Sunday, December 1, 2013

I am twenty and I am lame.

Not a Christmas/winter post related!*

It's only one of those 'motivation post' I'm trying to write. I personally think it's more for myself but whatever, if it can helps other people well, I'm killing two birds with one stone! I ain't going to lie, as a women in my twenties I get the blues often, more often than what I had planned for my twenties! 

Here I am, a sunday afternoon, I wake up at 2pm. Every one says that these are the best days of your life, well, they're obviously lying! Personally I think the thirties are the best, where you have -supposed to- to have your dream job, a nice pay to fit and an apartment that shouts 'I'M A FREE WOMEN'. Twenties are harsh and hard!

I'm broke 24/7!
It is so fun to be young, to travel the world, drink wine in bars, eat at restaurants with friends, do stuff that are cool, awesome and freaking mind blowing! But guess what? I don't have the pay to fit these scenarios! I'm no Kendall Jenner, I ain't rocking Louis on my shoulder and Chanel on my glasses! I'm not sipping Veuve Clicquot somewhere between Fiji Islands and Paris! I can't afford all my mood swings, like the only thing I can afford right now is some cheap wine at 10$ in the middle of my gay BFF kitchen. Even clothes are expensive, sorry H&M, this is a rough time, I know Forever21 isn't that cheap but guess what, going to school, paying my phone and bus is so expensive, I need to wear the same dress two days in a row. YES I did that more than once. I thought that dress was pretty and fits me well, so why not?! Basically, being in my twenties is like being a teenager but with a shitload of responsibilities AKA debts and bills! Of course I'd like to have unlimited cash, like, one day I could feel like going to Japan for the week-end and spend thousands of yen on clothes, drinks and coffees, but like I said, I'm pretty much on the survivor mode. All year round....

I watch to much TV but at least it's free! RIGHT?
Ok, so what if I woke up at noon because I watched the entire first season of Revenge and True Blood? These shows are AMAZING! I want their life, I freaking want to be Sookie Stackhouse and have some quality sex with Eric -who doesn't seriously?- or being a Greyson feels like being a Kardashian, rich at birth! Ok, I know I probably watch way to much series and I spend week-ends in my pj's eating cereals and pizza in my bed, wondering why am I not the daughter of Steven Spielberg so I can make cool videos with Zooey Deschanel? I should probably join the gym but guess what? This is also expensive so I need to work on that I guess... Anyways, at least I'm still at my parent's, we have unlimited internet access so watching series help me saving money because I'm not somewhere else throwing money on Vodka with some guys I don't really want to know. Being broke has its perks! Unlimited series, YAY! However, today I ate cereals and pizza while watching Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23, I have to say, I need to kick my ass or soon it will be way too big to be kicked. If you know what I mean!

It's not that I can't see the light at the end on the tunnel, I know I won't always be like that... and by like that I mean eating cereals, soups and pizza, watching series and drinking cheap wine whenever I can spend a little 10$ here and there. One day I'll graduate, have my own apartment and have a great freaking nice pay to be able to stop being a pirate and actually buy the series I watch, subscribe channels or even watch them live - Am I going in jail because of this post? Because I literally just confess that I'm watching series illegally!-  I just wanted to say that, I hope I'm not alone and what the hell if I have a Tumbler Degree or become a cat lady... Just kidding, I won't let this happened, never! 

But on a serious note though, I just wanted to reassure girls and boys in there twenties that most of the time I feel like a teenager so I guess it is a normal thing -it is right?, I'm not the only one?! Gosh, I hope not....

Happy December month everyone, let's the countdown begins! *Countdown in the wallet, presents aren't cheap, hope you know that mom & dad!

ps: I'm not that greedy ;)
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