Monday, October 7, 2013

Review 0.1 / Gel Stick Foundation

Hello everybody!

There's a new series of post I want to start, you can tell by the name, I wanna review products on a regular basis. I want to give a more deep and clear point of view about some products in particular. 

The reason why I change my foundation is because I was using On The Spot foundation by Seventeen. It gave me a big break out. The worst I never had. I had a weird reaction all along the right side of my chin and to be honest I never struggle with spots problems so it is all new to me.

Worst foundation ever has to be the On The Spot by Seventeen to me but I'm not here to talk about that one, I'm here because I was in the Target choosing my new foundation. I was about to go for my holy ground Fit Me 110 but when I saw the stick foundation, I was surprised and I couldn't resist and buy one in shade 110.
The packaging looks familiar to the whole Fit Me series and God knows how I love this branch of Maybelline. At first glance, you can be a bit sceptical and you kind of don't want to get your hopes high because it's such a weird product.

The gel stick is about one inch or so. You might think it will not last any longer than the Fit Me liquid foundation but happily surprised, it doesn't take much on your face. So I've been using this foundation for a week and I'm still on the very beginning of the stick. I use this foundation everyday. So, for this one worry, I know it will last long enough or even longer than my usual liquid foundation. 

As for the product itself, it works brilliantly! It looks like a mega lipstick, you apply lines on your face. I draw a line on my forehead, from the top of my cheeks to my chin, all along of my chin, around my nose and on my nose bridge.  Five strips on my face is enough. After that I usually always take the tips of my fingers to blend it all but you can easily blend it with a foundation brush as well. 

About the product, it says it's shine free so it has a matte finish. It's creamy and dusty at the same time. I guess the dusty part is what makes the matte finish, the dot in the center of the stick. If you have oily skin, it works very well. I have combination skin and it does dry out a bit on my chin and my cheeks, but it works perfectly on my T area. I recently had issues with this area as well so I'm very happy about that.

Also, it stays a lot longer than any other foundation I have try in my life. It's basically the best I tried so far. You can add a pressed powder to make sure it stays on all day long, if you have dry skin I don't especially suggest you add a powder over all, it might dry out your skin even worst. But for oily skin, I can't lie but say you'll be in heaven. 

All in all, it is something I'll repurchased, they have 12 shades so you'll be well served. It's the same price as the liquid foundation and the packaging is also very useful, small, compact, you can carry it in your bag, it doesn't take a lot of room so if you're rocking a small bag, well, this is a very fun foundation to carry on the go! It's an October favourite for sure. Highly recommended!

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