Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What to watch? TV shows must-watch!

Howdy do!

Hope you're doing well! Welcome to the TV shows article. These TV shows are what I am watching and I can't get enough of them because it's literally too good! I'm big on TV shows and the main reason is that I get attached with these fictional characters *cough* mainly boys *cough* and it's cool to stick to the same storyline. The best part is when your favorite TV show has many many seasons! It seems to last forever and you almost cry when you hit the end.

These past few weeks, I've been big on The Vampire Diaries. I watched the first season awhile ago and I rediscovered the season one on Netflix, -Netlfix for the win- and I kinda force myself to get into this series. And I did great, every Thursdays I am bouncing of joy and I get all lovey-dovey with these awesome awesome vampires/wizards/werewolves.

The story begins with Elena Gilbert, but after the second season or so, every characters have their own plot and this is great because you get over the main characters, you want to know more about the others. I am currently watching the fourth season and I do ship Klaroline, Delena and Stebekah! Season 1 to 3 in stores! Currently diffusing season 4.  Highly recommended if you enjoy a good cheesy-girly TV show!
The Vampire Diaries on CW Networks every Thursdays 8/7.

My second favourite TV show is New Girl. You might know, and if you don't then now you know, I am a massive huge mega fan of Zooey Deschanel! I simply love her! And this TV show is adorable, dorky, cute and funny! You'll fall in love with Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) and Nick Miller. I ship them a whole lot, like everybody I guess! Schmidt is the funniest of them all and obviously Winston is the wise one. Cece is the bombshell, and all together they are forming the best crew ever. I really enjoy watching this TV show. It will light up your day! Season 1 in stores! Currently diffusing season 2!
New Girl on FOX every Tuesdays 9/8.

Let's get a little bit darker, shall we? One of my best friends told me to watch American Horror Story. I have to confess, at first I was really really sceptical. I read the storyline on Wikipedia and I wasn't sure about this one. One night after watching the last Vampire Diaries available, I though ''Why not start this series R is so fond of?''. I watched the whole season in 2 nights and right away I started the second season and hit my personal record of all time which means ; watching two seasons in 84 hours. It's an addictive weird, dram, horror thriller. The first season is about a haunted house mainly and the second is about an asylum. *chills*

The first and second season are two different stories but the cast doesn't change. It's not as scary as it may seems, well, I wasn't much afraid despite the name and the intro, but it was a thrill and at the end of every episodes, you're asking yourself ''should I watch another one?'' and you know you'll watch another episode because it's a thrill! Both of the season. You will love every single characters even if he's the most evil one. It's baffling, it's different and entertaining. I am literally wordless, I don't even know how to describe this series but just watch it, just do. Plus, the cast is p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Season 1 and 2 in stores. Third seasons in production.
American Horror Story was on FX Networks.

These are my favorites favorites series of all time. I never ever got all bouncy that way before only because of a TV shows but when watching them or waiting for the next episodes/season, I am out of control. I do watch other TV shows but it would be long so here's some I've been whatching through the year.

Sex and the city, I mean come on this is a classic. You can't get away, you have to watch this series at least once. You'll learn so much about girls issues in only one episode. It's a cliché. Great cast, of course. The series is over. 6 seasons in stores, was on HBO and more. -I believe some chanels broadcast it at time to time.

Gossip Girl, I didn't watch the fifth season yet, but it's sure super duper girly TV show. Again, amazing cast. You hate and love some characters and they love the fact that you hate/love them. It's meant to be that way! New-York city, Upper East Side, living the life you maybe wish for? The series is over with 6 seasons. Was on CW Networks.

Pretty Little Liars, I got to tell, I really enjoyed the first and second season but you get bored real quick. Maybe I'm getting too old but I think it's a little bit childish. The plot is great and the cast is great as well, but it gets a little bit long. For myself, I need to space every episodes otherwise I get tired of it. 3 seasons, fourth season in june 2013 on ABC Family.

So, this is pretty much what I've been up to in my TV/Computer. I just wanted to share my faves and what I used to wacth and like. If you have any TV shows you'd like to share with me because you think I may appreciate it or other may like, please comment below! Don't be shy, express yourself! If you think I have bad taste in TV shows then prove it to me by showing me some of your faves! If you agree let me know!

 Enjoy your TV time!

Leena. xx
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