Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dream Room!

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking a lot of myself in a brand new room away from my parent's house, alone in the city. I know I might fantasize too much and I can't afford everything right away I'm all alone, I'm sure it will take time and everything will be set in a collective way but I can't help myself but thinking about all the things I should put on a Room Wish List. Maybe I'm just a dreamer, but I know one thing for sure; every time I dream about it, I just can't stop smiling like a baby in front of a candy shop. I just can't!

Let's get into it!

I'll start slow with my perfect size, color, shape and dimension. When I was young, I wanted to have a ''Harry Potter under stairs'' room style, now that I have it, I even regret to have dream about that kind of room! There's nothing, I swear, nothing to envy to this poor Harry Potter's under stairs room. 

My perfect size room is definitely a square. I love symmetry, I know it's weird, but I prefer when it's very neat, white and sleek. Even though sometimes my room is everything but clean! As I said, I like it very light, natural light, very bright. I found bright room very relaxing and therapeutic. So, the color I'd chose would be either a creme white, or a light mint pastel, or some white with a pink pastel tone. These colors are some I found on Home Depot online store that I really like and I'd totally see myself in there 4 walls painted!
Vienna Lace Satin | Leaf
The next important thing after the colors of the walls, it's obviously furniture. In this Dream Room, I'll stick with these two colors, since they work well together, I think the colors of the furniture I'll chose would suit both colors! I could even paint 2 walls creamy-pinky and 2 walls light mint. If you didn't know, decorators always paint two colors one in front of the other. So, the pink would face the mint and vice versa.

I went on Ikea online store to see some cool and cheap furniture. The first thing I think when doing a make over, is the master piece and I believe a bedroom is meant to sleep in, so I went on the bedroom/bed section. They don't have many choices but everything was very cute. I kind of been torn with a big plain bed frame or made of bars or rungs. I actually don't know the real therm. I chose the classic rungs bed. I find it versatile because you can either rock it as a fancy, glamous lounge style or as a prairie, rustic one. Both are very cute, my personal preference is rustic. All the way little house on the prairie.

The next furniture I looked for was some bedroom storage. Chests and dresser drawers. 2 years ago I was into dark wooden, but right now, I'm more into the white color. Again, from Ikea, (Maybe I would've call this article dream room from Ikea), I choose some whity chests and drawers.

I think this very cute 6 drawers white chest practical. I am the kind of girl who puts all of her clothes in her wardrobe but I don't hang my underwear (if you do, please comment below because it is so weird). I also don't hang ''plain'' shirt that I usually wear under sheer shirts and finally I don't hang my sports clothes and my really big jumper and my jeans/skirts. It takes too much room. So these three little drawers are perfect for underwear and little stuff like that, if you have many and the 3 left bigger drawers are perfect for the ''winter'' kind of clothes and pyjamas.

 Extra decorations on 
Oval Mirror, flowers,  Vanity tray, ...
I also like little night stands, I don't know if I'd like 2 nights stand or just one. Because of my symmetry issue, I'd choose 2, but if you know me, you'll know that I am a collector. I'll collect a lot of decorations because I just can't stick to one, but in this mental dream room, I'll chose 2 night stands and I'll be mentally clean and neat! I'll put an overview picture below. So, these are practical for stuff we need when we're in bed : alarm clock, books, phone charger, a place to put a cup of water, tea or coffee and cute decorations. Of course. Maybe some jewelry and stuff in the last drawer. Things we don't use often but not that often. Pyjamas or extra sheets!

On these night stands I'd put these few things; alarm clock, photo frame, books, magazines and my diary.

What's next? Let's see, I think I don't have any curtains in this cute room, right? Ok, let's see what would suit this awesome room. I think I'd chose something withy and floppy with maybe some flowers and or lace? I don't know yet, I'll just add some plain white blinds. What about my bedlinen and pillows.
I found what I needed on Ikea, again, I just love Ikea, it is so cheap
and pretty. For the bedlinen, I found this pretty flower prairie pattern, looks very whity and cute. I saw the curtains that fit but I just thought it would be too much of this pattern, so I opted for some white sheer but it has some flowers, through the fabrics but they are white as well so it's perfect! And I found some very cute pillows to decorate the bed. I think 3 or 4 pillows could change a complete room, it's such a cute little piece of art. Is bed decoration an art? I don't know, if not, I'll make it an art!

I think I'd like some light in this room. Ikea have a tons of lights, in different shape. I love when there's one big light in the middle. It makes the room more symmetric. The one I chose is a creamy round one. I think it totally suits the look of this room, It's not to flashy so the master piece is clearly the bed area, which is what I personally like. I also like the texture of this ceiling lamp.
I also like to see my head to toe outfit, because I'm that girly. I just think a large mirror is always an essential in a girly room. Again, not too flashy because I like it neat but, it's still a nice mirror! And as you can see by the size of this mirror, my mental room is pretty big!

And what's a girly room without a vanity spot? I don't have a vanity desk, but I'll buy one in my next room for sure. I mean, I can't go on without that fancy stuff! That vanity is from Ikea and I guess in the two drawers, I'd put some jewelry. I love the clear white, it's very fancy. I find it quite expensive for a Ikea!

When I do my makeup, I like to sit, so I need a chair to fit this marvelous piece! That is one simple chair but I think it would be pretty with a pillow on it. Fancy!

Another thing I'd like to see in this room would be a bookshelf. Because I've tons of books and I love to read I think it's important to have a bookshelf to store your books or your movies/series. And add more decorations. That bookshelf from Ikea -surprise surprise- is white and I love the prairie texture. It's just lovely with the flowers pattern! What I'd add up in this bookshelf to just pimp it a bit would be a fake flower pot, because I love flowers, as you may see, I just think it's cute and preppy!

I just use the word cute a lot, but I don't know what more to say but cute cute cute! And I'd also put some candles on that bookshelf, mainly those from Bath & Body Works! They can fill a room in a snap! They smell like heaven, I can't stay 2 minutes in my room without lighting at least one!

Last, thing I'd add to this, well huge, room would be a desk! And If you can fit all of these in your room, well you are one lucky girl! I'd die to have those stuff in my room. But anyway, this is the desk from Ikea, small and well it's a computer desk. I'd put papers and books in that desk. stationery stuff, maybe a calendar, an agenda, some pens and pencils in a pot, some colorful post-its... I'd keep that area clean because it would be the ''serious'' area! The works/office area! I'll add this office chair and everything is set!

SO finally this article has come to an end! Hope you enjoyed it even if it was a long one. I think I'm gonna start playing The Sims again because I might get crazy a bit and purchase all of this in my tiny little room! Tell me in a comment below what's the thing you prefer in this article, tell me how you'd do your dream room! Don't watch to many room tour on YouTube, you might get sad/envious! See you very soon! (Maybe next time I'll do the perfect wardrobe set!? Tell me in a comment if you would like to see my dream wardrobe!)

Leena Liddell xx

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