Saturday, May 16, 2015

The sport trend look

 George at Asda
Hello everybody!            

Today I wanted to do a get the look of but I couldn't think of anyone, so I decided to create one myself. As a fashion student, I always have to look for the upcoming trends and it's not only trends that are wearable, I also have to look at all kinds of trends. For example, there has been this sporty trend that as hit us a year or so ago. Sports, fitness, healthy lifestyle are a trend and it can be shown in the fashion. And I must say, the clothes in the sport department has never this cuter! That is a trend I'm getting along with! 

Monki Kelly Denim Short because it's gonna be summer and you have to get them legs out! A+ for the vintage style.
Cropped Adidas tee because the colour is very nice and suits the vintage like of these Monki Kelly Short!
Nike Supremo limited edition running shoes are a master piece!

Dust Pink Adidas shoes are seriously so cute and summery, I can imagine myself doing some hard work out with these on!
Love Crop Top with Scallop edges is a very feminine touch to this sporty look.
Cigarette Trousers in crepe (one of my favourite fabric!) I love how this outfit mix the sport and the classic very well in a cute pink and white palette!

 What's your favourite style? How would you style your sporty look into an everyday fashionable wear?

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