Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outfit Of The Day 0.1 | Granny

Hello everybody!

As you may know, I live on the East Coast of the Canada and, it seems like the weather is having a bipolar attitude. Everywhere else is super warm, sunny, people enjoy their summer debut! And here, in my little town, it's cold and raining. I am not lying. It's been raining for a month. The sun is acting like a bitch, shows here and there for 20 minutes, and here it's gone! So excuse my lack of 'summery' in this OOTD, this is just another spring look still and sadly!

The Cat Dress is from an online store from eBay. I can't find it but it came from Hong Kong, I think. It's pretty cheap but when you purchase from Asia, you have to be careful with their sizing, they are so tiny, I was lucky this dress suit me despite the fact it was a one size dress but I did bought something recently and it doesn't fit me at all. Anyway, I love this dress even though it's kind of granny, I don't care I love granny style! 

The Sofa Bag is from Value Village, which is a thrift store. I believe there's always at least one sofa texture bag in any thrift stores. This is what I see the most when I go there. So, if you love it, go look at your nearest goodwill store! ;)

The Jesus Wooden Bracelets was a viral last summer. But I got mine 3 years ago, when I was in china town in New York, I saw some and I bought them 1$ each! Now, every stores seems to have it, I know Aldo have some.

I just add up a pair of burgundy plum tights that has some texture in it and a pair of brown moccassin and here I am,  being granny from head to toe! I hope you love this style, I'll try to make more of these, any questions, please ask!

See you very soon!
 Leena Liddell xxx
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