. So, I'm keeping my faith! *Cross fingers* 

OK so last thing because I'm getting boring by crying over my stuff, I just miss the old me, dating guys and stuff. Since I started to work full time and the little amount of time I got was either seeing friends and family or sleeping well... I kinda got no life without realising it. I used to party like, a whole lot, I don't want to get drunk every Fridays, I just miss dating guys and being like. I don't know, you tell me the good word for that weird feel! It's like every one's not my type. And that's why I blame Chace Crawford and Ian Somerhalder! SEE, I live in a small town, there's no way I can find any men my type! I don't do clubs like I used too -amen- and this is great I mean, old habits die hard, I need to get over my majority, 18 Canadian girl whouhou, and I don't know, seems like I know every places... So, I just need to meet people and make new friends, date and do amazing and cool stuff. I'm quite lonely with my series and my shitty bedroom. ha-ha. Well, I'm looking forward summer 2013.


I hope everyone is having a really nice time, and I hope you guys will have everything you're dreaming of, because if you're reading this, I love you and you're cool! Don't forget to comment and subscribe! Tell me what's your main goals for 2013!

See you very soon ! xx


PS: OMG, Ryan Gosling is asdfghjkl;

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Makeup Daily Routine in video!

Hello Hello!

I noticed that my Daily MakeUp Routine article has been the most viewed recently, I decided to make a video of it!

If you enjoyed my video, please, thumbs up!

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