Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lonely, rainy day or how to embrace it.

Hello everybody!

Today, I was wandering in my town a bit. It was raining, and the smell of every earthworms grossed me out a lot. The steamy weather made my hair weird, the fog around the buildings was a bit scary as you can't see the summit of the towers and above all, my wet feet. It wasn't a bad day, it wasn't a good either. I was tired, I though I broke my phone so I couldn't put an alarm, I ended up asking my mom to call at 9 o'clock, she was my alarm. My puppy smells the wet dirty dog and  I hugged her forgetting about it and now I am smelling weird. I went back home to eat, my mom took what I wanted to eat and the fridge is empty. 

It can seems like a shitty day to you, but it isn't that bad, it's only that bad if you make it sounds awful. It's the way you see things that makes it more of a big deal that it usually is. Just think about it one sec when you think you're having a shitty day.  

Today, I was wandering in my town a bit. It was raining, so I could carry my umbrella I got from London, I love it. It smells the fallen leaves, awesome. The steamy weather makes me drop out on my duffel coat, yay for the cute dress! The fog, it's absolutely amazing, I can't see the summit of towers, can't they see me from up there? It would make a beautiful photo. I have wet feet, I should buy some cute rain boots to match my umbrella. It's not that bad after all. I'm tired, reading a book in a cafe will not be so bad today! My coffee is good and I'm well dressed in a café with cute baristas. Just my luck! I'm happy to discover I didn't broke my phone, actually, the plug is broken. I had the chance to chit-chat with my dear mom because of that. My puppy didn't poop in the house, that's great, I'd rather smell weird and put a bit of Febreze than cleaning a mess. I'm back home with another cup of coffee I wanted to eat something but I'm too into this article. 

I enjoyed my day, despite every little things, I could find the silver linings because I think you have to be positive to make positive choices or perspectives. Being always upset for little things won't make a change. Because I'm mad my feet are wet is not gonna change the fact that it's raining today, you just have to carry your umbrella! So here's what I love about these upcoming shitty, lonely, rainy days! 

Something blue, Emily Giffin 
Read a book.
Thinking things through.
Time alone.

Carrying my umbrella.
Taking care of Daisy.

Dress/Forever21, Cardigan/Tommy Hilfiger
Taking care of myself.
Wandering in my town.

London fog tea.
Drinking tea or coffee

See you very soon ;)
Leena Liddell XX
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