Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick fall wish list !

Hello everybody!

Today I had to go out and I was looking at my wardrobe, I tried some outfits and I couldn't find something I was pleased to wear today. I came to the conclusion that I was in need of a new wardrobe or essential elements at least to conclude the little rest of last year clothes I own. I'm trying to save up a bit so I'll go on gently about the price tag. I shouldn't even be doing this article because at the end of the month I know I will not have these items I wish for but hey, there's nothing wrong about a fall wish list right? It doesn't cost me a thing to right down what I love!

1. Maybe you recognize that dress from my Fall Season Outfits/ School Girl post. Since I saw that dress on Asos, I can't get it out of my head, I might be crazy but I'm obsessed with that dress, I need it in my wardrobe. It's not even expensive! How cute is that check dress from River Island available on Asos for 44, 58$ 

2. I first saw that parka in London, it's from Zara and I literally fell in love with that coat. I already have a dark brown duffle coat from H&M but it doesn't always match my wardrobe, so I though that is perfect! Lots of pockets, I love the cord at the waist, it defines the shape so you're not shapeless when you wear it, well I love everything about that coat. I've been eyeing this coat for like 2 months! And today, I just noticed Zara ran out of it. O to the m to the g. I can't believe it. Anyway, I found one on Lsyt and I subscribe and everything so when they'll be back in stock, I'll be the first to get one! 89$ on Lyst

3. Brown boots are the best because they mostly suit everything I have in my wardrobe so it will be easy to wear! Also, riding boots are coming back in force for the fall and I can't deny, last year, I wasn't enchanted about this whole horse thing, but they did conqueer my heart now. I know I said low budget and all but boots are very important because, I mean, I got to keep my feet warm! They're 200$ from Aldo

4. I need glasses. Like, this time for real. I pushed every appointments because I either had better stuff to do at this time or I was too lazy and I didn't though it was important but I don't see well from afar and I knew I was going to need glasses sooner or later! Well, later it is, when I can't no longer work well not seeing well screen or even recognize people I know on the street! These are faux eyewear from Forever21, very on trend right now, I want something similar, I'll see when I'll get there! 6,80$

I am very responsible, these are stuff I need. Ok only the glasses are quite urgent, but the rest are things that gonna make me so happy to own! Let me know what your fall wish list looks like, also let me know what you think of mine in the comment box below! 
Leena Liddell XX
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