Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring/Summer wish list MUST HAVE.

Howdy everyone!

So, I've been inspiring a lot while watching some YouTube April's favorites and spring/summer lookbook or must-have spring/summer products. If had a million, I swear to God it would burns my fingers like crazy! That's how I want to buy everything. Literally. 

Let's get started!

I've been watching a what's in my spring/summer bag video and I've seen a lot of people showing a Polaroid and I felt so so uncultivated because I didn't thought Polaroid was still making super cool instant camera! I thought, o-m-g I need one and I also thought it would be expensive like hell, so I went on their site and well I was amazed to see a lot of different prices! I looked a bit and I think the Polaroid Instant Compact Analog Camera PIC300P (ouff, that's a long name!) is quite nice.I like this one in purple! Not expensive really, and cute!  69,95$ 

About clothes, I've been buzzing a lot on maxi dresses and I spotted one on eBay (Bohemian Maxi Chiffon Dress) that I don't know really what I'm waiting for to purchase it since it's 10$ and I will tell a saver secret ; Asians online stores on eBay are so cheap and affordable, like, I've been buying a tons of clothes from Asia, at cheap prices and the fabrics isn't really cheap at times! Well, when I feel like I want to shop but I'm broke I go on eBay and look for these kind of online eBay stores. Bargain! 10.15$

To suit my maxi dress, I want a flower crown BUT I can't find one I like. Those I liked are super expensive and I don't feel like paying 30$ for a flower crown is...economic! I prefer these without a headband. I prefer those you put on your head and looks like real flowers and are thinner than what they sell at Urban Outfitters. So, if any of you guys know a good and cheap store/online store selling this kind of flower crown, I beg you, share the info in the comment box! I know I could just do a DIY... I might end up doing a DIY but for now this is the one I find cheap and cute! (Flower Crown) They have many colors and shapes, this is the one I like better! I've been looking it a lot. 7.75$

Maybe I am a little bit late and it's hasbeen but I never wear gladiator sandals because I haven't any outfits that could suit these kind of shoes perfectly, but I kinda want to give it a try and with the bohemian style I want to experiment more this summer, I think it would suit pretty well! I don't have any specific pair of shoes in mind, I like brown and feathers and gems or beads... So I've been on google to put a picture here. I will probably end up by buying some on eBay because you know how much I love my eBay. Quick search ; I found these on google, Carrini Women's Feather Gladiator Sandals. I'd pick the taupe one! 34.98$

I saw everyone on YouTube raving about the Clinique Gel Moisturizer. They say you have to put the product on your face in the morning before your foundation. I have really really dry skin and it even gets dryer with the summer, actually my skin prefer  spring or autumn season because winter and summer dry my skin like crazy. I want to give it a try! 50ml 16$, 125ml 30$

I prefer rocking a more natural look on summer, so I've been at the Naked to look for some fun eye shadows palette and I love the Naked Basics Palette. It has 6 colours and I love the fact that they all neutral and fit with everything. Since I'll be away and I can't carry my whole cosmetics/makeup stuff, this palette would be great!  27$

That's pretty much it for my summer essentials! I'll probably add up things that I can't think for the moment! Tell me what's your Summer must have!


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