Sunday, September 1, 2013

A taste of Paris !

Howdy everybody!

As you may or may not know, I had the joy to travel a bit this summer. I went in 2 countries I always wanted to go. I can remember myself rebloging pictures of Paris and London on Tumblr. I've been dreaming of it since forever. I treated myself and I flew away for almost a month. It was, by far, my favorite trip ever, ever!

Tour Eiffel, Place du Trocadéro, Paris

This is the first place I went once I got there. La place du Trocadéro is where you can see the Eiffel Tower the most closely. You can go under and behind it there's Le Champs De Mars. It is breathtaking to be where you always dreamed to go. To tell yourself  'I'm so far away from home, oversea!' You feel in peace and this is a sentiment I would pay to have again. The thrill to be that far, alone. It's indescripable. 

         La Seine, Paris.

This is by far, the best shot I have. It is so perfect. When I gaze at this picture, I have the blues and I want to go back. Go back where I was in peace with myself, where everything was clear in my head and where there's a lot of wines and breads. Because, yes, I was drinking wine like a AA and I don't care because it was perfect every time I sat down on La Seine and ate my bread, drink my wine. It was delicious. Nothing to be crazy about in real but just to be there and do that, I wanted to pinch myself. Is it real? Yes, I did that trip and yes, I want to go back as soon as possible because it was THAT magical.


I had high expectations about Paris. I had cliché in mind as well. I though everyone would be dressed like super models, well actually girls wasn't that well dressed and pretty but, in the other side, boys was  absolutely gorgeous and well dressed. I was first shocked. I though Paris was a fashion capital. I though I would be amazed by their citizens. I wasn't impressed at all. 

But, I was impressed when I went in parts of the city where no tourists usually go. Having lots of time, I wasn't there for a week, I've been there long enough to see a lot of stuff I wouldn't see on a typical tourist journay. I saw places that should be seen by the real lovers of Paris. I mean, yes the Eiffel Tower was more than impressive and the Arc of Triomphe as well, but damn it I was there to see the architecture, make friends and live the parisian's life style. And I did. I did it well. I went in little bars on the happy hour, the place to make friends with parisians. I did thousands and thousands of picics. There was no tourists there. I went in districts I loved more than the center of the city.

Le Marais was one of them. It's full of young poeple, nice people! I met people there, they were all super great. They have a lot of thrift stores there, parcs and little stores and bars. Places to be one of them. 

I don't want to write a novel about my trip there, I mean, if you want me to write an article about places I've been and worth the trip, I will! But other wise, I just wanted to let you know that Paris IS one of the most beautiful city in the world.

You think there's only few streets that are cute and paved in old gothic style when in fact half of the city is breath taking. The architecture is absolutely devastating. Something so beautiful, I mean do they know they live in this? It's like, do you know you're THAT beautiful or you're so used to it you forget you're making everyone clumsy after a simple gaze? That was the effect I had when I was wandering in the streets of Paris.

Paris is extremly luxury. It's so expensive to live in the center of the city. The cost of the life is high and I know you have to be damn lucky to own a cheap appartment there. I heard you can't have an appartement for one or a couple under 800€ wish is almost 1 000$.

I was always ready to face a day there. I thought I could live like this forever. I was happy to wake do my hair, my makeup then find something very cute to wear. 
In these photos, I was wearing a floral dress from Forever21, a tote bag from Globo, a pair of ankle ballerina shoes from Urban Planet and a little baby blue ribbon in my hair.
Every places was built on the lenght, very long and large staircase, high and lenght windows. Very excentric and gothic. I wish my house was built like an european one.

Musée du Louvre, Paris.
Of course, I went to Le Louvre museum. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it but I have to say, you have to plan your whole day, because you can't just go there for 30 minutes. There's so many poeple, so many things to see! It would've take me the whole week to visit Le Louvre. I must say, you have to visit it and you have to see the castle part. It is absolutely amazing! To see where Kings and Queens was living, to see how they were surrounded! It's shattering to see how rich it is, how rich they were! I was more impressed by the architecture there in the castle than what they was showing in every room.

I hope if you were looking for a place to travel, I convince you to go in Paris! I highly suggest you to visit Paris. It worth every cents I spent. I'm broke as hell, but I wouldn't go back to my choice. It was worth it! And I also recommend you to go as long as you can. If you go there a week, it won't be enough. I didn't had the time to see Versaille, which I am sad about, but I saw so many things. It will be easier to know what else I got to see when I'll go back!

And If you can purchase a travel guide, it's worth it because they usally put places you wouldn't think about, or even knew about and I had a guide. I got lost many times but I had a guide and I discovered places I didn't know exist without it! 

I also been in London, I'll post A Taste Of London article soon :)

Leena xx 

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