Friday, February 14, 2014

Pastelize your life !


Happy Valentine's day everyone! I hope your enjoying this very special day with someone you love, boyfriend, friends, family... literally, this day is obviously not only for couples but to spread LOVE! 

Anyway, as I'm talking/writing, Valentine's day is already a matter of the past and what's next on our schedule should be.... EASTER! Which also mean the spring is almost there! YAY for the flowers and  the warm weather! But also, YAY for the nicest pastel colours I'm gonna talk about! Spring is all about, Notting Hill, Paris, La Durée!! I love Spring because of what it represents so let's see what's on my Easter Basket! :, )

1. Record Time Dress, in petal pink. Ok, so seriously guys, this dress has been in my wish list for so long! It's only 44$ and God knows how many time it went out of stock and I haven't grab it yet but I'm mentally sucker punching my face for being so dumb by not buying this dress right now. Anyways, let's just all agree that this dress cannot get any cuter! 

2. ASOS Crochet Lace Frill Socks. So, if you're planning to go doll-like, you should do it all the way. Isn't there anything more "dolly" than lace white socks? I personally don't think so. It's a win. 

3. Market Meandering Flat. Those are so cute. The colour is such a cute one. I choose them because they suits the look and the dress obviously but also because it would be easy to wear them with any other outfit. They would be cute with jeans as well, so, don't be shy and come to the pastel side of the world!

4. Spritz a Wonderful Life Bag. When I saw that bag, I literally had a heart attack. This is so CUTE! I think it's really innovative like, who would've thought that a lemon could be a bag right? I didn't think about that, I could've been the one though! The pink pastel recalls the pastel of the dress and the shoes and I think the yellow gives a little extra colour which I think was missing so, yellow and pink pastel are quite a good match!

1. Grand By Me Dress. This is a less doll-like look for those of you who don't feel comfortable rocking pastels that way. I found that dress on ModCloth and I was looking for a baby blue dress for so long, I never thought I would've find happiness by creating this post. Anyway, I got this very nice sleeveless pale denim coat with pale blue and pink flowers detailing on a white font on the upper back of the vest and I never had the chance to wear it because I have nothing to wear it with... well well well who's gonna be happy to get out of the wardrobe? ;) Yes, I just put that dress on my wish list! 

2. To The Drive-In Vest. Since I told you about my denim jacket, I couldn't help but recreate this mental image I have since I got this coat! But, I think it's a must-have in your wardrobe because it can be cute layered on a lot of dresses and so!

3.Almond Bark Flat. I'm such a sucker for Oxfords. If you haven't noticed, they're like on every single outfits I'm creating. This is me having a love affair with shoes. Truth is, they're just so timeless and a perfect everyday wear!

4. Sock Hop Sweetie Hair Tie in Coral. There's nothing wrong with adding a bit of pink in this outfit! Curl your hair façon sixties and wrap your vintage ponytail with this adorable polka dot hair tie! 

There's not only one way to add pastels in our life. This might sound like too much, crazy pastel girl or something like  a cat lady but with the pastel... a pastel lady. But, I take my pastels very seriously! Especially during the spring time and Easter! 

Pastlelize your nails with Essie! You can find any Essie nail polish in Target, WalMart and some Drugstores! 
1. Mint Candy Apple.
2. Bikini So Teeny.
3. A Crewed Interrest.
4. Go Ginza
5. Blanc

Bath & Body Works sells the nicest candles in jar for two reasons 1) it's like supper dubber cute in mason jar and 2) it's so cheap, because when you think real quick... do you wanna spend 30$ on a Yankee candle? Not that I'd never buy one, but like. It's the fast food of candles and who doesn't like quality fast food? 

1.Raspberry Peach Macaron.  (One of my all time favourite!)
2. Watermelon Lemonade.
3. Frosted Cupcake. (Smell extremely sweet!)
4. Lemon Drops. (Fresh & sweet, perfect for the spring!)

So, I hope you'll be ready for this upcoming pastel season! Don't forget to grab some macarons! ;)

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