Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review 0.2 / Revlon Colorstay + Scandaleyes Retro Glam Rimmel mascara

 Hello everybody! I thought I could do a review since it's been awhile I haven't done one and I've been trying tons of new makeup. 

My basic makeup face consist of a cat eye and mascara. So, I'm really into trying out new eyeliner and mascara as I'm always looking for the perfect fit for myself. 

 Last week I bought the Revlon Colorstay liquid eye pen in the shade 01 Blackest Black because I saw Tanya Burr doing a Emma Stone look. I thought it would be a perfect tool to get these flicks. I was right. The first time I used my pen, I did a cat eye I never though was possible. It was perfect, I thought I found the one.  The tip of the pen makes it easy to wings out the line. It's very precise, which I love for a very flicker-y cat eye look. I knew a product so nice would have a bad side. The con is a massive buzz kill. The pen runs out very fast. The second time I used it, it felt empty and it was hard to re-do the so-perfect line I did. It's as if the liquid was drying out in the pen. I couldn't manage to draw another perfect line. I needed to add so much layer but by the time I was doing so, it was dry and smudgy so I had to used another liquid eyeliner to cover the flaws of overlaying. I guess Tanya used it once for the Emma Stone look but wasn't aware of this fact yet.

However, I did love how easy it was to draw a cateye and it does last long. I was so obsessed with the first one I did, I wanted to go back there so badly! I did try to put the pen upside down when I wasn't using it, so the liquid could stay on the tip of the pen but it doesn't do miracle. All in all, I don't suggest you to purchase this pen because of this very reason. I'll keep looking for my perfect eyeliner.

 The second product I want to review is the Scandaleyes Retro Glam mascara by Rimmel in the shade 003 Extreme Black. I love this mascara, it's one of my empty-repurchased product. You don't need to work too hard to get the nice curvy look, so the bottle last long. It adds volume and length to the lashes and I always get compliments when I wear this mascara. The curvy brush gives the shape à la Audrey Hepburn super curvy and you add your perfect cat eye and you're ready to go. It's a very nice drugstore product that I think is the cheapest version of the Roller Lash mascara by Benefit.

I do recommend this mascara. It does give you a super glamorous retro look and doesn't need a tons of layering to get this curvy lashes look.

 What is your favourite eyeliner and mascara?
Have you tried any of these products, did you like them?

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