Monday, April 29, 2013

Daily makeup routine!


This article will explain my daily make up routine because these are the products I use the most and fancy a lot!

 Let's start with foundation. I am literally stick with the Fit Me collection by Maybelline. I use the liquid foundation 110 Porcelain and I add the pressed powder 110 Porcelain for more definition. I use the tip of my fingers to apply the liquid foundation and I use an EcoTools brush for the pressed powder.

I have 3 empty bottles of the liquid foundation and 2 of the pressed power... This is how much I love and use them, daily. They hide my flaws quite well and the pressed powder leaves my skin bright and natural. 

I love Too Faced brand and I have the Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer that I put all over my eyelids. It helps the colour to burst and makes it stay all day long and also works well with a liquid eyeliner. I apply it with the tip of my fingers.

I love adding colour to my eyes. The one I am using the most is 5 Colour Harmony number 3 by Yves Saint-Laurent. I use the dark brown along the crease, it lights up my dark brown eyes and intensify my gaze. I apply it with a MAC angle brush. I highlight my brow bones with the lighter colour.
I draw a medium thick line with the L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic liquid eyeliner. I've been using this liquid eyeliner for ages because I suck at drawing my line. I really like this product but when I'll be done with the bottle I might go with something else because I want to improve my skills and I want to do a more fancy cat eye. The tip of the pencil is like a felt pen. It's not very precise but it stays a long time and I've been enjoying it for what I've been able to do with it.

I started using the Too Faced Size Queen mascara very recently and I've been enjoying it a whole lot. I used to buy mascara with a long lashes improve formula but since I naturally have long lashes I decided to give a try to a volumizing mascara. I really like this mascara it works very well and the brush is good as well. *I review it here

And last but not least, I use the Gaiety blush by NARS. The colour is absolutely beautiful and makes me think of a cute doll. It stays a long time and I think it's cute with a fair skin. I don't have very fair skin though but I'm not really tan. You don't need to apply much on so the product last for a longer time!

And then, I am ready to face the day!

I hope you enjoyed that article and if you have any products you'd like to share with me, especially an eyeliner since I'm running out of mine and I want to try something new, let me know in the comment box!


Leena. xx

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