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Ombre hair; How To | Haircare routine.

Hello everybody!

Here is my little ''HAIROLOGY''! You need to know the reasons why I wanted to do this kind of article!
2  years ago  I jumped from pink cotton candy hair to blonde and my hair was damaged a lot by all the bleaching and the dyeing. I did not noticed it but I lost a lot of longer and when I went to blonde I had to cut them more. I had my hair at my shoulders it was pretty and I liked it that way. I got this haircut for almost a year and I got bored. I ask for a subtle ombre hair so I got my roots done and I chose a dark blonde, very light brown hair color. I wanted something more natural lookalike. Every three months when I had to do my roots my hairdresser would use this color instead of blonde. I got this subtle ombre hair for 9 months and then I got bored again!

This is my biggest issue, I got bored very quick and when I need to change it has to be huge! I was tired of my very dark roots and I wanted something more practical for myself. I also wanted to be economic so I went to the drugstore to get a hair color. I wanted something natural so I chose a kind of chestnut hair color. First attempt was a big fail. I failed my hair, it wasn't cute at all. I don't know why, but my hair was light brown and I had a grey kind of glint. It was weird and not natural.

Plus, my hair got damaged even more! I was stressing out. I am not a hairdresser I didn't know what I was doing and what it was going to look like. I just trusted the box I purchased! I kept that ugly hair color for 5 days, and I was ''I can't live like this anymore''. I went back to the drugstore, I chose another dark blonde color, I dyed my hair. The color was pretty on the top of my hair; where I use to put a dark blonde color but at the very end, the color was still kind of grey. I got a ombre hair dye kit, I did my ombre hair and well, I was lucky. MY HAIR IS FINALLY LIKE I WANT TO! But still very damaged. So I got myself some products and they work very well so far, so I wanted to share them with you guys because we all know that if you don't like your own hair, even if you're the cutest girl in town, you'll feel very sad and hideous!

I got the REHAB shampoo from LUSH. It is vegan and it has a tons of great natural ingredients in it. It helps your hair if you use heat tools, bleach and stuff... It's super good for your hairs health and the best is, it works! LUSH products can be a little bit expensive, but at least you know it is for the best! Once your hair is more healthy you can buy cheaper products anyway! You can find REHAB right HERE!

Also, when you have dry and damaged hair it's good to moisturize them a lot. It helps the hair to repair and get strong. It's good to change from a product to another at time because everything is not always in one bottle of shampoo. you have to mix according to your 'hair mood'. I love the Fair Trade Honey Shampoo by LUSH. It's ultra-moisturizing. This shampoo is not vegan, it has honey that moisturize your hair a lot as well as the linseed mucilage. Find this shampoo HERE!

Another product I've been using a lot after the
mess I created on my head is Nutricap Shampoo. It's all natural ingredients as well as those above. It has wheat germ oil and my friend that works with animals told me that this thing is also used in pet shampoo. It helps their fur to get healthy, strong and beautiful. It has helped my hair a lot. I use it and I feel like it moisturize my hair like crazy. You know the feel after you've used a conditioner, all silky and untangle, well you have this feel with this shampoo! And that's just the shampoo! Nutricap sells balm that repair, capsules that help growth and development of your hair AND your nails - how awesome! - as well as strengthen them. The shampoo has vitamin E and fatty acids, everything your hair need when you're trying to rebuilt them! Find Nutricap HERE!

Sorry if the only products I'm writing about today are made by LUSH, but this is one of my favorite stores for shampoo, masks, soaps and so much more! The next product I want to share with you is the American Cream Conditioner! It smells so so good! I can't get enough of this sent. I love it. It's a good conditioner if you have rough ends, you end up with a more soften ends than before, wish is great! It smells like a vanilla milkshake from the 50's. I use it every time I wash my hair and you can find it HERE


How I did made my ombre hair? What did I use?

I will not show what hair color and what brand I used for my first attempt because it is not the fault of the product, every person is different as their hair is when you put chemical product on them. They don't respond the same way as your neighbor. But I'll tell you what color and what brand I used to get my final hair color!

 My basic color is by L'Oreal the line Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look. I was alone at home and I though it would be easier to do my hair like a shampoo than with a little brush and stuff. It works very well and it was easy. I chose the color 70 Pure Dark Blonde. It came out a bit darker than what I was expected but I don't mind because I wanted something darker than the picture on the box but I was too afraid to try something darker. Kinda lucky eh!? If you want to do your hair alone, I really recommend the line Sublime Mousse by Healthy Look, it is so easy! I believe you can find these at any drugstores!

To do my ombre hair, I stuck up with the L'Oreal brand. I saw these Feria Wild Ombre kits so I got myself one in 080-Light to Medium Blonde Hair. It works perfectly! I was afraid it wouldn't came out as blonde as the box since I got a weird mix of hair color, but it did came out right and perfect. Thanks God. I was still alone and I was wondering if I should wait for someone to help me out with this one. I decided to open the box and see what it looks like. They give you a come to apply the ombre affect. They give you tips to help you out and I though it looked quite easy after all! So I did it and well, have to say I'm pretty proud of myself! Although I suggest you to not apply a ton of product when you start to ''come'' your hair with the product otherwise you'll have a ombre hair too square like. I don't know if you follow me. Starts slowly to get a more even natural look. Practice will make you perfect! I love this ombre kit, I'll repurchased it when I'll have to do my hair again, not too soon I hope!

So this is how I did my Ombre Hair! It's quite a trend that seems to stick! Poeple like it and I do too! Here's some inspiration from people we love!
Drew Berrymore      |                                                     Miley Cyrus

         Dakota Fanning
Lauren Conrad
Perrie Edwards
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