Friday, September 20, 2013

Target & drugstore haul! !

Hello everybody!

Today I went shopping, unfortunately it wasn't for clothes, because I'm in need of clothes, but I was a there to get myself some essentials! And I though I'd share them with you and how I feel about the stuff I got, so keep on reading, it's gonna be interesting! ;)

The first place I headed to was the drugstore because I ran out of my all time favourite pressed powder! The Stay Matte Long Lasting pressed powder in shade transparent by Rimmel is the most amazing drugstore product I ever used. I discovered that product after watching a Tanya Burr video, she raves a lot about that powder, when I started using it, trust me, I never got tired of it! 

I recentely read on  BeautiesUnlocked blog the article 'How to take care of your skin in the Winter'. I was shocked to read that Shea Butter isn't great during the winter time,which my favourite cream is made of, and to check the oil used in the cream. I'm no pro about these kind of things, to be honest, I go with what I think works the best for myself, but after reading that post I thought, 'Oh, this is a nice time to purchase a new cream, then!'. I stick with my holy ground Nivea brand and I chose the Firming Lotion Q10 for normal skin. The bottle indicated mineral oil and sea salt, so I don't know if I'm wrong but I think it's a great winter cream! I'm really looking forward to it! I explained everything in a clumsy way, you need to read the article linked above, it's so well explain!

I ran out o eye makeup remover, so I re-purchased my Nivea waterproof eye makeup remover. Love it! The formula is absolutely great, it's a cream which I prefer the texture of my skin afterwards, and I've been using it for ages, that's one of the many reasons why I stick to Nivea! I also got 3 packs of cleasing wipes!
And then, I went to the great Target! They strated opening on the East Coast of Canada, finally, and I didn't have the chance to go there yet, but I went there today to explored. It pretty much looks like a Walmart store, I must say they have nice clothes and I'll probably go back there to get myself more stuff, but beside that, I went to get a new bra. Wearing a push-up bra is so not my thing. I prefer natural and without the metal thing, what's the name of that anyway? I found that cute polka dot bra and I love so much the way they made it and the shape, it's a very lovely bra! Great support even without the metal and the padding, I prefer my real size B boobs! When I try stuff at any other bra stores, I'm like a big C or even a D, the padding isn't my thing anyway so yay for natural boobs!

I used to buy a four blade razor, I can't remember the name.... It's the one with a side to shave and a side for the bikini, which need batteries and it's electric... Anyway, I used that for several months, than I switch with the 5 blades Embrace by Venus, which I think works very well, better than the electric one. So today I went to get blades and I never noticed how expensive it is until now! a set of 4 blades is 18$! When the razor is 11$ with 3 extra blades. I hate to pay for these kind of things, I was so angry, I purchased a new one with the 3 extra blades and I said screw you Venus, you're stealing my very small wallet! Anyway, it works very well, but it's so frustrating to spend that amount for baldes, at least 12$ Gilette, come on! 

I don't have a shampoo or conditioner I pray by. I mostly use Dove because it's not expensive at the Dollar store and I love the smell, but, the other day I ran out of it and I just grab something at the grocery store. It was the Tresemmé condiotionner. It's the worst conditionner I've never used. I usually wash my hair two or trhee times a week, but with this product my hair doesn't look fresh at the end of the first day and obviously the second day as well. My roots get verry greasy. I have fine hair so it's something that bothers me alot, so I got that one from L'Oréal, the Total Repair 5 for damaged hair, which is my situation at this moment. I didn't try that one yet but I'm really looking forward to it! 

All in all, Target was very fun to explore. I didn't spend much time but I noticed the clothes was more expensive than Walmart but prettier! The makeup was cheaper. I didn't looked for the food or other stuff. So, yay for Target! 

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