Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Outfit Of The Day 0.2 | Very Burgundy

        Hello dear readers!

I was watching some fall outfits videos today and it gives me inspiration to do mine and create this OOTD article! I love OOTD, I love to look at them it gives me so much inspiration, one thing can make me think of hundreds and hundreds of outfits! Here I am today with my Very Burgundy outfit of the day!

Here, I wear my soft wool hat I bought at H&M last year, I believe it was around the same time of the year. I can't remember. Anyway, I love the cord around it, it gives more texture to this plain burgundy hat, also you can't see it, but it has two gold leaves hanging on the cord. I love that hat! Here find something similar from Asos!  

It may be too warm yet to wear a thick scarf but I can't wait to rock that outfit with my infinite red wine scarf. I also got that scarf last year, I think it's from Zara. Found a circle scarf from Asos here! -I know, I know, I'm over using Asos online store!

I got these shoes for so long, this is the reason it looks so worn out. I got them from Value Village, I never thought I would find some nice woven oxford shoes! I love the fact that they are not black, they're a dark green. It adds some colour to the red wine marathon! Find some green woven shoes here, from ShoeBuy!

I have here a vintage envelope bag. My mom gave it two me some months ago when I was looking for some vintage treasures. I think she got it around the late 80's maybe 90's. It's not a huge bag but it has enough room for a cosmetic bag, a wallet and maybe two or three little things. The bag is a dark brown with some burgundy reflect, and it has a gold line upon the opening, which I think it suits the little gold leaves on my hat. Like my envelope bag? Found one here on Asos! 

Always wanted to own a pair of disco pants, I got them this month, they are very comfortable and I chose the colour black because I didn't wanted to get a tons of them that day, but I wanted to have a pair I could mix and match with a lot of outfit! I got mine from Urban Planet, can't find it anymore, but here's some disco pants from Asos
I wear a high low over sized sheer blouse in burgundy. I like to tuck it in my disco pants, but you know to be careful to not create a mass in your pants. My blouse is sheer so I wear a black tee underneath. I got that blouse from Simons, you can find one similar here on Tyllis! 

Thanks so much for reading me, I love chatting with all of you guys, don't be shy, come say hello, I won't bite! I love making cyber friends and I love to follow new blogs! Thanks again for reading and tell me if you like my fall season OOTD Very Burgundy
See you very soon!

Watch my OOTD fall season video! 

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