Friday, December 13, 2013


Howdy every one!
Here's some ESSIE nail polishes to create some fantastic looks either for the Christmas time OR just because you feel like rocking those beautiful colours on your nails. 
First thing first, these are the main colours I feel for the winter time! 
1. Pop Daddy; bright and creamy tomato red. You can never go wrong with a bold red for Christmas time and any day I believe! ;)
2. Stylenomics; wealthy, rich and opulent dark green. This one can be very classy, I can see a dark velvet dress to suit this glamour tone.
3. Skirting The Issue; an exquisite, fashionable burgundy red. We all can agree that burgundy is one of those colour that pops the entire fall/winter season. It totally a must-have in your collection. 
4. Chinchilly; sleek granite grey. This is one nail colours that is climbing the most-loved of this time. those taupy-greyish colour are trendy! 

This is a compilation of Essie, I find it very in trend right now with the 'army-like' style. So here's the colours they used;
1. Sand Tropez; a soft sandy beige.
2. Chinchilly; like I cited above a sleek granite grey.
3. Sew Psyche; a cashmere soft pewter.
4. Armed ready; an outfitted army green with pearl.
5. Stylenomics; again cited above, a wealthy rich opulent dark green.
1. As Gold As It Gets; guaranteed gold metallic.
2. Forever Young; creamy tango red.
3. Shifting Powers; sizzling molten gold cream.

Nail art idea #1: Apply nail polish 3 on every nails but the ring one. Apply nail polish 2 on the ring one. Apply nail polish 1 on every gold nails when it's all dry up! Here you go, simple but very Christmasy!
Nail art Idea #2: Put tape on the edge (about 2-3millimeters depending on the length of your nails) of each nails. Apply nail polish 2 on the un-tape part of the nails. Wait for it to dry before taking off the tape. When dry, put tape on the red part of your nails. Put nail polish 3, wait for it to dry, then apply nail polish 1, and so for every edges of your nails! Again, very Christmasy those three colours are perfect together!

*The reason why I layer two gold nail polishes is to have the fulfilled 'glitter's look' I'm looking for, and not just some dispatched glitters over a basic nail polish, you might need extra coats for extra glitters!;)

So, how are you going to paint your nails on the d day? :)

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