Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festive Haul / Zara & ModCloth

Hello everybody!

We are on this time when you have your agenda pretty much overbook with parties, cocktails, shopping, restaurant... you got the idea! So, we're also in a mood for a very trendy and new  wardrobe. I recently been shopping for clothes to wear on these special evening. So, I haven't buy a tons, but I love these pieces so here we go...

On Black Friday, ModCloth has 100 items 50% off! Being a sucker for this online store (as you didn't noticed yet!) well, I got my hands on this lovely Year After Yesterday dress! I paid that dress 25$, now it's at 52$, so it really was a bargain! I'm very pleased with that. Anyway, this cute peter pan collared dress is so vintage and dorky! Here's how I'd style it. 

I've been eyeing these tights for several weeks. I just think they're super innovator. It's kind of a two in one. I think knee socks are pretty, but somehow I'm not brave enough and the fact that the cold wind would make me look 'half-naked' with knee socks, this is a great option! Get these Know a Trick or Tow tights! These little shoes are perfect if you're not up to a grand 'adulthood' event, you get the crown without the duty; you get the heels but not one of those madame heel, they're quite settle but pretty. It's for a very large age range! Get these Dashing to Dinner wedge. Last but not least, this lovely Wishes and Whims bag suits the dress marvellously! Cute with its little gold bow and the scallop edges, not too big, just perfect for a nice restaurant with friends! 

The next thing I got from ModCloth is a piece that I've been dying to buy for several weeks as well! This is the Embark Upon Adventure top. I love nautical clothes, I'm a big fan of the colour navy, so when I was about to check out with this red dress I couldn't help but add this one lovely top! It is a sheer top so I need a black camisole. It's long enough to wear leggings, jeggings, jeans... Or to tuck in. Let's just get 'wowed' by the sailor collar, can't wait to wear this one!

I can see this top with a pair of tailored short, just to suit this vintage marine wave. I went on Asos to find these High Waist Linen short, quite basic but let's just all agree to say that the master piece remains in the fabulous collar of the top! As it is winter time, let's not forget to put on some black tights. Not navy because it would look strange with the black short... As for my feet I'll go for something vintage as well, these A Wink of Whimsical wedge are very cute and I love the ankle straps and the velvet! I'd chose a clutch or a very small bag, and if you choose this outfit for an night out or a cocktail, it would be more practical. This Glacial Reasoning bag has a rectangular almost square vintage shape, I love the scallop edges and the colour blue goes hand in hand with the rest of the outfit! Too bad I didn't buy all of these :( 

I love Zara, the fabrics of their clothes is always good quality and let's just say, it's very trendy and 'adulthood'. So, I wanted something more that way for certain events I have planned. I first got this baggy Polka Dot dress. The main colour is navy with dark mustard dots. The peter pan collar  is white as well as each ends of the cuffed sleeves. It's a very light piece of clothe but not sheer, so no worries. It's easy to pull of a more edgy style with this dress as for a more settle one, as you wish! 

I was wondering what colour should be worn as tights, navy or mustard? I opted for mustard because, well, isn't a very nice colour on your legs to have? Get those Tight for Every Occasion in mustard. For an edgy look you can never go wrong with a pair of black ankle boots! When you look at the dress online, Zara give these Flat Chelsea boot to help create a look from the dress. These boots are perfect for an edgy yet adulthood style! For the bag, I thought with that style, the bigger, the better. So I looked for some cool shopper bag on Zara and I found this Plain Shopper with Metal Detailing. It makes the whole look even more serious. It's a very dark navy colour and it seems like a good bag to hide your laptop. 

The last thing I got has also a peter pan collar and if you haven't noticed, everything I got have one... I love collars very much, let's just say that. Soon, this obsession will have total control of my wardrobe and every tops and dresses will be collared! Anyways, the last thing I got is a sheer floral blouse. The main colour is black and the flowers are pink, blue and cream. 

It's a long length blouse so it's pretty with leggings. I'd put a black top underneath and as far as I'm concern, I'm not a big fan of jeans but when I saw the model with jeans I thought, "Hey, this is actually cool!". I looked in the jeans section and I found those Slim Fit jeans, I love the fact that it's ankle length, it gives a little je-ne-sais-quoi to a basic pair of jeans! I'd go for a good pair of oxford, these Trips of the Trade flat in state blue recall the colour from the blouse, they're simply adorable! Final; the bag. This is a casual look which for me as to be a bag big enough to carry my 'girly-girl stuff'. The colour of this Professional Appointee tote is stunning, told you I'm a sucker of navy! Anyways, it is big enough to cary a tons of useless thing, as we all do girls.

These dresses and that blouse I got are still on my December Crush, I highly recommend, ModCloth and Zara as online shop, they sell good quality as well as trendy pieces! :) Good luck finding your gems! and Merry Christmas! 

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