Sunday, October 27, 2013

Indie please.

Apart of being a makeup and clothes addict, I'm also very good at interior design. Well, in my opinion. If you're reading my blog for a while, you might know that I done my Shabby Room; a post I did several weeks ago. Today, I decided to do my Indie Room. it's gonna be a living room.

I still live in my parent's house and I can't wait to move out and do my thang! But honestly, life is more complicated and here I am, in my old bedroom dreaming of my dream apartment. However, I'm a sucker for all interior design when I shop at Target, Walmart, Ikea, whatever stores as a furnitures and home decor hallways, don't look for me, I'll be there, mentally organizing my apartment. 

Let's get on with the inspiration, shall we ;)

Here's a list of everything I love to find in a living room, a place where your personal touch should be all over the place, where guests spend most of their time in, where your personality is exposed. This is why I love the living room, it can tells a lot about a person!

Bookshelf filled of books, wallpaper, photo frames, colourful sofa, banners, lights, green, orange, blue, navy, mint, mustard, old furnitures, origami, fresco, frames, things on the wall, mirrors, service tea set, more books,  flowers...

I love the colour of this love-seat sofa. It's a small sofa so it's perfect for alone people in apartment. It doesn't take a lot of room and doesn't fill the room like a giant piece of rock. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but it suits my indie mind pretty great! Find this yellow love-seat sofa for 329$!

And what is a sofa without pretty cushions? I love mismatched style, and indie is very great for that! So I'll put a bit of green and blue with the pretty orange! One of each! The patterned one is 12,99$ and the plain green one is 4,99$ both from Ikea!

I believe coffee tables are underrated! It is a very important piece in a living room! Where do you put your coffee on? Your books or magazines? Candles? Do I need to go on? Here's a pretty classic coffee table in wood from Ikea, 149$. I love the minimalist style but like I said, indie is all about showing off your person through objects! I'm a massive magazines eater, my favourite; Vogue, so I'll put a pile of Vogue under this table. Talking about Vogue, subscribe to Vogue for £19,99 receive 10 issues plus a free Perricone MD no. Concealer ;)

I'm also a sucker for candles and fake plants and all these weird objects you don't really need but love to look at. I'm a plant killer, I don't have a green thumb so I'm all about fake plants. This little two Masson jars with cute flowers are pretty and totally in sync with the colours and style I'm working with. Isn't these glass jars on trend anyway? Find these on Home Decorators for 26,25$! I'm also in love with candles, especially those from Bath & Body Works, they always sell the best scents! Light these babies up, it smells ridiculously good in a trice! These candles in a jar are perfect for my indie living room, so two candles should be enough to fill the room with a magic scent! Find the orange Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin &  white Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candles for 12,50$ each at Bath & Body Works!

Beside, where do you put all of these on the coffee table? In a tray, of course! I found one very pretty but quite expensive, the Gardener's Tray from Home Decorators for 51,18$! ouch! 

When it comes to lights, I think floor lamps are the best, the one I found is from Ikea and the lamp shade is very 70's, so I think it suits my inner indie very well, plus this isn't an expensive light, only 59,99$ on Ikea. When I saw that rug on Ikea, I literally fell in love with the pattern and the colour, these two combined make the whole a very cool 70's inspired rug, just like the lamp, here you did great Ikea! This rug is 199$!

Bookshelf is the most important thing to me. I want two of these aside, fill with books! Am I the only one to think that a bookshelf has a lot of personality. I'm on the nerd side, I love books, old and new ones. You can see mine fills with books and movies...and shoes on the last shelf ;) This one's pretty basic, it's from Ikea, cheap and cute, 39,99$! I'd die to have a book room, just, how freaking amazing it is?!

I don't watch a lot of T actually, I do but I'm pretty much a pirate, looking all these exciting movies and series through the ocean of the web! We all know, Tv is expensive, I mean channels and stuff, so, I'll just have one to... in case, we never know. Anyway, here's a little square to put a quite Tv and a Tv/DVD combo, 19,99$ and 218$, Ikea and Walmart, pretty simple and cheap huh?! And for the curtain I'd chose chose some white curtains, I've already put a tons of colours every wear! Ikea sells some very cool whity-creamy curtains! 14,99$

So, the rest of the stuff isn't very usual to shop in Walmart, Target, Ikea or whatever home decoration stores. So, I'll just put the images and maybe some DIYs just in case you're interested into these kind of indie decorations!

Pennant banners are the main source of this idea. The first time I saw these hanging in a living room, I don't why I was impressed! Who though bringing the carnal to home was a great idea is a genius! I think it makes the room happy, colourful, cute! You can put a banner upon your sofa, your window, all round your room if you want to! If you think Pennant banners are pretty and want to make some, here's a DIY from The Thrifty Abode!

What's a 70's living room without the Polaroid photos?! I love Polaroid a bunch and most of all what it can create, one shot, what's today's is more of a, take hundred shots and wait for the good one. Polaroid gives us no choice, this is the one! You can either hang them here and there with a tread and some cool clips or stick them on the wall and create a pretty heart shaped mosaic!

So, that's pretty much it for my indie inspiration room! ;) Tell me what's your favourite item from this article, do you like indie style, if not what's your thing?! 

Thanks for all your comments, I read them all and I'm also glad to read your blog! I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it a lot! xx
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