Monday, September 23, 2013

August & September makeup / Paris & London

Howdy everybody!

Hope you're doing fine! I didn't buy a lot of clothes recently and I've been big on makeup. So here's my recent purchases from august to today. There's not a lot but I've been enjoying a lot these products.

I wanted to try this mascara for so long. I love the ad, I love Cara, I love YSL, so why not try this mascara? I got it when I was in Paris, at Sephora. It was so cool to purchase something from it own country. I feel so close to YSL now because I got it in Paris. How odd? Anyway, it does work well with myself. It defines the lashes a lot, so if you're going for a more faux look lashes, it is not the good one. It doesn't put a massive layer on your lashes but it do extend them up and aside. How weird? It's the Baby Doll from Yves Saint Laurent. 30$

My friend bought a primer. Because it was so hot outside in Paris! Our makeup was melting on our face. She tough it would be great to use a primer. So she did buy one, I tried it to see if I liked it. I did liked it, it really sinks in the skin fast so it doesn't make your foundation weird. I believe it works well but don't expect to be top notch for 20 hours straight. It does the job fine. The bottle is quite small. I ran out if it in a less than a month, which I think it's fast. You sure need more than the pump quantity for your whole face. It's good for the hot warm day, but I won't repurchase it for the cold weather. It's the Sephora Smoothing Primer. 15$

I wanted a Nars blush when I was in Paris, but I though it would've been more wise to get a cheaper one you know euros and dollars. I apply blush every day and I was tired of my very pinky one. I wanted something more coral. I end up getting something coral with a touch of pink. It's the perfect combination and since I put that one everyday, everyone are noticing my blush and they say it's cute and beautiful. I really love it and the price is a bargain! Although, I think the photo doesn't make justice to the real colour. It's the Sephora Pop Orange. 14$. 

When I was in London, I wanted to go to Boots so bad! Everyone was raving about Boots and I just though it would be great to see brands we don't have here in Canada! Since I was running out of foundation and stealing some everyday from my friend, I got myself a foundation from a brand we don't have in Canada. It's not my favourite one. It says full coverage but I doubt it. It leaves my face pretty much the same. I love the pump though. It's always preferable to have a pump. It also says 'clearer skin in 4 weeks'. I don't know if it's true but I've been using it almost every day since I got it in late july or august. I'm having a break out right now and I think it sure helps my spots to not go crazy, but well it's not a magic foundation. It's the On The Spot foundation by Seventeen. 6.99£. 

Last thing I got in Paris was a gift to my mother and even though I don't use a bronzer powder, I think it's very beautiful under the cheekbones to define them. I think it's classy and very women-like. My mom really likes darkerskin tone, I prefer fair skin. Anyway, when the guy from Chanel did a quick makeup on my face to convince me to buy that product because it is very long lasting and the colour is amazing, well it worked. I did buy it. It really leaves a healthy glow. I might want one, maybe some shade lighter. But anyway, this is a very good powder if you have some extra cash and looking for something, well try this one out, you won't be disappointed. I even saw Cara  Delevingne raving that powder! Plus, the package is white and I heard they only sell it in stores in Paris otherwise you have to get them on the internet. It's the Les Beiges by Chanel. 57,50$. 

That is everything I got from Europe. I wasn't there to shop the hell out of my wallet, but it's kind of unavoidable when you're a girl. I mean, I got the chance to shop in Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. It's quite awesome. These other products I got are from my very old boring town. But I got them last week and I don't think it's bad to add them to this post!

For my birthday I got a gift card at Sephora. I went to check out their stuff last week. I got myself a navy palette. I think it's suitable for an everyday smokey eye. I don't want to have too much makeup during the day but I wanted something darker because it's the fall season, I ended up getting that one. I love it and I especially love the navy in the left corner for the crease, it's not too dark and not too soft. Very pretty for the fall. I also like the eyeliner, I didn't noticed that the dark navy in the right corner was a liner. In the package, there's 4 brushes and there's one for the liner. It's very fun to play with these colours! It's the 5-Colour Design in Navy by Dior. 60$. 

Because it was my birthday, I got a gift from Benefit. I got a mascara. I think their mascara is great for a faux lashes look. The texture is kind of weird though, I find it very running, I don't know if it's meant to be that way. It makes your lashes very dark and thicker. I find it hard to take it off, I lost 3 lashes the last time I removed my makeup and I was wearing that mascara. I don't know if it's because it's waterproof, but it's still a very good mascara. It's the They're Real mascara by Benefit. 10$. 

I also got a highlighter. I honestly don't think a highlighter is that important in my daily makeup routine, especially when I'm on the run, I don't think it changes a lot my whole makeup. But for what I know about highlighters, that one is very good, not too glowing, no too transparent. I put it on the very top of my cheekbones, but you have to make sure it's well applied otherwise it noticeable! There's also a powder to set everything. It's great when I apply my makeup and I take all my time, but otherwise I usually skip that step. It's the Watt's up highlighter by Benefit. 30$.

The last thing I got is a concealer. I ran out of it so I went to the drugstore to get one. I wanted to try something new, I used to buy the Fit Me. That one I'm using right now is a bit thicker. You really have to tap it to make sure it doesn't show or cakes up, I usually put concealer under my eyes, around my nose and where I have spots. It works very well, since I got a break out, it hides my spots perfectly, it last longer than the Fit Me, which I think it's great! I recommend that one if you wanna try something. I'm just not a fan of the thick formula though. It's the Invisible concealer by Cover Girl. 5,94$. 

If you have tried any of these products, please write a comment below and tell me your point of view! I hope you enjoyed this little August September haul! I know there's a lot of words to read for every products! I got a lot to say! Anyway, come say hello if you wanna talk!


Leena Liddell XX
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