Monday, September 30, 2013

Cocktails, beers, wines and no hangover!

Howdy everybody!?

Hope you had a great September time and hope you'll have an even greater October month! October is by far one of my favourite month because of Halloween. It's my favourite celebration of the year! I'm an Halloween girl, I always loved to role-play and disguise myself! Don't think I'm weird ;)

Anyway, as it's one of my favourite time of the year, it means I also go out a lot! Halloween's parties, bars, after hours, happy hours, every way I can, I will! But this doesn't come free. When you plan on getting 'wasted as fuck' excuse my french, you have to pay the price!

I used to be a big merrymaker, no boundaries, no regrets, just too many drinks and too much kissing. Well, don't think bad of me, now that I am 20, I'm more focused and of course more wise. But, I can't wait for October-November-December drink time!

Point made, through the years I learned to be careful with myself and being too drunk isn't something cool. So, moderation it is. But a little excess never killed anyone, right? Not right of course... Here's some tips you can use if you plan on going rough because, let's be honest, sometimes, it just gets that heavy and you secretly hope you won't be that heavy tomorrow morning!

Drink water every two drinks.
Alcohol dehydrates your body. This is the main reason why you wake up hangover and have a big urge for a glass of water! Drink water every two drinks, it will help! Drink a glass of water before you go to bed if you can.

Late night drugs and one night stand. 
hu-ho, wait what? What the heck is wrong with you? Drugs & sex? Ok, I was just talking about Advil's. Before you go out, put two glasses of water beside your bed and add four Advil's. Normally, if you take two before you go to bed, you'll wake up top notch -or almost! I always take two Advil's, just to prevent you know. But sometimes, you just went too harsh on yourself and you wake up still in need of water plus an awful head ache or stomach-aches! Don't worry, there's another glass of water and two extra Advil's, just take it while it's here! Clever huh?

The last beer isn't going to pass....
you know when the bar closes and you're still in a total party girl mood but you know it will end somewhat, don't order another drink. It will not only waste 7$ of your slim wallet but also it's always that one that put us in the worst mood! Don't you hate it when your friends are too drunk and you have to take care of them, well don't be that kind of girl. Unless your last drink is a big glass of water, then fine, drink up! But just remember; is one drink for 20 minutes going to make a difference? Yes at this stage you'll be so wasted, that kind of wasted you want to throw out of the car! The bar is closing dear, don't try! If you're that out of mind then order something soft, don't call the Tequila shot, you don't want to puke inside the car of your best friend, trust me.

Anti post-puke!
If you didn't puke last night, it doesn't mean it won't happened tomorrow! To avoid this bad inside feeling you need to eat the right food! Fruits! The best of the best is fruits. A Smoothie is also a great drink to make the urge of vomit go away. It really helps your immune system, since being drunk is the same as intoxication, if you did not know. Avoid any dairy foods; no yogurt, milk or cheese!

So, I hope you will be safe during these upcoming time of festivities, Christmas will be there soon enough, which is also a big hang out time for me as well! So, don't be stupid, don't drink & drive and don't kiss too much guys, unless it's Ryan Gosling then please, help yourself! ;)

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