Sunday, May 10, 2015

What's in my bathroom?

Hello everyone! It's been quite awhile unh?!

I've been so busy with school (fyi: I'm a fashion student) and I had to work tons during last summer but, I change job and my schedule is really looking great! It gives me time for one of my favourite past time; blogging and reading! Can't wait to start reading everything you guys have been up to lately! I'm really excited about it to be honest! So let's dive into my post for today!

I've been loving some good jewls lately and I wanted to share them with you all!

If you have flat lifeless hair like mine, I highly suggest you to try the OBX Biotin & Collagen range. They made my hair look really nice in only one wash, I was amazed by it's magic! Plus, it smells so damn good, I'm always scenting my hair like a weirdo. I haven't had the chance to try out the rest of their products but I can only think highly of them right now! Looking forward to add some more in my bathroom! Bye bye flatness!!

Washing you body is always relaxing and deeply soothing. I use an exfoliating mitt and it really helps with dry skin. (because I do have really bad dry skin, you haven't seen my elbows, it's awful!) However, I also love a good moisturizing and smelling shower gel and I've fallen in love with the Happy Time Shower Cream by Nivea. You might have noticed how sold I am to this brand! But, in my defence, they do sell amazing and affordable products. The scent is perfect for the spring/summer time! It's definitely a must have in my shower! The smell, seriously, is to die for! I'm even more ecstatic now that I know they made a lotion for the body, BRB running to the drugstore!

Talking about dry skin... This is a very new product of Nivea. It's not a shower cream or anything like that... Actually, I'm a bit confuse on how to present you this product! It's a shower lotion, it helps your dry skin gets moisturize at such a level, your skin will feel like cashmere. I've been using this and it does wonder on my skin! I recommend it to be your last step in your shower. I usually put it on my body and cut the water and while I wait a bit for it to really sink into my skin, I use my OBX conditionner. I rince it all at once and I'm ready to jump out of my shower and get into a comfy pj's! Gotta love these little things right?!

This is more of a skincare routine than a what's in my bathroom type of items, but I do wash my face in the shower when I take one before going off to sleep. Lately, I've been going through a major skin crisis. I had a huge break out (thanks to final exams and so...) but these products from L'Oreal are really helping my skin tone to get a little bit of a glow. I use the scrub before I go to bed, it really takes all the impurities out of your face, feels great! I use the night cream and the day cream. I make sure that I avoid the eyes area because the skin around, mostly under your eyes, is so thin it might dry out. However, I do not recommend this range if you have sensitive skin type. It is moisturizing but it isn't the purpose of this product so it might make you look even worst. So, sensitive skin you gotta moderate yourself over these kind of products. But, at the end, I got over my break out and my skin is getting a naturel glow, thanks to whitening! (it does reduce acne scars and dark spots as well!)

Because I want my face to look at its best for summer, despite the crisis, I've been adding this mask on my routine. It really freshen up your whole face. Plus, I don't know why but I always go back to this product, it does wonders when in crisis. I had zits popping up like dandelions on a free land. I use it three or four times a week and the next thing I know, it's all going away. So, in combination to my L'Oreal products, it really break off the break out! It also reduce pores, mostly on my nose and my cheeks.

When I'm not taking a shower, I'm having a bath, and I cannot got without a good Bath & Body Works candle. Been loving the Mango Dragon Fruit in my room, in my bathroom, well... anywhere I could bring this candle with me! Fruity just like the spring and summer season!

So, I hope you've been enjoying tons of great products and those pampering time in your bathroom  God knows I'm a sucker for those, I do love a good homemade spa day! I wish you all the best xx

Please, let me know in a comment what you have been enjoying, I LOVE to shop new products and I usually go by what you guys recommend and put on your own blogs
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