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Get the look of... CARA DELEVINGNE!

Hello everybody!

How's going? Are you enjoying your fall season? I can't wait for halloween, let me know what's your plans on Halloween and what costume you'll chose? For my part, I'll be a surgeon from Grey's Anatomy! (Dr.Stevens) ok, I know I'm not even half beautiful like Katherine Heigl, but hey!
Anyway, today's post is a 'get the look of Cara Delevingne!' post. I know lots and lots of people are looking for her messy edgy street style look. Yet, Cara stays very feminine in her look. She can pull off a tomboy look and make it look so girly! With her long hair and her pretty greeny-bluy eyes. I love her strong face and I think, like almost everyone else, that she is very beautiful. She has this versatile face when you can make her look very boyish or elegant like a princesse. Just look at her face at the Cannes Festival, flawless! So, without further due, let's begin with our first style!

This look is very settle for our Cara, yet very office-like. I love the colour of these trousers. I tried to find some fall look and I realized Cara mostly wear long and layered outfits. Maybe it's because she's mostly in London and Nyc, I don't know, but this makes sense to me. Anyway, this style is very easy to pull off and to make it more grungy you add this cap and boots and here you go. Cara is well known to get involve with a lots of caps and beanies! So for all beanies lovers here, Cara is with you! The blouse she wears has a low v cut, I think it makes it looks more femme fatal. To point out the grungy of the cap, she has some very lovely leather lace up boots. A big leather bag hanging on her right shoulder to make it more casual. So, let's see what I have found on the internet to make this lovely style!

If you've been reading me for awhile now, you might know that my first source is always Asos, I find everything on there! I know they sell everything I'm looking for because, they're literally the best! So, I manage to find some very similar, if not to say identical, trousers. This colour is very on trend for the fall season so, according to this price tag, I don't know what you're waiting for to get them and rock this Cara look! Find these Asos Peg Trousers for 33,76$!

As for the white blouse, it was a bit harder to find one similar. You might think how come since white blouse are very on trend but this one Cara's wearing is very special, I bet she wears some high end brand but I can't tell which one. The fabric seems thick, more like a blazer shape, or a men's kind of blouse. The V cut is even more unusual and the collar is very long, so somehow I manage to find something that is not sheer! I got this very cute Lauren by Ralph Lauren Aaron Cotton Poplil shirt for 69,50$. A bit expensive but it's the more alike blouse that I found. 

I'm not big on caps, I'm more into felt hat or you know these kind of girly hats. Cara somehow makes me want to like these boyish headwear. She rocks them a lot either beanies or caps. So, finding that one was easy as I just needed to google the 'IMA READ' and I found some online. Find this cool Zebra Kats cap IMA READ for £39!  

To keep it up with the cap, Cara has some mid-lenght lace up boots. Black and leather is always a most have in our wardrobe. I was looking at Aldo because I know they have tons of fashion boots, somehow, I find my happiness on Asos, once more! They look a lot alike and I can't tell how's Cara's are on the behind but I found these New Look Besto Black Studded Lace Up Boots for 56,25$

As you can see from the picture, it's very hard to describe her bag, all I can say is that it's a pretty big one. Black leather and can be wear across the body. It almost looks like an oversized messenger bag. The leather suits the boots perfectly. I found on Aldo the Lesengo bag that has everything I can see from this picture. 55$

The next looks is very stylish and the check pattern of the coat is on trend right now so keep your eyes open for these! I love disco-leather pants, they're so easy to wear and I love the one Cara's wearing, the inside detailing is very lovely.  She rocks a kind of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I can't tell for sure but it looks a lot like some of his creation. A very large and rectangular bag to suits the black of her pants and shoes. A white blouse or shirt tuck in her pants. I know it's gonna be hard to find a white shirt because I can't see well hers so... let's see what I've found!

Her jacket is obviously one of a kind. I did not find the exact same one but I did found that one. And the check pattern is the master piece to me. As long as the coat is not too long from Cara's, with the check you got the idea of this look. Also, the oversized collar did not make it easier. Anyway, the one I got is from Asos, and the leather sleeves are very on trend, it suits marvellously the black leather pants and the shoes and the bag. So, although it's not the exact same one, it doesn't bash off the Cara style I'm trying to re-do! Find the River Island Leather Look Check Coat on Asos for 75,02$!

Her leather legging are also very on trend this year. It is so easy to pull off a style with disco, leggings pants. Cleraly, if you don't have a pair in your wardrobe, you're missing out here! As for it, it was easy to find some very similar. Again, Asos gave me the opportunity to find some very cool and cheap pair! The only thing I'm not sure about would be the fact that we can't tell how they're made on the belt area. Anyway, find these awesome Daisy Street with PU Panel on Asos for 33,74$ only!

It's very hard to describe her shoes. It's clearly some platform pump shoes, but I can't tell for sure about it. So, I went on SoleStruck to find a pair of Jeffrey Campbell, and I chose what I thought looked a lot liker hers from the front view. You can get these crazy Cleata Jeffrey Campbell for 159,95$!

As for the bag, very hard to describe, I simply chose one I thought would suit the whole outfit. Leather black, rectangular and with a touch of Cara. This bag has a studded side, but the studs are very settle, they're not the the usual silver pyramid studs. You can find lots of these on Asos or Aldo.

For the shirt, she's wearing either a white blouse or a white tee. I like to think that this is a white tee as it make the whole look more casual. I found on Topshop a panel white shirt I thought would suit the deisgn of Cara's legging perfefly. You can find that Textured Panel Tee on Topshop for £38.

I found the next look really cool and very Cara if Cara can be an adjective! I love how casual yet very on trend this simple outfit is. She wears a pair of jogger in grey, a cropped normal oversized top, some very weird boots that I'm sure it's gonna be hard to find, a motorcycle jacket, a black beanie and a very big black panel bag. So let's see what I got....

I found some jogger on Asos. The colour is a bit more light than hers but I feel like joggers are very new. I never saw them before, it's not like these sweat pants, it basically has the same fabrics but the shape and all is very different. I never been one of those girls who loves sweat pants, yet I find these jogger trouser very cool on Cara. I seem to be obsess with the word cool and Cara... anyway, you can find these Peg Jogger on Asos for 56,27$.

Since I saw Lana Del Rey rocking a leather coat, I thought that they were obviously awesome. I'm not ready to say that I'll got myself one because it doesn't suit me at all but if you and Cara share the same kind of style, well, I just have to say, go for it! They look badass! The one I found is very similar to Cara's. The sleeves look the same, it's clearly not the same one but it looks very similar. This Leather Bike Jacket is 168,80$ from Asos, a bit expensive, I guess it's real leather, you can find faux leather on Asos if you search a bit ;)

The shirt I found is pretty much the same except that it is longer than Cara's. This is pretty much a basic, so any white tee would be alright with this kind of outfit. Not too much because the master piece is obviously that motorcycle vest. So, don't beat yourself to much, just a simple white tee is fine. This is an Asos Forever T-Shirt, 22,51$!

Cara's boots has three buckles. I found shoes and bags very hard to find as it can be very specific and unique. I have found here some boots and I chose them because it has the same shape and the buckles plus I thought the pattern suits the one from the ride coat on the sleeves. Cool isn't? Get these River Island Ridged Rider boots on Asos for 84,40$!

According to the picutre, I think Cara is wearing a cuffed black beanie, I found one from American Apparel on Asos, here the Beanie for 31,88$!

Cara rocks a lot of black leather, wheter it's boots, bags, pants or vests. So, keep your eyes open for the leather ;) I came up with a black leather shoulder bag, very big with two straps, a short one and a longer one. I find the same kind of pattern on the bag that looks like the jacket. The bag has faux suede sides and I think it's a very gorgeous bag! Look for the Faith Zig Zag bag on Asos, 84,40$!

I think we can all agree that Cara is beyond beautiful, she can rock whatever piece of clothes, I will always think it suits her brilliantly. She can be very girly or tomboy, we love our Cara whatever she puts on her pretty head or whatever faces she does ;)

What looks do you prefer?
What pieces do you like the most?

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