Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winter Essentials

Hello everybody!

So, I don't know about you but I live on the East Coast of Canada so, it's getting pretty cold already. The weather is dropping while Christmas trees are getting all glam up already! I'm not lying, I was a the mall today and BAM the big Christmas tree, Christmas balls, Christmas crowns... Do I need to go on? Seems like it was a month ago I was dress up as an hippie to celebrate Halloween. Anyway, just so you know holidays are coming and faster than you think. ;) 

The next few posts will be Winter/Christmas related. The first thing I want to talk about is some winter essentials, to start the cold weather on the right foot here's some stuff you might like. I'll talk about presents on the next post, maybe, so let's keep moving on!

It's not a secret that winter does no gift to our skin. The cold dries out our skin, so it's very important to take good care of it. Your lips are no exception, unfortunately, if you're like most people they might crack, even bleed. To make it easy for your lips, you have to carry a very good lip balm. Some will prevent to get all sore with a moisturizing effect, some will help repair the damages so it's important to get the right one for your condition. The best is to find one that does both! I hear great things about the EOS and Burt's Bee products, so don't forget to check these out next time you're in a Target!

There's not just your lips to take good care of, hands are also prone to get extremely dry. If you naturally have dry skin, you might want to carry a very moisturizing hand cream. I personally struggle with cracked knuckle, they get so dry, it's like having sand paper for skin. Also, you face will be 'facing' the cold wind, so it will also get pretty dry. You should have a great oily lotion to put on your face, I heard it's preferable to put aside all Shea butter products for the cold months. I use Nivea Q10 lotion for my face and I cary the Lancôme hand cream in my bag, they both work perfectly! Both of them sink in very fast!

You also need to take care of your inside health. Not catching a cold is quite a win during the cold days. For that you need some good & cute items! First of all, we all know that our body warmth goes out by the very top of our head. - maybe it's a myth, I'm not sure - . Anyway, you just don't want to catch a cold because you did not put a hat on your head. If you live somewhere where the temperature isn't that low, -hello California! - well, a simple stylish turban might do the job. For myself I only have spring and autumn to rock the turban, when the winter begins, I need to wear a full head hat. Also, you might want to cover your hands, cute mitts is so easy to find. Don't forget to protect your neck by adding a big scarf. Knit scarves will always be timeless but I can see fur scarves are coming in force for the winter, I always thought that fur is something class, glamour and jet-set, so you will see me rocking some faux fur scarf for the winter season! Everything shown is from ASOS.

You're slowly level up the thermostat, you can lo longer leave the patio door open! You'll ask need extra blankets if you're a sensitive chilly girl like me! For the Fall/Winter season I love to shop Pjs. I'm on the very grama style. I love a good flannel pjs you can find some in Target &Walmart. I also love candles, and honestly who doesn't? My go-to place has been since forever Bath & Body Works. They have super great deals every time I go there, 2 3flicks candles for 22$, nice jar candles and I'm not talking about the long lasting scent that fills the room in a snap! They're also very long lasting and safe! I say B&BW is heaven! So, just imagine yourself in a super dubber cute pjs, in your bedroom that smells like this Champagne Toast candle and a very good book you're hooked on, a Tv show even... This is some lonely quality time to me!

So, this is was just a quick intro to the stuff I'll be working on for my next few posts, always including beauty care and fashion! I was just celebrating this upcoming season, maybe I'm too early but who cares? Winter as its perks! ;)

What's your Winter Essentials?

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