Thursday, October 3, 2013

Outfit Of The Day 0.3 | Rookie

Hello everybody!

Today's a quick OOTD! I don't know about you but I always do my OOTD's on the spur of the moment, it's never on my mind until I think my outfit could be on my blog! Anyway, here's my Rookie OOTD! Enjoy!

I wanted to make it looks more vintage 70's. This is why I add a filtre on my photos and the quality isn't that great! But this outfit remind me of a some bar with some rock music and lots of beers. Tell me why?

The tan blouse can be such a master piece, the details is very cute, I love the ribon that you can tie up on your neck, you can either make it look more office or if you add up a hat, it makes it a bit more rock 'n roll. I got this sheer blouse from Forever 21 last year. I also love the buttons area and the lace edges all along the opening.

The felt hat has an esquestrian shape, you can see there's a belt all around it. I chose a black one because it suits the cardigan and the blouse very well. I don't recommend you wear it if you plan on being outside a lot, it's not a deep hat so you'll struggle trying to make it stay on your head! If your plan is being inside around a drink in the happy hour in some rocky bar this is perfect! Everybody loves hat! I always get compliments when I'm wearing one! This one is from Target, I believe it's still for sale since I got it yesterday! Quick, hurry up!

To add some fall layers, I chose a plain black cardigan! Very usefull if it gets a bit chilly, also it has some cables details, which I think suits the more serious touch of the blouse! So to make it rocky you have to rock the hat! ;) This is why I always think hats can add so much in an outfit. Sleep on it if your an anti-hats! I got this cabled black cardigan from Urban Planet.

Going back to the blouse, it's long enough to wear black disco pants! This is definetely a must have to your wardrobe! It suits so well the body, any shapes! Plus, it's so easy to pull off cool style with these, have them in navy as well, it's a colour very on trend right now! I know I was wearing them in my last OOTD, but to be honest, it's such a great piece of clothes. I wear some basic oxford shoes. This is also a must-have, very versatile, cute and comfortable if you don't especially like to wear heels!

I have my brand new Eiffel For You nail polsih, and just the name, I mean, how can you not fell for that? It's a mauvy-taupy colour, so it suits most of colours pretty great, and oh I have a hair tie around my wirst, girls, this is so important to achieve this fabulous look, says no one ever!

About the blouse again, it's a three quarter sleeves with puffy shoulders. I think it's very cute so if you want something more settle, you can change the disco pants for a black pleated skirt, instead of the hat you can make a very cute low bun! Don't forget some black tighs and your versatile pair of oxford shoes!

I hope you liked my OOTD! Which items do you perfer? For me, I have to say, the hat is the winner! Tell me what you think about my Rookie OOTD and also what you would add up to my outfit to make it more complete! Don't forget to link your blog at the end of your comment! ;)
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