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For the Fall Season; Get the look of... TAYLOR SWIFT!

Hello everybody!

I've been ask in the Leibster Award my fashion icon, despite the fact that I admire a lot of people either by their fashion sense or by their accomplishments, I think one of the biggest influence I have is Taylor Swift. I love her preppy good girl style and I think you too, right? I wasn't into her until very recently to be honest, but I now have a crush on her musics and her wardrobe. So, let's see where she shops! I made some research and I've found some pretty cool things!

Taylor Swift wears a burgundy pleat skater skirt with a grey peter pan collar shirt. She seems to wear some classic Ray-Ban. She carries a leather messenger bag and she wears some light brown cut holes oxford shoes with a flowers pattern.

Here I found a pleat skater skirt from Boohoo for 12$.                                                                                                                                                                                            

Some classy Ray-Ban, 200$.
If you know me, you know how much I like my collars, and Taylor and I seem to share this adoration! I found that J. Crew grey peter pan shirt here, it's out of stuck, but I believe they restock it when they have too many asks!

I believe her bag is a real leather one, but I found a faux leather messenger bag from TopShop at 28£!

To fit it all, I found some oxford shoes from Aldo, 50$, I know they are not the same although I'm sure Primark sell some almost exactly the same, but they don't have any online store! -Which I think it's sad! 

Taylor Swift wears some woven oxford shoes, camel colored ankle jeans, a stripped three quarter sleeves and a bowler bag. I believe she also wears her Ray-Ban from the same picture above! So, I won't put the sunglasses here.

It's easy to find striped shirts, it's kind of a trend right now. I don't know when that picture was taken, but I did manage to find something! I know the lines are a bit bigger than what she wears but hey! It's a Mango three quarter sleeves striped shirt from Asos, 28,53$

I really had a crush for her camel colored jeans. I didn't find the same pair of jeans, but I did found some corduroy camel colored skinny. I think that color is very fall season, I love it. Found these at Scoop Nyc for 109$

I love oxford shoes and I love woven oxfords, they're so cute and vintage. I manage to found some very cute at ModCloth, Peach Picking flat, 34,99$ !

I'm not a fan of bowler bags, but I do think that the one I found on Asos is very cute and maybe it has made me change my mind about these kind of bags. Or maybe it's just because Taylor Swift has one? Anyway, found that bowler bag from Asos at 53,50$.

Finally, the last looks I want to work on is that one. Here Swift is wearing a red wine beanie with a black and white polka dot shirt and we don't forget the lovely peter pan collar! She seems to wear brown corduroy pants with some black leather oxford. She wears a blue kind of over sized fall coat and to finish the looks, a leather messenger bag!

I don't know if it's the exact beanie, but I found on Asos that burgundy cable boyfriend beanie and I think it's a match! I'm not a big fan of beanies but again, Taylor rocks it and I feel like I need one myself now. 17,83$ on Asos!

Modcloth is my holy ground when it comes to deal with some polka dot! I love polka dot like crazy, so let's see, polka dot shirt with a peter pan collar, wow, I'm in heaven, even more now that I found, I believe, something very similar to the one Taylor is wearing here. The Stop and say high seas top from Modcloth, 29,99$ !

For the pants, I'm pretty sure it's some soft jeans or jegging. They look a bit bright because of the sun I guess, so I found what I though looks the most alike. It wasn't an easy task to do! I finally found some brown-taupe jegging on Debenhams for 25,60£!

I went on Zara for the coat because I knew they had lots of nice coats and I could use one for that outfit! I found that cross coat in navy blue at Zara for 99,90$ *Notice the cute collar! ;)

It's hard to tell if Taylor wears some plain black oxford shoes or some little lace up bootie. Either way, I think I found something very similar, it took me some time but I found! Since I'm not sure if they're some bootie, I chose some ankle boots, lace up, black, a bit of texture because we can see hers has some, and the laces holes are standing out a bit, so, here's some Denholm ankle boots from Aldo, 120,00$

At last, Taylor carries a messenger bag, hers seems vintage. I found one on Aldo, a messenger bag very versatile and I think the color looks a lot alike, and I love the fact that it has a lots of room with a lots of pockets! Found the Wisecarver bag on Aldo, 50$.

I think I'll start doing a 'Get the look of...' series articles, I think it's fun to do and I also think it's fun to buy stuff that looks like my favorite fashion icons. So, let me know if you think it's a great idea! Let me know which of your fashion icons you'd like me to write about!

What's your favorite Taylor Swift looks? What is your favorite piece of clothe on that article?
Leena Liddell xx

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