Saturday, May 30, 2015

My work out for loosing weight!

Hello everybody!

Today's post is not beauty or fashion related. It's about the training I do that helps me lose weight. We all have our little insecurities that we don't want to show off, well mine is my mid section. I don't like my mid section. As I tend to be on the short side, I have a short mid section. Everything went in my gangling arms and legs (at least!) but my midsection is something I'm working on hard. time.

It takes 3 weeks for your body and brain to create an habit. Well, you better start and make some new habits old because this one is pretty rad and effective.

You need a journal, diary, or a calendar. Every time I train I mark a dot on my training calendar. It helps me keep track and motivated. Don't forget to add a quote, mine is : "The only bad work out is the one you didn't do!" .. RUDE, but effective!

What do I do?
The RUN : I'm training for the half-marathon at the end of the summer. Which is 21KM or 13,04 Miles.  So I run 4 or 5 times a week and I keep track of everything I do. I started mollo with a 5K. Today I know I'll do a 8K or 10K if I feel brave enough. My goal is to do a 12K this week, so I train my body to do so by surpassing my limit. It helps extend your limit a little bit every time. At the beginning I used to run 5K in 30minutes, now I do 6.5K in 30 minutes, so it's really about consistency. If you don't want to run that long it's ok, as long as you keep doing it often. The consistency is the key. Remember that. 

The TONING : Now it's the cardio that helps the loosing but it's the toning that helps keep it in place, got it? You can lose weight without a little toning, that is not how it works. You need to lift something, and if you don't want to have muscles showing off, well you need to do the least. I want to work on my midsection, so after every run, I have my routine.  It takes 10 minutes. (But I take 20 because I'm slow!) So you need to focus on the area(s) you want to work on. I do legs and abs exercises. I work every side of my abs with different moves. I work my but, I do squad, and I work my tight gap so I do the frog exercise. But I don't want to muscle up my arms. I do the plank, it tone the arms because you're lifting yourself, but not enough to get the giant muscle thing going on... See, you need to tone up every part of yourself but you need to find the perfect fit for you! 

What you should know
After 3 months, you'll need to change your training a bit. Either you change it all, or you do more. Because your body and brain will kind of get bored, your training won't be as efficient as day one. And however, change is good. So, switch for longer distance or try to run faster. You need GOALS, and when you reach them, you can pass at the next level. Play with your schedule, it does help your brain and body to work harder. Sweat every thing away and keep the good. 

Also, you can find training on Youtube. There is a lot of sport Youtube channel, so do some research and start to write down everything. Build yourself a kick ass training thing and take a friend with you! Sometimes it more motivating to do something with a friend then doing it alone but trust me, after 3 weeks, you'll get obsess and you'll start enjoying it, because when you run you get the runner's high.

The Benefits
Not only will you lose weight, but you'll start the sleep better, you'll obviously want to eat better because you don't want all this sweating go to waste. It's like an gearing machine you need to start and warm up and then, it all come together and you'll love it. It keeps your mind clean, and the anxiety away. I'm really anxious and I used to do panic attacks, but running helps me get over it. You'll feel free, fresh, and most of it good in yourself. There's no cons in this, this is the best beauty trick I can give you!

If you want me to talk about my diet, I can do another post on How I lose weight! Let me know in a comment if you enjoyed this post! Please, please, train hard!

*I use Nike Running application. Track down the run you did and records ever step. Try it out, it's free!

Do you exercise?
What do you do to keep up?
Do you use Nike Running app?

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Outfit Of the Day 0.4 // Brooklyn Baby

Hello everybody!

I've been shopping a little bit for the summer season, and I thought,  why not pull up an outfit of the day so, you guys can see what's my summer vibe! This summer, it's all about the fringe, crochet, 70's patchwork from Brigitte Bardot to Jane Birkin inspired look! 

Baby Doll dress with paisley pattern and crochet border. I love this dress from Ardene, it's very floppy and comfortable. Stops right above the knee and I think it could suits any type of body. It's a very good fabric (viscose). It has spaghetti straps that are adjustable.

This Black Crochet vest suits the dress perfectly with its fringe and 70's look, it's a versatile piece I'll pull up with a lot of other pieces this summer. I love the shorter side of this vest as I've been looking for this kind, it was hard to find this length.

DeLux felt hat. I love floppy hat so much, this one is from DeLux, I think it's the perfect size for my head, as I have a very small head, it's easy to get swallow up by bigger hats. It has small cables around, plus black suits almost everything. I've been dying to get one in this colour!

Styling up with
Small bag with cross body strap and fringe
Moccasin shoes
DeLux felt hat

 Make up look
Fit Me Matte + Poreless liquid foundation (shade 110 porcelain) by Maybelline
Ready Set Gorgeous concealer (shade fair) by  Covergirl
Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder (shade  001 transparent) by Rimmel
Ecotools Kabuku brush 
Real Techniques expert face brush
Sunshimmer Maxi bronzer (shade 002 Sun Love) by Rimmel
Pure  Color 38 (shade Chocolate bliss in Matte) by Estée Lauder
Vintage illuminating face highlighter (shade Crystal Pink) by Jessica Liebskind
Cocoa Karma Essie nail polish
All in one Essie 3 way glaze

I also used the 
Le Crayon Khôl (shade black ebony) by Lancôme as eyeliner
Scandaleyes Retro glam (shade 003 extreme black) by Rimmel

What is your summer vibe?

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The sport trend look

 George at Asda
Hello everybody!            

Today I wanted to do a get the look of but I couldn't think of anyone, so I decided to create one myself. As a fashion student, I always have to look for the upcoming trends and it's not only trends that are wearable, I also have to look at all kinds of trends. For example, there has been this sporty trend that as hit us a year or so ago. Sports, fitness, healthy lifestyle are a trend and it can be shown in the fashion. And I must say, the clothes in the sport department has never this cuter! That is a trend I'm getting along with! 

Monki Kelly Denim Short because it's gonna be summer and you have to get them legs out! A+ for the vintage style.
Cropped Adidas tee because the colour is very nice and suits the vintage like of these Monki Kelly Short!
Nike Supremo limited edition running shoes are a master piece!

Dust Pink Adidas shoes are seriously so cute and summery, I can imagine myself doing some hard work out with these on!
Love Crop Top with Scallop edges is a very feminine touch to this sporty look.
Cigarette Trousers in crepe (one of my favourite fabric!) I love how this outfit mix the sport and the classic very well in a cute pink and white palette!

 What's your favourite style? How would you style your sporty look into an everyday fashionable wear?

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review 0.2 / Revlon Colorstay + Scandaleyes Retro Glam Rimmel mascara

 Hello everybody! I thought I could do a review since it's been awhile I haven't done one and I've been trying tons of new makeup. 

My basic makeup face consist of a cat eye and mascara. So, I'm really into trying out new eyeliner and mascara as I'm always looking for the perfect fit for myself. 

 Last week I bought the Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen in the shade 01 Blackest Black because I saw Tanya Burr doing a Emma Stone look. I thought it would be a perfect tool to get these flicks. I was right. The first time I used my pen, I did a cat eye I never though was possible. It was perfect, I thought I found the one.  The tip of the pen makes it easy to wings out the line. It's very precise, which I love for a very flicker-y cat eye look. I knew a product so nice would have a bad side. The con is a massive buzz kill. The pen runs out very fast. The second time I used it, it felt empty and it was hard to re-do the so-perfect line I did. It's as if the liquid was drying out in the pen. I couldn't manage to draw another perfect line. I needed to add so much layer but by the time I was doing so, it was dry and smudgy so I had to used another liquid eyeliner to cover the flaws of overlaying. I guess Tanya used it once for the Emma Stone look but wasn't aware of this fact yet.

However, I did love how easy it was to draw a cateye and it does last long. I was so obsessed with the first one I did, I wanted to go back there so badly! I did try to put the pen upside down when I wasn't using it, so the liquid could stay on the tip of the pen but it doesn't do miracle. All in all, I don't suggest you to purchase this pen because of this very reason. I'll keep looking for my perfect eyeliner.

 The second product I want to review is the Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara by Rimmel in the shade 003 Extreme Black. I love this mascara, it's one of my empty-repurchased product. You don't need to work too hard to get the nice curvy look, so the bottle last long. It adds volume and length to the lashes and I always get compliments when I wear this mascara. The curvy brush gives the shape à la Audrey Hepburn super curvy and you add your perfect cat eye and you're ready to go. It's a very nice drugstore product that I think is the cheapest version of the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit.

I do recommend this mascara. It does give you a super glamorous retro look and doesn't need a tons of layering to get this curvy lashes look.

 What is your favourite eyeliner and mascara?
Have you tried any of these products, did you like them?

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's in my bathroom?

Hello everyone! It's been quite awhile unh?!

I've been so busy with school (fyi: I'm a fashion student) and I had to work tons during last summer but, I change job and my schedule is really looking great! It gives me time for one of my favourite past time; blogging and reading! Can't wait to start reading everything you guys have been up to lately! I'm really excited about it to be honest! So let's dive into my post for today!

I've been loving some good jewls lately and I wanted to share them with you all!

If you have flat lifeless hair like mine, I highly suggest you to try the OBX Biotin & Collagen range. They made my hair look really nice in only one wash, I was amazed by it's magic! Plus, it smells so damn good, I'm always scenting my hair like a weirdo. I haven't had the chance to try out the rest of their products but I can only think highly of them right now! Looking forward to add some more in my bathroom! Bye bye flatness!!

Washing you body is always relaxing and deeply soothing. I use an exfoliating mitt and it really helps with dry skin. (because I do have really bad dry skin, you haven't seen my elbows, it's awful!) However, I also love a good moisturizing and smelling shower gel and I've fallen in love with the Happy Time Shower Cream by Nivea. You might have noticed how sold I am to this brand! But, in my defence, they do sell amazing and affordable products. The scent is perfect for the spring/summer time! It's definitely a must have in my shower! The smell, seriously, is to die for! I'm even more ecstatic now that I know they made a lotion for the body, BRB running to the drugstore!

Talking about dry skin... This is a very new product of Nivea. It's not a shower cream or anything like that... Actually, I'm a bit confuse on how to present you this product! It's a shower lotion, it helps your dry skin gets moisturize at such a level, your skin will feel like cashmere. I've been using this and it does wonder on my skin! I recommend it to be your last step in your shower. I usually put it on my body and cut the water and while I wait a bit for it to really sink into my skin, I use my OBX conditionner. I rince it all at once and I'm ready to jump out of my shower and get into a comfy pj's! Gotta love these little things right?!

This is more of a skincare routine than a what's in my bathroom type of items, but I do wash my face in the shower when I take one before going off to sleep. Lately, I've been going through a major skin crisis. I had a huge break out (thanks to final exams and so...) but these products from L'Oreal are really helping my skin tone to get a little bit of a glow. I use the scrub before I go to bed, it really takes all the impurities out of your face, feels great! I use the night cream and the day cream. I make sure that I avoid the eyes area because the skin around, mostly under your eyes, is so thin it might dry out. However, I do not recommend this range if you have sensitive skin type. It is moisturizing but it isn't the purpose of this product so it might make you look even worst. So, sensitive skin you gotta moderate yourself over these kind of products. But, at the end, I got over my break out and my skin is getting a naturel glow, thanks to whitening! (it does reduce acne scars and dark spots as well!)

Because I want my face to look at its best for summer, despite the crisis, I've been adding this mask on my routine. It really freshen up your whole face. Plus, I don't know why but I always go back to this product, it does wonders when in crisis. I had zits popping up like dandelions on a free land. I use it three or four times a week and the next thing I know, it's all going away. So, in combination to my L'Oreal products, it really break off the break out! It also reduce pores, mostly on my nose and my cheeks.

When I'm not taking a shower, I'm having a bath, and I cannot got without a good Bath & Body Works candle. Been loving the Mango Dragon Fruit in my room, in my bathroom, well... anywhere I could bring this candle with me! Fruity just like the spring and summer season!

So, I hope you've been enjoying tons of great products and those pampering time in your bathroom  God knows I'm a sucker for those, I do love a good homemade spa day! I wish you all the best xx

Please, let me know in a comment what you have been enjoying, I LOVE to shop new products and I usually go by what you guys recommend and put on your own blogs
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