Sunday, October 27, 2013

Indie please.

Apart of being a makeup and clothes addict, I'm also very good at interior design. Well, in my opinion. If you're reading my blog for a while, you might know that I done my Shabby Room; a post I did several weeks ago. Today, I decided to do my Indie Room. it's gonna be a living room.

I still live in my parent's house and I can't wait to move out and do my thang! But honestly, life is more complicated and here I am, in my old bedroom dreaming of my dream apartment. However, I'm a sucker for all interior design when I shop at Target, Walmart, Ikea, whatever stores as a furnitures and home decor hallways, don't look for me, I'll be there, mentally organizing my apartment. 

Let's get on with the inspiration, shall we ;)

Here's a list of everything I love to find in a living room, a place where your personal touch should be all over the place, where guests spend most of their time in, where your personality is exposed. This is why I love the living room, it can tells a lot about a person!

Bookshelf filled of books, wallpaper, photo frames, colourful sofa, banners, lights, green, orange, blue, navy, mint, mustard, old furnitures, origami, fresco, frames, things on the wall, mirrors, service tea set, more books,  flowers...

I love the colour of this love-seat sofa. It's a small sofa so it's perfect for alone people in apartment. It doesn't take a lot of room and doesn't fill the room like a giant piece of rock. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but it suits my indie mind pretty great! Find this yellow love-seat sofa for 329$!

And what is a sofa without pretty cushions? I love mismatched style, and indie is very great for that! So I'll put a bit of green and blue with the pretty orange! One of each! The patterned one is 12,99$ and the plain green one is 4,99$ both from Ikea!

I believe coffee tables are underrated! It is a very important piece in a living room! Where do you put your coffee on? Your books or magazines? Candles? Do I need to go on? Here's a pretty classic coffee table in wood from Ikea, 149$. I love the minimalist style but like I said, indie is all about showing off your person through objects! I'm a massive magazines eater, my favourite; Vogue, so I'll put a pile of Vogue under this table. Talking about Vogue, subscribe to Vogue for £19,99 receive 10 issues plus a free Perricone MD no. Concealer ;)

I'm also a sucker for candles and fake plants and all these weird objects you don't really need but love to look at. I'm a plant killer, I don't have a green thumb so I'm all about fake plants. This little two Masson jars with cute flowers are pretty and totally in sync with the colours and style I'm working with. Isn't these glass jars on trend anyway? Find these on Home Decorators for 26,25$! I'm also in love with candles, especially those from Bath & Body Works, they always sell the best scents! Light these babies up, it smells ridiculously good in a trice! These candles in a jar are perfect for my indie living room, so two candles should be enough to fill the room with a magic scent! Find the orange Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin &  white Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candles for 12,50$ each at Bath & Body Works!

Beside, where do you put all of these on the coffee table? In a tray, of course! I found one very pretty but quite expensive, the Gardener's Tray from Home Decorators for 51,18$! ouch! 

When it comes to lights, I think floor lamps are the best, the one I found is from Ikea and the lamp shade is very 70's, so I think it suits my inner indie very well, plus this isn't an expensive light, only 59,99$ on Ikea. When I saw that rug on Ikea, I literally fell in love with the pattern and the colour, these two combined make the whole a very cool 70's inspired rug, just like the lamp, here you did great Ikea! This rug is 199$!

Bookshelf is the most important thing to me. I want two of these aside, fill with books! Am I the only one to think that a bookshelf has a lot of personality. I'm on the nerd side, I love books, old and new ones. You can see mine fills with books and movies...and shoes on the last shelf ;) This one's pretty basic, it's from Ikea, cheap and cute, 39,99$! I'd die to have a book room, just, how freaking amazing it is?!

I don't watch a lot of T actually, I do but I'm pretty much a pirate, looking all these exciting movies and series through the ocean of the web! We all know, Tv is expensive, I mean channels and stuff, so, I'll just have one to... in case, we never know. Anyway, here's a little square to put a quite Tv and a Tv/DVD combo, 19,99$ and 218$, Ikea and Walmart, pretty simple and cheap huh?! And for the curtain I'd chose chose some white curtains, I've already put a tons of colours every wear! Ikea sells some very cool whity-creamy curtains! 14,99$

So, the rest of the stuff isn't very usual to shop in Walmart, Target, Ikea or whatever home decoration stores. So, I'll just put the images and maybe some DIYs just in case you're interested into these kind of indie decorations!

Pennant banners are the main source of this idea. The first time I saw these hanging in a living room, I don't why I was impressed! Who though bringing the carnal to home was a great idea is a genius! I think it makes the room happy, colourful, cute! You can put a banner upon your sofa, your window, all round your room if you want to! If you think Pennant banners are pretty and want to make some, here's a DIY from The Thrifty Abode!

What's a 70's living room without the Polaroid photos?! I love Polaroid a bunch and most of all what it can create, one shot, what's today's is more of a, take hundred shots and wait for the good one. Polaroid gives us no choice, this is the one! You can either hang them here and there with a tread and some cool clips or stick them on the wall and create a pretty heart shaped mosaic!

So, that's pretty much it for my indie inspiration room! ;) Tell me what's your favourite item from this article, do you like indie style, if not what's your thing?! 

Thanks for all your comments, I read them all and I'm also glad to read your blog! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it a lot! xx
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Get the look of... CARA DELEVINGNE!

Hello everybody!

How's going? Are you enjoying your fall season? I can't wait for halloween, let me know what's your plans on Halloween and what costume you'll chose? For my part, I'll be a surgeon from Grey's Anatomy! (Dr.Stevens) ok, I know I'm not even half beautiful like Katherine Heigl, but hey!
Anyway, today's post is a 'get the look of Cara Delevingne!' post. I know lots and lots of people are looking for her messy edgy street style look. Yet, Cara stays very feminine in her look. She can pull off a tomboy look and make it look so girly! With her long hair and her pretty greeny-bluy eyes. I love her strong face and I think, like almost everyone else, that she is very beautiful. She has this versatile face when you can make her look very boyish or elegant like a princesse. Just look at her face at the Cannes Festival, flawless! So, without further due, let's begin with our first style!

This look is very settle for our Cara, yet very office-like. I love the colour of these trousers. I tried to find some fall look and I realized Cara mostly wear long and layered outfits. Maybe it's because she's mostly in London and Nyc, I don't know, but this makes sense to me. Anyway, this style is very easy to pull off and to make it more grungy you add this cap and boots and here you go. Cara is well known to get involve with a lots of caps and beanies! So for all beanies lovers here, Cara is with you! The blouse she wears has a low v cut, I think it makes it looks more femme fatal. To point out the grungy of the cap, she has some very lovely leather lace up boots. A big leather bag hanging on her right shoulder to make it more casual. So, let's see what I have found on the internet to make this lovely style!

If you've been reading me for awhile now, you might know that my first source is always Asos, I find everything on there! I know they sell everything I'm looking for because, they're literally the best! So, I manage to find some very similar, if not to say identical, trousers. This colour is very on trend for the fall season so, according to this price tag, I don't know what you're waiting for to get them and rock this Cara look! Find these Asos Peg Trousers for 33,76$!

As for the white blouse, it was a bit harder to find one similar. You might think how come since white blouse are very on trend but this one Cara's wearing is very special, I bet she wears some high end brand but I can't tell which one. The fabric seems thick, more like a blazer shape, or a men's kind of blouse. The V cut is even more unusual and the collar is very long, so somehow I manage to find something that is not sheer! I got this very cute Lauren by Ralph Lauren Aaron Cotton Poplil shirt for 69,50$. A bit expensive but it's the more alike blouse that I found. 

I'm not big on caps, I'm more into felt hat or you know these kind of girly hats. Cara somehow makes me want to like these boyish headwear. She rocks them a lot either beanies or caps. So, finding that one was easy as I just needed to google the 'IMA READ' and I found some online. Find this cool Zebra Kats cap IMA READ for £39!  

To keep it up with the cap, Cara has some mid-lenght lace up boots. Black and leather is always a most have in our wardrobe. I was looking at Aldo because I know they have tons of fashion boots, somehow, I find my happiness on Asos, once more! They look a lot alike and I can't tell how's Cara's are on the behind but I found these New Look Besto Black Studded Lace Up Boots for 56,25$

As you can see from the picture, it's very hard to describe her bag, all I can say is that it's a pretty big one. Black leather and can be wear across the body. It almost looks like an oversized messenger bag. The leather suits the boots perfectly. I found on Aldo the Lesengo bag that has everything I can see from this picture. 55$

The next looks is very stylish and the check pattern of the coat is on trend right now so keep your eyes open for these! I love disco-leather pants, they're so easy to wear and I love the one Cara's wearing, the inside detailing is very lovely.  She rocks a kind of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I can't tell for sure but it looks a lot like some of his creation. A very large and rectangular bag to suits the black of her pants and shoes. A white blouse or shirt tuck in her pants. I know it's gonna be hard to find a white shirt because I can't see well hers so... let's see what I've found!

Her jacket is obviously one of a kind. I did not find the exact same one but I did found that one. And the check pattern is the master piece to me. As long as the coat is not too long from Cara's, with the check you got the idea of this look. Also, the oversized collar did not make it easier. Anyway, the one I got is from Asos, and the leather sleeves are very on trend, it suits marvellously the black leather pants and the shoes and the bag. So, although it's not the exact same one, it doesn't bash off the Cara style I'm trying to re-do! Find the River Island Leather Look Check Coat on Asos for 75,02$!

Her leather legging are also very on trend this year. It is so easy to pull off a style with disco, leggings pants. Cleraly, if you don't have a pair in your wardrobe, you're missing out here! As for it, it was easy to find some very similar. Again, Asos gave me the opportunity to find some very cool and cheap pair! The only thing I'm not sure about would be the fact that we can't tell how they're made on the belt area. Anyway, find these awesome Daisy Street with PU Panel on Asos for 33,74$ only!

It's very hard to describe her shoes. It's clearly some platform pump shoes, but I can't tell for sure about it. So, I went on SoleStruck to find a pair of Jeffrey Campbell, and I chose what I thought looked a lot liker hers from the front view. You can get these crazy Cleata Jeffrey Campbell for 159,95$!

As for the bag, very hard to describe, I simply chose one I thought would suit the whole outfit. Leather black, rectangular and with a touch of Cara. This bag has a studded side, but the studs are very settle, they're not the the usual silver pyramid studs. You can find lots of these on Asos or Aldo.

For the shirt, she's wearing either a white blouse or a white tee. I like to think that this is a white tee as it make the whole look more casual. I found on Topshop a panel white shirt I thought would suit the deisgn of Cara's legging perfefly. You can find that Textured Panel Tee on Topshop for £38.

I found the next look really cool and very Cara if Cara can be an adjective! I love how casual yet very on trend this simple outfit is. She wears a pair of jogger in grey, a cropped normal oversized top, some very weird boots that I'm sure it's gonna be hard to find, a motorcycle jacket, a black beanie and a very big black panel bag. So let's see what I got....

I found some jogger on Asos. The colour is a bit more light than hers but I feel like joggers are very new. I never saw them before, it's not like these sweat pants, it basically has the same fabrics but the shape and all is very different. I never been one of those girls who loves sweat pants, yet I find these jogger trouser very cool on Cara. I seem to be obsess with the word cool and Cara... anyway, you can find these Peg Jogger on Asos for 56,27$.

Since I saw Lana Del Rey rocking a leather coat, I thought that they were obviously awesome. I'm not ready to say that I'll got myself one because it doesn't suit me at all but if you and Cara share the same kind of style, well, I just have to say, go for it! They look badass! The one I found is very similar to Cara's. The sleeves look the same, it's clearly not the same one but it looks very similar. This Leather Bike Jacket is 168,80$ from Asos, a bit expensive, I guess it's real leather, you can find faux leather on Asos if you search a bit ;)

The shirt I found is pretty much the same except that it is longer than Cara's. This is pretty much a basic, so any white tee would be alright with this kind of outfit. Not too much because the master piece is obviously that motorcycle vest. So, don't beat yourself to much, just a simple white tee is fine. This is an Asos Forever T-Shirt, 22,51$!

Cara's boots has three buckles. I found shoes and bags very hard to find as it can be very specific and unique. I have found here some boots and I chose them because it has the same shape and the buckles plus I thought the pattern suits the one from the ride coat on the sleeves. Cool isn't? Get these River Island Ridged Rider boots on Asos for 84,40$!

According to the picutre, I think Cara is wearing a cuffed black beanie, I found one from American Apparel on Asos, here the Beanie for 31,88$!

Cara rocks a lot of black leather, wheter it's boots, bags, pants or vests. So, keep your eyes open for the leather ;) I came up with a black leather shoulder bag, very big with two straps, a short one and a longer one. I find the same kind of pattern on the bag that looks like the jacket. The bag has faux suede sides and I think it's a very gorgeous bag! Look for the Faith Zig Zag bag on Asos, 84,40$!

I think we can all agree that Cara is beyond beautiful, she can rock whatever piece of clothes, I will always think it suits her brilliantly. She can be very girly or tomboy, we love our Cara whatever she puts on her pretty head or whatever faces she does ;)

What looks do you prefer?
What pieces do you like the most?

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Put the TV on!

Hello everybody!

This is not a beauty or fashion post related! What I like about the fall season it's what TV has new to bring. It's not unusual to see new season starting on the fall season and marketing is sure not dumb. People tend to get a bit more cozy on fall and then... winter happens! 

Wrapping into the blankets with a hot chocolate in your cute mug. The TV's on and you're ready for the night. This is quite fall/winter cliché, and as a girl, it's a cliché I adore. So, for every sunny Cali lovers, mourn your warm weather and quick come embrace the sweater weather or perfect TV weather! ;)

I get so overwhelm when I get to watch my favourites TV shows, either girly, scary, thriller.... They're all awesome and I always wish everything was true and life is a big lie! Unfortunately, life is not and TV is. However here's how I schedule my Monday to Friday TV shows! Hope I can get you some great ideas and don't forget you're always welcome to comment yours in the comment box below! I'll be glad to discover new series! Without further due, let's put this post on! *Click the links to read the synopsis of every series cited. 


Because it's monday you want to keep it light and you want to have time to do your home works if you're a student. In any case I want to be the reason of your failure, so just to dip your toes in the warm water that is the great TV, we're gonna keep it soft. 2 Broke Girls is 1) extremely funny and 2) lasts 30 minutes! At 8:30 PM put your TV ons on CBS and get a good laugh on 2 Broke Girls

Tuesday is still very close to monday. Too close to put on a big show so we're gonna keep it sweet with the lovely Zooey Deschanel and her dorky friends on New Girl! Don't know that series yet? Where have you been? It's one of these 2012-2013 series that has blown almost everyone's mind! So, do your thing after work or school and at 9 o'clock get ready for this 30 minutes of cheeks pain, because you're gonna grin and laugh your ass off! New Girl on Fox, it's a rendez-vous! 

Wednesday is the belly button of the week. It's still seem to early to be drawn all night in the TV although  you can't miss the fabulosity of American Horror Story. Even more when it's the third season; Coven, currently diffusing on FX! This is one of my favourite TV show, I know it says horror in the name, but it has nothing to do with these movies like Insidious or Saw, it's just inexplicable how interesting and hooking this show is! So give it a shot and watch American Horror Story: Coven at 9pm on FX


Don't plan anything on Thursdays because this is the night where you can eat any candies, drink any carbs and be cozy in a pjs. Tuesdays is THE TV shows night. Th first thing you have to do when you arrive at home is change into your favourite pjs, take your blanket and relax on the sofa. Watch little stuff on TV just to be prepare because the fun is starting at 8 pm.

At 8pm turn your TV on and be prepare to meet the marvellous Elena Gilbert and her vampy friends (and hot). The Vampire Diaries is also one of my favourite TV show, so don't think it's cheesy (sometimes!) but it is not 100% romance, it has a great plot, blood, love, bites, sex, and death! It's that kind of show you want to call your best friend during the break, you two talk at the same time, you don't hear a word she says because you're talking over her, and then you hang up on the quick because it has started again. At the end of the show you don't wanna talk about anything but The Vampire Diaries. New episode every Thursdays at 8pm on CW.

Don't go too far from the TV unless you're getting another cup of hot chocolate because at 9 you have a terrible choice to make.

Either you stay on with the vampires theme and watch The Originals, a spin-off of Vampire Diaries. If you have religiously watch Vampire Diaries, you sure know what The Originals stand for. If not, don't worry my dear, you can still watch it without being scared of not understand has it talk about vampires but still in a different point of view! You'll be amazed so for every Vampire Diaries true fan stick on CW  channel at 9pm for The Originals. *If you choose to watch Grey's Anatomy, you can watch The Originals on Tuesdays at 8pm before New Girl!

Or, if you're more into the medical romance theme, you'll be well
served with the tenth season of Grey's Anatomy! Follow Meredith Grey and her co-workers through their love-life and  career in the Seattle Mercy Grace hospital. I swear, almost every freaking nurses and doctors are ridiculously hot. That's why some guys are even named Mc.Dreamy and Mc.Steamy ;) Watch Grey's Anatomy new season on ABC at 9pm!


If you're not busy on Friday night, you should really take the time to watch The Carrie Diaries. It is awesome, lovely and very funny. Follow the life of young Carrie Bradshaw through Manhattan. The series premiere will be on CW, 25th (2 weeks! I'm excited) every Friday's at 8pm! A lot of fashion is going on there and just, how lovely is AnnaSophia Robb?

Every series listed are series I watch, you can find some on Netflix if the schedule doesn't match yours and of course you can feel a bit pirate and watch them online. I wanted to share with you my passion for TV show, as I feel wise when I'm not spending money and I'm gently at home instead. Sometime, it makes more good than you can think! Also, every time listed are East Time. You can find your schedule on every channels main site. So, tell me if you're loving one of these series, or tell me what you're currently watching! Have a great cozy night! *Don't forget to click on the links to read the plot of every series!
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Monday, October 7, 2013

Review 0.1 / Gel Stick Foundation

Hello everybody!

There's a new series of post I want to start, you can tell by the name, I wanna review products on a regular basis. I want to give a more deep and clear point of view about some products in particular. 

The reason why I change my foundation is because I was using On The Spot foundation by Seventeen. It gave me a big break out. The worst I never had. I had a weird reaction all along the right side of my chin and to be honest I never struggle with spots problems so it is all new to me.

Worst foundation ever has to be the On The Spot by Seventeen to me but I'm not here to talk about that one, I'm here because I was in the Target choosing my new foundation. I was about to go for my holy ground Fit Me 110 but when I saw the stick foundation, I was surprised and I couldn't resist and buy one in shade 110.
The packaging looks familiar to the whole Fit Me series and God knows how I love this branch of Maybelline. At first glance, you can be a bit sceptical and you kind of don't want to get your hopes high because it's such a weird product.

The gel stick is about one inch or so. You might think it will not last any longer than the Fit Me liquid foundation but happily surprised, it doesn't take much on your face. So I've been using this foundation for a week and I'm still on the very beginning of the stick. I use this foundation everyday. So, for this one worry, I know it will last long enough or even longer than my usual liquid foundation. 

As for the product itself, it works brilliantly! It looks like a mega lipstick, you apply lines on your face. I draw a line on my forehead, from the top of my cheeks to my chin, all along of my chin, around my nose and on my nose bridge.  Five strips on my face is enough. After that I usually always take the tips of my fingers to blend it all but you can easily blend it with a foundation brush as well. 

About the product, it says it's shine free so it has a matte finish. It's creamy and dusty at the same time. I guess the dusty part is what makes the matte finish, the dot in the center of the stick. If you have oily skin, it works very well. I have combination skin and it does dry out a bit on my chin and my cheeks, but it works perfectly on my T area. I recently had issues with this area as well so I'm very happy about that.

Also, it stays a lot longer than any other foundation I have try in my life. It's basically the best I tried so far. You can add a pressed powder to make sure it stays on all day long, if you have dry skin I don't especially suggest you add a powder over all, it might dry out your skin even worst. But for oily skin, I can't lie but say you'll be in heaven. 

All in all, it is something I'll repurchased, they have 12 shades so you'll be well served. It's the same price as the liquid foundation and the packaging is also very useful, small, compact, you can carry it in your bag, it doesn't take a lot of room so if you're rocking a small bag, well, this is a very fun foundation to carry on the go! It's an October favourite for sure. Highly recommended!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outfit Of The Day 0.3 | Rookie

Hello everybody!

Today's a quick OOTD! I don't know about you but I always do my OOTD's on the spur of the moment, it's never on my mind until I think my outfit could be on my blog! Anyway, here's my Rookie OOTD! Enjoy!

I wanted to make it looks more vintage 70's. This is why I add a filtre on my photos and the quality isn't that great! But this outfit remind me of a some bar with some rock music and lots of beers. Tell me why?

The tan blouse can be such a master piece, the details is very cute, I love the ribon that you can tie up on your neck, you can either make it look more office or if you add up a hat, it makes it a bit more rock 'n roll. I got this sheer blouse from Forever 21 last year. I also love the buttons area and the lace edges all along the opening.

The felt hat has an esquestrian shape, you can see there's a belt all around it. I chose a black one because it suits the cardigan and the blouse very well. I don't recommend you wear it if you plan on being outside a lot, it's not a deep hat so you'll struggle trying to make it stay on your head! If your plan is being inside around a drink in the happy hour in some rocky bar this is perfect! Everybody loves hat! I always get compliments when I'm wearing one! This one is from Target, I believe it's still for sale since I got it yesterday! Quick, hurry up!

To add some fall layers, I chose a plain black cardigan! Very usefull if it gets a bit chilly, also it has some cables details, which I think suits the more serious touch of the blouse! So to make it rocky you have to rock the hat! ;) This is why I always think hats can add so much in an outfit. Sleep on it if your an anti-hats! I got this cabled black cardigan from Urban Planet.

Going back to the blouse, it's long enough to wear black disco pants! This is definetely a must have to your wardrobe! It suits so well the body, any shapes! Plus, it's so easy to pull off cool style with these, have them in navy as well, it's a colour very on trend right now! I know I was wearing them in my last OOTD, but to be honest, it's such a great piece of clothes. I wear some basic oxford shoes. This is also a must-have, very versatile, cute and comfortable if you don't especially like to wear heels!

I have my brand new Eiffel For You nail polsih, and just the name, I mean, how can you not fell for that? It's a mauvy-taupy colour, so it suits most of colours pretty great, and oh I have a hair tie around my wirst, girls, this is so important to achieve this fabulous look, says no one ever!

About the blouse again, it's a three quarter sleeves with puffy shoulders. I think it's very cute so if you want something more settle, you can change the disco pants for a black pleated skirt, instead of the hat you can make a very cute low bun! Don't forget some black tighs and your versatile pair of oxford shoes!

I hope you liked my OOTD! Which items do you perfer? For me, I have to say, the hat is the winner! Tell me what you think about my Rookie OOTD and also what you would add up to my outfit to make it more complete! Don't forget to link your blog at the end of your comment! ;)
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OOTD 0.1 / Granny
OOTD 0.2  / Very Burgundy

September's post

Hello everybody!

This is a new series of posts I want to start as a monthly one! There's gonna be what happened during September, my favourites, Instagram's and maybe I'll add on more stuff later, or else, you can add anything you want :) To start I'll first dive in my Favourites of the Month! 

1. I've been drinking London Fog since the beginning of the fall season, I must say, it's delicious and so 'Autumnysh'! It's very basic actually, but for every lover's of tea, it's amazing! Here the recipe :  8oz of strong Earl Grey, hot. 4oz of milk and 3 tbsp of vanilla syrup. Pour everything together and bam! You have your sweat, creamy delicious London Fog! I've been loving the one from a little café near my place and the one from Second Cup! *You can change the quantity of the vanilla syrup as you want ;) 

2. This is the Exfoliating Scrub from Nivea! I purchased that product 3 weeks ago and I can't forget it in my skincare! It's basically the most important step to me! I use that one in the morning because it refreshes my face a lot and it leaves my complexion very smooth, fresh and ready for the day! You can feel that it takes all the impurities away and you just feel so clean! Five stars! 

3. Last month I received the They're Real mascara from Benefits. I never really been big on Benefit as I prefer fancy highend brand but I have to say this is an awesome mascara! I've been using this one more than my YSL. I love the faux lashes effect and since I'm very lucky to have long and curvy lashes, it just makes them even more incredible! Thick and long, very dark and voluminous. It's easy to pull off a whole make up face without anything but the mascara and a bit of blush!

4. Eiffel For You nail polish by L'Oréal. Just the name! I love Paris, this is such a cute name for a nail polish! Anyway, the colour is very on trend right now. I know Essie has one very similar if it's not the exact same one. A cute, polite and perfect mauvy-taupy colour. I know I can't really give polite as an adjective for a nail polish, but this is the word that came out of my head when I saw that one! 

I also loved my Dior Navy palette but somehow, it doesn't show that navy on my eyelids, more of a mauvy colour even with a primer! Which I'm sad about, navy is my favourite color. I read Something Blue by Emily Giffin, LOVED IT! So I purchased Love The One You're With, another book by her. Adore it so far! It's very realistic, the story line and the character's feelings. I always thought writers would be a hint too much on melodramatic books nowadays but her writing is very down to heart and fun to read as well! Highly recommend her books! Click the links to know more about these. Dior Palette, Emily Giffin's books.

I don't have a lot of things on my September's Favourites. To be honest, I haven't been spending much, other stuff I purchased was either because I ran out of it or it just doesn't worth to be here among these fabulous products! The same thing for my Instagram! I've been quite busy with home works and work, I didn't had the chance to do much on my spare time! So I don't have awesome thing to show you but this is my September boring month!

I was trying clothes in a store. Not much to say I don't even know why I fel like a photo would be great!

I made pancakes with a Martha Stewart recipe! It was delicious! Did not been able to eat it all!

Dark brown hair& hairband! That's me when I was 16! With my BFF. I was just looking through my Facebook photos and I just thought it would be fun to remember all how we looked like! ;)

Personal Updates: I made my application for my Fashion School, so if everything's right I might start Fashion deisgn courses on January! I'm very excited about that. I'm VERY looking forward to it, I'll be able to do my own clothes, wichs is incredible for me since this school is expensive so being able to do my clothes would be kind of a plus! haha, this is such a poor-broke girl post. Anyway...

What have you been up to!? make a list and write down your favourites! Maybe I'll try them out I usually don't forget what I read and I might get some of your ideas! Don't forget to link your blog as well :)
Have a nice October Month!
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