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2013 HIGHLIGHTS plus Hello 2014!


Sorry, I've been wanting to publish a post for the 2013 to 2014 but it did not happened, I got stuck on the blank page virus. Anyways, happy new year everyone, at last! I really hope you'll make the best of this upcoming exciting year! Tell me what's your plan, resolutions, what you've accomplished on 2013 and what you can re-do on 2014! I'd like to know!

As for myself here's my 2013 highlights of the year !

I had the chance to meet and party with one of my favourite band MGMT, so I did meet one of my favourite peoples; Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser. It was a night I will always remember, I mean, it's not everyday you get to hang out with some band you actually like, right? So, it was pretty rad!  

I also been saving money to go on an oversea trip to the great Europe! I've been dreaming of this trip since I... actually, cannot remember. Since I know where Paris and London are on the map I guess. So I flew first to Paris with my bff. It is the most beautiful city in the world, at least, the bit I've seen of it yet. I can't remember seeing something and to think of it in a bad way, everything was amazing and breath taking. People, accent, buildings, streets, architecture is just stunning. Definitely a must see if you're into architectures and just, you got to see it. I can't remember a night I wasn't drinking wine, it's ridiculously cheap and everyone is pic-nicing, lovely city, can't wait to go back, I made so much friends and it was a dream came true!

My next stop after Paris was London. Also one of those cities I always wanted to see. I loved it here, the food, the people the accent was as amazing as Paris. I loved every little neighbourhoods I've visited, Oxford Street, Soho, Carnaby Street, everything was lovely there, but the price tag ;) Anyways, it was amazing and I did an afternoon tea and I got sick because I ate too much but it was worth it, falafels, Notting Hill, it was seriously one of those summer I'll always cherish. Europe is seriously a very great continent, can't wait to see the rest of it!

I'm all about the 'New Year, New Me!' thing. I love a good start and what a better way to do so on a new year? So, here's some resolutions I'll try to keep up or succeed on this new year. Some are pretty much cliché but I feel 2014 like it's going to be as amazing as 2013 was, if not more!

  • Sleep during the night, work harder! 
I'm sorry but I'm such a sucker for series or anything unimportant when the clock tic pass twelve. I'm always, no joking, always watching a new series. I finished Lost during my holiday... there's 6 seasons, I had a month free... I can't count the nights I didn't sleep and watch TV instead of having a good night sleep and actually SEE the sunshine. So, I have to stop doing that and limit myself, so the pleasure last longer. I also need to work harder on my homework, I just got in my Fashion Design class so, it won't be easy. I want to be good which means, if I ever have to not sleep during a night it would have to be because I'm working on something school related.
  • Eat better.
So, I'm a vegetarian so I'm not so bad on myself about the food but I do have these bad habits. I like to eat cookies, pizza, cheetos, chocolate, like it's the end of the world. I need to concentrate on what's good and I need to take care of my vege-diet. So, I'll add superfoods on my diet as well as cutting these bad guys. Sorry cheetos... I'm not fat but I also need to stop eating any lactose food related because I'm lactose intolerant and what a good pizza extra cheese? Yes, I wanna eat and be sick! So, I need to break up with this nasty love affair between lactose and me. See ya never sweet cheese. I shall do my own lunch from now on, I eat way too much take out... Who doesn't? 
  • Travel.
I wish to go back to New-York, I live not too far but you can't go on a trip to new-york with an empty wallet. I mean, this is physically impossible, at least for me. I don't see the point in going to New York with 50 bucks in my account and 12 cents in my saving account... Anyways, I'm planning on going back to New-York maybe on the Easter Weekend and once in the summer but I also want to go on a trip to Los Angeles. So, I'll need to save up for these trips. I'm traveling a lot since the past 2 - 3 years so not doing anything this summer will be quite a bummer for my 2014 if I don't get my shit together and my shit I mean stop putting money where it doesn't belong. (extra clothes and restaurants!) 

  • Cut the crap!
I also have this love-hate relationship with my part-time job. I feel like I could be more happy somewhere else but then... I don't know if it's because my bosses are total jerk with their employees or I'm just being sick of it? Anyways, I do need a job that pays more, it will help on my travel resolution! Cut the crap also means that I need to think about what I want and stop wandering here and there, thinking about other's people's life and I need to focus on mine. I also need to work harder on my blog!

I'm pretty done. Not too much differences than those cliché that implies food, travel and positivity... Anyways, I do hope I'll at least try my best to make the best of 2014!

What's your 2013 highlights?
What's your 2014 resolutions & goals?

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