Sunday, November 10, 2013

Winter Outfits with ModCloth!


ModCloth is one of my favourite online store of all time, every time I go there online, I fill my virtual basket! I always thing of a specific piece of clothe and either Asos has it or ModCloth. My heart is sold to these two! My number one source when I'm doing a Get The Look Of... is Asos but ModCloth is a personal taste I share with many celebs such as Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Swift, AnnaSophia Robb, Emma Watson... Well, you see ModCloth is such an heaven! Anyway, I did a ModCloth Fever post, I also want to open my series of winter posts with a ModCloth wink ;) 

The first look is more for occasion such as a Christmas Party with your family or colleagues, or for New-Years Eve. I see that gold on black is very in trend for the winter/christmas time. This Radiant Roses Dress is perfect for a special glamour event. Because this dress is such a master piece you need to go low profile with the rest. I chose these shiny Yes I Candescent Heel in gold, it's a perfect match with the dress. Not too eye catching but still very beautiful. To make them even more shiny, I'd wear a pair of black tights. The dress has a very high scoop neckline so I think a necklace would be too much in this area, I picked some very lovely earrings, settle but I just thought, when I saw them, it suits the pattern of the dress marvellously! These are the Stylista in the Bloom earrings. To finish this outfit you'll surely need a bag, a clutch is just perfect in a chic soirée and I did found something that suits the rest, still on the gold lancé, it's the Luxe Great to Me clutch
If you're more on the traditional side of a grand family reunion, rocking the red, green and white colour of a candy cane well, this look might be the one for you! This charming, - can a sweater be charming? - piece of clothe is shouting 'Christmas!'. Cliché but always a crush on this time of year. When it's around Christmas you can never go wrong with the jacquard pattern; it's the Sled the Word sweater! To make this unique sweater even, I'd chose a red skirt, this one is so pretty and festive with this big bow, get this Musee des Arts Decoratifs skirt! When in doubt, rock the black tights. Well, I believe black thighs match almost anything. In that case, I'd stick to them. So, maybe it's Christmas Eve and you're shopping last minute presents, it's such a cute and lively outfit to show off. If you're brave enough, rock these elf-like boots. My motto is if you're going to do this, oh you have to go all the way! So here embrace this typical Christmas outfit with these very cool red boots! Aren't they just so cool? Everything Bold Is New Boot is now in my basket! If you're too shy you can still hide in your green coat that will subtly remind us of Christmas with these red boots. Get this Once Upon A Thyme coat! Last but not least, these little Nuts for Style earrings, just, they're so cute, I can't even...!

If you're on the dorky-childy side, I always thought that suspender shorts suits these type of people. It's such a childish piece of clothe, don't you think? ModCloth sells this Nice and Nimble shorts and for an unknown reason it reminds me of Christmas time! To stay in the winter palette, I chose this very cute green blouse. I can see this big bow between the straps of the shorts, it's just so lovely and child-like. This is the Green Tea Milk top! And what would be a winter outfit without some typic Christmas pattern? The tartan pattern is at its best this year, and since this outfit is so poor on the pattern side, these Extracurricular Edge tights adds up so much to this childish outfit. The check reminds me of these typical pattern from the sixties school uniform. Lovely! Since it's such a vintage kid outfit, this cute red satchel with the Clyde ghost from PacMan suits marvellously. - Yes, I googled its name - Find this babyish Pen Palling Around bag. Does these shoes remind you of this typical sixties kid uniform I said? The straps and the oxford shape, they're so ducky, I love them, they're the All Over Amherst flat! Don't forget that this year's trend is the school uniform and I'm adopting it very well. ;) 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, I find it always very cool to create outfits! Especially when they come from one of my favourite store! I personally have a crush on these red boots and those tartan tights! How cool are they huh? Can't wait to get myself some present from me to me! ;)

Which outfits do you prefer?
What would you like to get?

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